Monday, October 14, 2019


Our weekend began on Friday because their school closed on Friday with little heads up so I ended up taking the day off to hang out with them!  It was actually super fun and we went to the aquarium.  I'll post about that this week.  Friday night we went out to dinner at Firebirds with two other couples and had the best time.  I don't have any pictures though.  It was good ole quality time.  

Think these two love their puppy?  Kevin happened to be right in his office and captured this!  

Saturday morning rolled around and Kevin asked me to get the car seats out of my car because it was leaving in a few hours. (Yes I'm the car seat queen in this house...kinda particular about that!) Yall know he does...he likes to wheel and deal on cars.  We had been talking about getting a new one to replace mine which is almost out of warranty (and is entirely too small for the four of us to ride in together) so this wasn't a huge shock.  Anyway, the guy drove our new car up from Atlanta and took mine back with him.  Now I'm going to drive the big daddy sequoia and Kevin will drive the new (to us) bigger sedan. 

After naps, we headed up to Pacos Tacos for dinner.  It's always so good and they like visiting the fountain after dinner.  

And that quickly turned into this....

Molly Anne helping brother walk! ;)

Saturday night was a porch night with our neighbors where we solved the world's problems one miller lite/pumpkin beer/ipa at a time.  I only had half of a miller lite on Saturday night so I didn't do much solving.  But we stayed up past midnight chit chatting.  Thankful for good friends that we can cover it all with!  We keep it real, that's for sure!

Sunday morning we had friends come over that were heading through town on their way to CLT to fly back to NYC.  It was the best surprise ever!  I grew up with Sara and I loved having her boys here to play with Molly Anne.  And her husband and Grady are now besties ha!  So much fun!

This boy took a 3.5 hour nap after they left!  

I never want to forget how he holds his puppy in his mouth!

We tried on his puppy Halloween costume after dinner and I don't think it's going to work out!!  I think Grady may be best suited for some regular clothes for Halloween so he will likely be a cute fisherman.  I have a Prodoh shirt, khaki shorts, fish hat and a little fishing rod he can hold!  Way more Grady's speed. 

I made Chicken Noodle Soup during nap time because it was a rainy day.  PS - I would do less pepper and noodles and add 4 cups of water, FYI.  Molly Anne didn't nap Sunday so she played with legos for hours and watched her tablet a little bit too.  Good downtime for everyone.  

After dinner playtime.  They are starting to play together more and it's so cute!

Back to it today.  Their school is closed for Columbus Day today so Ms. Becky was so kind to offer to keep them for us!  

Chat soon!

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