Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Meal Prep

I always function better during the work week when I meal prep on Sunday or at night on a Monday or whenever.  Here is my grocery haul from a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been back to the store since.  Haha.  

A lot of this are staples but I did make these dinners: 
Skinny Taste Fajita Shrimp Bowls
Avocado Toast
Filets/Spinach/sweet potato fries that I already had
Skinny Taste Mexican Cobb Salad
Friday night pizza night
Meatballs/sauce for pasta that I still haven't made but it's always good to have in the freezer/pantry
Grilled cheese stuff for weekend lunches 

Also includes sausage biscuits which Molly Anne and I eat some mornings in the car on the way to school (#reallife) and salad stuff for my lunches during the week.  

My children love the Perdue chicken nuggets and we grew up with the Perdue family so I will only buy Perdue chicken!

Tried these that my friend Shauna told me about and both kids liked them!

And tried these that my friend Ally told me about.  Grady ate them but Molly Anne spit them out.  Eye roll face haha. 

This is what I did because my friend Brittany inspired me to cut and clean all fruits and veggies right when I came home from the grocery store!  It made life so much easier that week!


  1. Emily taught me that trick and it’s the best thing! I hate doing it, but I love being able to just grab and go with the fruits/veggies at breakfast and when packing lunches!

  2. Oliver used to love those Dr. Praeger's bites but now won't eat them either! Of course Elsie will, just like Grady she eats anything you give her! I need to be better about meal prepping like you are!