Monday, April 29, 2019

Party Time

It was a busy weekend but full of fun!  First, let's rewind with last Wednesday friends from Molly Anne's school all went out to CO for a girl's night!  I really really like hanging out with these girls and we've become pretty tight.  All of our kids are in the same class so it's super funny to chat about what we all hear about, and much more!  

I wore this popover (this is the one I have in black too), these jeans (both shirt and jeans are 30% off) and Laura Cox Design rattan earrings!

Swim lessons for Molly Anne on Thursday after school.  Her teacher said she's really improved so I'm thrilled with that progress.  Her teacher also said she has zero fear...hence why she is in lessons ha! ;)  

Shoe emergency.  We have casual Friday at work so usually I wear my TB flops during the Spring and Summer.  I knew at the end of last summer that I was going to have to get a new pair this year because these were my only ones not worn into the ground.  I WEAR my dressy flops, a lot. 

Well yeah they both basically split apart.  The right was so much worse so the girls at work hooked me up so I could run over to Nordstrom to get a new pair.  I ended up getting these (in color Makeup) and I have LOVED them so far.  Wore them all weekend.  Total classics.

Friday night randomly we went to the club for dinner and our neighbors were also there.  We let them all run wild outside afterwards so that always makes for an easy bedtime once we get home!  Greer on her birthday eve!

Kevin was the children whisperer!

Hanging with Mills in the backyard after the kids were in bed!  Pretty boy.

Yall I can't.  This was after the last formula bottle he will ever have.  I ended up deciding to start him on organic whole milk as of Saturday.  I'm a cold turkey kind of girl on that sort of thing.  He took the milk out of his bottle Saturday morning, sippy cup at lunch and a bottle before bed.  So now he'll get milk with all three of his meals and water with his snack.  I'll slowly transition out the two remaining bottles...meaning they'll probably be gone by the end of this week.  Yikes!  He turns one in less than two weeks so it's that time!  Ahhhhhhhhh. 

Saturday we went for a run and to the playground while Grady had his morning nap.  Mills went down the slide...he was real thrilled about that haha!

Then we came home and got the chalk out and after drawing stars and rainbows in front of our house, we decided to go draw something for Greer's birthday!  

Her birthday party was that afternoon - Peppa Pig themed and Hilary had the cutest decorations!

It was so fun celebrating sweet Greer!

These two stayed up WAY too after 10pm late!  They were playing so well and having the best time.  And Molly Anne had taken a 3 hour nap too.  It was a special treat for sure because you all know how I'm a stickler about that 7pm bedtime!

Sunday morning hanging..

Our yard is looking good these days.  During their afternoon nap, Kevin and I took the furniture off the porch and I scrubbed the whole porch and all of the furniture and pillows.  It felt good to do something productive!

When Grady got up, I took them for a run around the hood.  

Then when Molly Anne got up, the three of us ran back over to the neighborhood playground for more playtime!  She tried to play with some neighborhood boys who were at least 8 years older!  We came back home, played in the driveway then the girls next door had their water table out so we did that until about 5:30!  It was such a nice day to be outside!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. The clips on your shoes -- ha! So funny. And my boys have ZERO fear, either, and they do swim lessons for the same reason!

  2. What a fun weekend! Also, the Peppa Pig party looks like SC’s dream!