Monday, April 8, 2019

Alabama and Birthday Parties

Friday afternoon Kevin's parents got the children and we headed to Greensboro (almost 2 hours away) for the Alabama and Charlie Daniels Band concert!  We had bought tickets a couple of months ago but it still was last minute because there were no options left of good seats.  We were in the nose bleed but it was fun anyway.  And we had 4 hours of driving time without children, what a dream!  We got so many things accomplished catching up from the week and figuring out a few other things we had to talk about!

The next morning waking up in our house with no children was CRAZY.  I didn't have a monitor and I didn't HAVE to get up!  I did go get them from my inlaws about 8:15am and when we returned, Kevin had been to Dunkin and gotten us donuts for our anniversary.  He sat them on a cast iron skillet because iron is the 6 year gift ha!  There were a couple envelopes under the donuts - one a sweet card, and the other was tickets to a country concert this summer!  Woohoo!!

That afternoon I took Molly Anne to a fun birthday party for one of her classmates!  Yall, these school birthday parties are NICE!  This one was at a local farm called Anne Springs and it was wonderful.  They played with chalk, cornhole, hula hoops, bubbles and more.  Once everyone got there, they watched a pony do some tricks then they each got to ride a horse twice!  Molly Anne's first horse was named Gypsy!  After riding the horse, they ate lunch and then they went to a petting zoo down the dirt road.  It was so fun!  

We had Basil for dinner for our anniversary as we always do.  Molly Anne and I picked it up for carry out on our way home from the party!  Grady loved the beef fried rice and so did Mills as he licked it all up from the floor!

That night I ended up next door on the back porch as I had done the weekend before too.  Haha, it's basically an extension of our house at this point!  We called it a night pretty early! 

Sunday morning we all got up and went to our club for breakfast.  Then Molly Anne and I went to our neighbor's church to watch Maggie sing in her choir performance.  It was precious and we really enjoyed the church.  Molly Anne went to child watch with her friends while I went back into the service.  Molly Anne asked if she could go back next week!

Then, another birthday party at Lifetime!  This one was a joint party of two friends and there had to have been 40-50 children there!

I didn't even know Molly Anne knew any Paw Patrol characters as she's never watched it before!

After a 3 hours nap for Molly Anne, we ended our weekend with filets on the grill, sweet potato fries and fresh spinach.  The children ate all of it ha!

Grady was up a lot last night with another bout of croup.  I think we are going to fend off the hefty steroid with his breathing treatments but time will tell.  Molly Anne slept another 12 hours last night and woke up feeling well rested and ready for her week!  Thank you quarter of a melotonin for that!  She NEEDED sleep desperately!  She was ready to roll with her last donut this morning and some sausage!  

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. What a fun weekend and happy anniversary! That birthday party looks super nice!