Friday, October 25, 2019

A Week + Grady Walking

It has been a week.  And this post is a full picture dump on some of what's been going on here.  

Last Friday our neighbors invited us over for pizza and hanging out in their amazing outdoor area.  Grady really started to cruise more and even got up in the middle of their patio and pushed a lawn mower.  I was so happy with this huge progress.  He had taken a step two weeks prior and a few days prior to this but this was even more exciting.  

And he had his first smore!

Saturday morning Molly Anne enjoyed playing legos!  This is definitely her happy spot and I'm so glad our dining room has tranformed into her lego room!  She had a bunch of sets and we did each one but now all of the legos are just in a big bin and all over the table mixed up!  She creates all kinds of things from them.  She made an elementary school the other day she told me!

Our grass finally got cut after seeding it the last week of September.  Isn't it so pretty?  It's pretty this time of year and in May and that's about it!!  Ha!  Home ownership.  

Saturday evening Kevin's parents came over (with dinner - that was a huge treat!) and got Grady walking!  So glad they were there for it!

Sunday morning I took Molly Anne to Carowinds for their pumpkin fest and to ride some rides!  We were only there for a little under two hours because it was a zoo!  But we had the best time!

Sweet boy.  

I love his little hands under himself with the toosh in the air.  Molly Anne always did and still does nap like this!

Monday night I had a work dinner at The Palm with some friends in from out of town which was super fun!

Every day after school this week we've been outside!  It's been so nice out!  I love how Grady just climbed right on Mills and they looked out the window together!

The chair I had recovered came back! I love it!

Pumpkin buckets for Molly Anne's class.  They have their fall festival today so I took these in yesterday and most of the parents brought a little toy to put in each bucket!  They'll love bringing these home!  We also took pumpkin cookies and apple juice boxes for their little class party during lunch!  Their school has their own pumpkin patch and hayride which they'll do today!  That's what happens when you have 770 students haha.  No field trips needed!

Grady on one of our million miles walking this week!

My dear friend sent me this box of succulents from Lula's Garden as a thank you.  It made my week!  What an amazing gift right?!  I'll definitely be remembering this for future gifts!

Molly Anne's class made a scarecrow this week!

Our favorite - afternoons on our driveway playing with all of the toys in the garage!   Yesterday we drew five different hop-scotches in chalk, all different shapes and colors!  The little things yall...

Checking out Halloween decorations.  I also took each of them separately on a golf cart ride this week showing them the decorations in the hood.  Everyone here really goes all out!  Molly Anne loves it!  Even Grady squealed at a ghost or two!

Happy boy!

Anyway, this post was a bunch of things but yes, the best part - he can walk!  Now he has to choose to walk versus crawl which is so much faster for him.  It will come with time, but for now - I'm finally not worried for the first time in 17.5 months!!!

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  1. My grandson wasn’t a confident walker until he was 19 months. Everyone at their own pace. 😊