Friday, October 18, 2019

This Week

Umm let's see what went on this week.  Probably a million things that I'm not capturing here. 

Molly Anne was able to get up another notch on the rope.  Kevin took her and snapped this picture!  So proud of her!

I took Mills to a new place to check out for boarding.  It's all golden retrievers and both of us were in heaven!  Of course he's between the owner's leg begging to be pet!

This was after haha!

Grady had a field day with the ice cream sundae bar at dinner on Wednesday night.  They had an Oktoberfest buffet that was super good and Grady enjoyed it all!  Molly Anne was off running around with some friends ha!

She and I had a little craft night last night.  We fixed a bunch of her bows that have broken clips and we also made this for her teacher who had to put her dog down.  I just got the frame from Home Goods and bought this printable off of Etsy and done.  I didn't have a paper cutter so it's not perfect and straight but I figure she'll replace it with a picture anyway!  We wrote her a nice note and took it all to her today.  

She LOVES these rainbow leggings ($22!) that she got this year.  She wanted to wear her pink headband with them and I think she looks adorable in the outfit she put together!

Hope everyone had a nice week.  Of course these were just the highlights that I happened to have pictures of.  We've spent a lot of time outside after school doing all of the things! It's our favorite place to be so you'll know where to find us this afternoon ha!

Happy Friday!

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