Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Keeping it real

I've had zero motivation for blogging lately and it's not because I don't love doing it, I do.  But you all know I go in these phases.  Yall ready for me to keep it real on a Tuesday?

This is what I should have been cooking last night - via my friend Brittany....

But the reality is that Grady had his first happy meal and Molly Anne had her second happy meal of their lives.  

I had one of those work days where I busted tail to get out of the house at an early hour, worked like a nutty person at my office all day, flew to pick them up, sat in rush hour traffic, Kevin had continuing education for his real estate license that he was in and I basically threw in the towel on the way home.  I asked Molly Anne if she wanted Chick Fil A or a McDonalds happy meal and I'm 99% sure she chose McDonalds because she barely remembered what it was and it sounded different to her.  HA!  Grady's like umm this is ketchup?  

I popped my computer back open when they went to bed then got off of it and went and ran a few miles around my hood for some sanity.  It felt good.  I didn't go to bed until super late because hello working out at night - this is why I don't do it regularly.  

Today has been more of the same but I'm planning to make that salad for dinner...I somehow need to get a rotisserie chicken between now and then!


  1. I’m so sad Brittany went private with her blog. I loved it! First happy meal, that’s amazing with a second child. I cannot say the same for my kids when they were little, but they are grown now and seem fine, so I guess it’s all good! We mommas have to do what we have to do. Your day sounds exhausting.

  2. AW I miss Brittanys blog! And shoot girl. If they've made it this far, and you're only on happy meal #1, 2 - I think you're doing pretty good! ha!

  3. So appreciate you keeping it real. Most days I wonder how you do it all. Actually I still do! Working mom life is hard!

  4. I still love a happy meal every once in awhile. Ha.