Friday, October 4, 2019

Five on Friday

I've been into some Pelotoning lately.  We have a Peloton Accountability group text that is keeping us all straight.  I'm working on the October Challenge of doing something with it every day, even if it's the 5 minute meditation thing that puts you to sleep.  My friend Kelly told us to do it so I'm trying!  We are also doing no eating anything after 7pm until the next day.  

My friend Ashley sold some things on PoshMark so this week I got on there and sold some Lilly.  I'm WAY over things in my closet so I did a big cleanout one night this week.  I am making so much more on PoshMark than I did when I tried Thred Up and it's EASY.  Basically you list your items (takes 30 seconds), they send you a shipping label when it sells and you ship directly to who bought it from you.  Easy. 

It had been awhile since I had been to The Fresh Market but I always like going there.  I picked up the $20 big little meal this week.  Even this Maryland girl tried the crab cakes and they were good.  Not like my Mamas but good.  Maybe because all I had to do was heat them?!  Grady ate them.  Molly Anne, not so much.  Whatever haha.  

I've also been into Erin Oprea's workouts that she posts on Instagram.  I feel like I'm in decent shape but her leg one from a month ago really got me sore!  She has trained Carrie Underwood in the past.  

Kevin and I picked the kids up yesterday from school and we went to get ice cream and play at a little shopping center while Kevin had to run in a store.  

Grady wasn't impressed with the cow.  I think he thought it was real because he was legit scared to touch it!  Gotta start breaking this boy in on things like this!  He can't be scared of a fake cow bench!

This is how we double stroller.  For about 10 yards ha.  Molly Anne can walk!  (with her Cinderella headband)

When we came home, I got the water table out since it was 98 degrees, not kidding. Grady has been walking more while holding hands and he is more stable on his feet now.  He really liked playing with this!

I can't stand how cute he is not that I'm biased or anything!!!  This look melts me. 

Mills and I have been golf carting most every night this week.  He is a good bubba and loves our nights out riding ha!  It's the little things for ole Mills!  We've been watching a friend's house this week while they've been out of town so we go over after the children are in bed and check for boxes, water flowers and stuff like that. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. I feel the same way about my closet and I have been posting and selling on Poshmark.

    I love the idea of a peloton but it's just not in my budget right now.

  2. I'll have to try Poshmark! I could use a big closet clean out too!! I've been super into my Pelo lately - I go on streaks of being super into it and then taking a bit of a break. Will need to try the meditations!

  3. I've gotten Libby some adorable things on Poshmark. I love how things come in 3 days!