Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I decided that since their school was closed on Friday, we needed a morning outing!  I've always wanted to take them to the aquarium at Concord Mills so Friday was that day!  I will say, I think it's kind of expensive for the time that you can spend in there but also that we all really enjoyed it so there's that.  I would do it again but probably not until next year.  It's not something that I think they'd want to do monthly or anything like that!

We spent a little less than an hour there but it was plenty of time!  Grady was not interested in getting too close.  Molly Anne wanted to be swimming with the fish.  Typical ha!

Neptune the sea turtle was super cool.  See her up top?!

While Molly Anne played in the play area at the end, Grady colored.  I thought it was cute how he jumped up on the stool like that and went to town!

Then they both had a meltdown and we left.  It was my first OMG what is wrong with you two at the same time Mom moment.  Molly Anne was acting ridiculous.  Grady was not interested in being in the stroller.  It.was.awesome.  A nice Mom looked at me after I said well this is fun and said, "been there girl, been there!"  Mamas gotta stick together!

After naps, a ride in the wagon to go look at Halloween decorations was in order.  Pumpkin cookie too of course...like they deserved it..not ha.  But ya gotta live a little and I wanted to have a fun day with them on a day we'd typically be at work/school. 

Playing in the driveway!

Then our babysitter came and we went to dinner with the other couples to Firebirds as I mentioned yesterday.  Will post about our pumpkin patch visit soon!  Don't get too excited about any fancy pictures, per usual!

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