Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Grady is 11 Months!

Grady is 11 months!!!  I sent out his first birthday party invitations last week to the families that had been most influential in his first year of life!  I know I'll probably be in trouble with some but we are having it on a weird day and at a weird time because of some other things going on.  And honestly I didn't want a big thing for him, I just want him to be celebrated and he'll be thrilled with that!  He doesn't require a lot unlike someone else I know! ;)  Anyway, here are some things going on with Grady!

1.  He is 26 pounds, 1.1 ounces as of yesterday.  Wearing 18m shirts and shorts, 24m rompers, 18 month pajamas and size 5 diapers.  Still in his size 3 shoes but I haven't had him measured.  These are still loose on him though. 

2.  We were at the doctor yesterday because he is fighting off croup for I think the 5th time since November?  The twice a day breathing treatments are helping substantially but he still gets it.  At the doctor visit yesterday, Doc gave us the hefty steriod that they give at the ER or Urgent Care or the ped's office for croup.  I guess he knows that I know the croup cough/breathing pretty well by now and thinks I can be the judge of whether or not to give him the medicine.  So far, haven't had to give it and I think he's a lot better today.  

3.  He has rolled over, he said Da-Da on Sunday 4/7 which happened to be my Dad's 70th birthday.  We tried for Poppa but Grady wouldn't say it haha!  He still won't wave because why would he.  He likes to stand a lot but still buckles his knees.  He will get up on all fours and almost rock a little bit but he won't crawl.  He does pivot around though.  One day he will move but really why does he need to when his mama will do everything for him!?!

4.  Yes, still in Physical Therapy and have been going since 10 weeks old.  I'm a believer of jumping on that sort of thing if there's any doubt and I think it's been a good thing to get him moving a bit!

5.  Eating has really improved this month.  He'll eat "rougher foods" if that makes sense and not everything has to be pureed or smooth.  He will basically eat anything in sight which is good and it's become a lot easier to go out again because he's entertained by eating the entire time.  He is cool with the toss and go sippy cups which is what I make my kids like because Becky has them, they're essentially disposable and they're basic.  And I don't play the game, "here, try 10 different sippy cups to see which one you like Grady."  I'm more of the concept, "yep learn on this because this is the one we're going to use."  I know, I'm not nice.  Molly Anne started with a couple different ones because I was a first time mom and had no clue what to do but ended up with this one thanks to Ms. Becky.

6.  He loves anything with wheels, he's a lot more alert and getting to be a little wild these days, he rolls all over his crib and is definitely a stomach or side sleeper.  He sleeps more on his side than Molly Anne did (she always slept on her stomach with her toosh in the air).  He loves any toy with lights and noise.  He is getting more into books and will even turn a page for me now.  We try to read two books a night and sing a couple songs.  I used to do 3 books and 3 songs with Molly Anne so I feel like I'm not doing my best with Grady but #time.  Once he gets a little older and he doesn't have the bottle, we will do more of those things.  

7.  Speaking of, I'll begin the formula to whole milk transition in a few weeks.  Then we will drop the bottles.  I'll drop the 11am one first and make that be milk in a sippy cup with lunch.  Then I'll drop the morning one.  Then the night time one.  I want him off bottles pretty darn close to May 9th (his first birthday).  We'll see how things shake out with some travel we have coming up too.  I had to go back and read my post about how I did all of this for Molly Anne haha!  Here and here

8.  Grady likes being outside, riding in the wagon or car, watching all of the little girls in his life play, loving on Mills, giggling at Mills, chewing on his rubber toothbrush, Mickey while doing his breathing treatments, seeing what's going on wherever he is, getting his haircut (he had his first a couple of weeks ago), and being around for whatever comes his way.  This boy is EASY in a lot of ways because he's so go with the flow!  That's the first time I've ever said Grady is easy because he's had a lot go on in his short life (reflux, PT, torticollis, croup etc).  Poor buddy.  But he's such a good boy.  SOOOOOO sweet.  

9.  His hair is blonde and curly but these pictures were taken after he got out of the bath and I had brushed it over!  He still only has his bottom two teeth!

10.  He wakes up around 6:30am but I don't get him until 7am.  8 ounce bottle then.  Breakfast right after that around 8:15am.  Nap from 9-11.  8 ounce bottle at 11am.  Lunch around noon.  Nap from 1-3 roughly.  Snack in the afternoon.  Dinner by 5:15 or you'll know about it.  Bath, bottle, book, bed 6:15 and in the bed by 6:45pm.  He is asleep immediately!  Angel child I'm telling you!

Grady at 11 months, Molly Anne at 11 months!

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