Monday, April 15, 2019

Party and Egg Hunt

I got back from Texas late Thursday night and I had to wash and dry my hair that night at midnight because I knew I had to hit the ground running at an early hour Friday morning.  Molly Anne had a doctor's appointment (she's fine now) and I had a big submittal to get out at my office.  Plus, we had plans all weekend.  

I threw a little Easter party for Molly Anne's class at school on Friday afternoon.  My friend Julie helped me and brought in bubbles and bunny ears for everyone!  It was adorable!

Friday night I hit the easy button and we got bbq via door dash for dinner.  Done. 

Saturday morning we went out for breakfast which is rare these days because we have to go and be back by 9am for Grady's nap so it can't be a slow process.  We tried First Watch in Waverly and it was delicious, highly recommend.  The avocado toast was so good and the kids both ate a ton of their breakfasts!

Molly Anne also had a birthday party for Natalie at Bounce U on Saturday so that was fun!

We zoomed home from that and went next door for a little Masters party and to celebrate Drew's birthday.  Hilary had outdone herself with egg salad, hot pimento cheese dip, "the green" (all veggies) and more!  

Sunday consisted of playing alllll morning long.  I also swapped Molly Anne's drawers out and took the pants and long sleeve shirts and moved them to her closet and put short sleeves and shorts in there.  

Molly Anne earned more magnatiles from her last reward chart so she received those yesterday morning.  I actually got her these which are less than half the price of Magnatiles and honestly they work exactly the same.  I think they're just as magnetic and they come in pink so ya know that was a winner in her book!  She is OBSESSED with these things right now.  I'm talking will play with them for hours.  

Sunday afternoon our neighborhood had an egg hunt and a visit from the EB so I took them over there.  First a picture...and this is my new favorite picture of them!  Grady's thigh...can you even?!

Molly Anne was thrilled!

She would only pick up pink and purple eggs ahhh!

"Mommy Man and Gweer"

Grady's egg hunt haha

Grady got to play with his friend who was born on the same day!  Will is walking and doing all kinds of stuff.  Poor Grady just chills haha!

Grady loves Ms. Margot!

Grady does not love the EB!  Sweet Molly Anne trying to comfort him!  She loved seeing the bunny and freaked when he walked in!  

It was a good weekend and now this week is going to be a busy one!  


  1. Aww, that picture of Grady is priceless! It looks like a fun weekend and lots of spring activities! Also, thank goodness for manga tiles (and the knock offs)!

  2. MA just looks thrilled about life in general. Such a happy little girl! And yes, G's thighs...dying.

  3. So glad I got to see you Thursday, and thank you for stopping by on your way to the airport! Loved our quick little meeting and for sure we need to do a longer one next time you’re in DFW!

    Love that sweet picture of MA & G before the egg hunt! So precious!


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  5. I love (and admire) your energy. Seriously. It is amazing. I am inspired. You do it all, flawlessly!