Thursday, April 25, 2019

Easter/Grady’s Baptism

You may remember Molly Anne was baptized on Easter Sunday two years ago.  Honestly we hadn't thought much about the fact that Grady would be baptized on Easter Sunday too but it's kind of the way it worked out.  And I love it.  

First up, you know Molly Anne was up at 6:30am ready for her Easter basket!

They loved everything the EB brought them!  Then we got ready for the 11am service at church while Grady took a nap.

We got this sweet boy ready and took some pictures outside in my parent's beautiful yard!  Grady's outfit is this one from Shutterbugs, except Grady's is a size 2T!  I love this picture of the boys...

Molly Anne is wearing my pearl necklace that I wore as a little girl and a hand-me-down dress from my nieces!  I love the dress I picked out for the occasion and I know I'll wear it a ton over the years.  It's a classic for sure!

My parents and my children. Love love!


Molly Anne and Grady have gotten tight.  She is really such a sweet big sister and their bond is something special!

Grady loved getting baptized!  Not one tear or peep!  He was perfect!

Molly Anne on the other hand walked down the aisle with them and when she got back to the front she exclaimed loudly, "that was fun, I wanna do that again!"  She's so shy.

After the baptism, Molly Anne stayed for the children's message then we took her to the nursery to play with other children her age!  Grady stayed with us for most of it until Kevin took him out at the end because he was getting a little loud!

Kevin's parents with Grady!

I think Dad likes having a boy around!

We celebrated with Easter brunch at a local place called EVO and they had a bloody mary bar set up.  Check out my Dad's!  I had an Orange Crush which was delicious then Dad and I went to the bloody mary bar ha!  I had the Eastern Shore Benedict for brunch which was an english muffin, spinach, crab cake and poached egg.  Unreal!  

We didn't hang around long because Kevin and his parents had to get to the airport so it was a bit rushed at the end but it was still a good time!

Grady stayed up way past his normal naptime and handled it like a champ!  He became very flexible on this trip and very go with the flow!  He's so sweet.

So that was Easter and Grady's baptism!  Very special!


  1. What a special Easter! Those pictures are precious and so wonderful for such an important day! I also love your dress!

  2. Not a “regular commenter” but just had to say - the picture of Grady with your husband is perfection! It looks so professional and just adorable of both!

  3. OMG! I'm so glad I found this blog! It looks like we're into all the same stuff! Can't wait to look through your older posts!

    p.s. You have a beautiful family!