Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Hope everyone had a nice Easter!  We drove back from Maryland yesterday and boy was that fun! ;) Took me 9 hours and 55 minutes so I saved 5 minutes from my drive up there last week.  I know it sounds like a lot with me driving two young kids up there by myself and it is, but I think we have it down pat!  It should take 8 hours but I always have to make at least 2 stops when I have them.  And one of those stops is a meal and Grady can't eat in his carseat yet so it's going in to a place and sitting down kind of a thing.  There's certainly a science to traveling with young kids by yourself because you're very vulnerable and you have to be on your p's and q's.  I think it takes a lot out of me but I try to ignore that and just move on.  It's ALWAYS worth it to visit with my parents for that time though!

Moving on....two big things happened while we were up there - Grady was baptized on Easter Sunday and we went to the White House for the egg roll on Monday.  I will recap those separately but here are some other pictures!  We had the best time!

My parents had gotten Grady this ride along John Deere.  My brother has always loved John Deeres so this was super cute!  And Grady LOVES it!  We even brought it back with us!

They had gotten Molly Anne a huge box of 100 magnatiles to play with too!  She was in heaven!  And yes she dressed herself on this day!

We dyed eggs!

Of course Mom had gotten them bunny ears!  I was able to go for a three mile run on this day and that was such a treat!  It was full of pollen but I loved running an old route I used to do in high school.  It's so flat up there so that was nice!

My parent's next door neighbor is moving and she has lived next to my parents for 30+ years so she is family to us.  She's moving to North Carolina to be closer to family.  We will miss her!  

She loves my children like they're her own great grandchildren!

Poppa read to Molly Anne every night and this was a load off of me and I know that sounds so silly but I was bathing them and getting them ready for bed every night by myself so this was so nice!!  And I'm not sure who loved it the most out of the three of us!   

Flying Grady.  Grady really came out of his shell in the last couple of weeks and I think me having him for a whole week straight may have helped.  He is getting wild and that's REALLY good for Grady.  He's been super laid back and chill his whole life so this is big that he's getting crazy!  I encourage it and am excited for him to move around!  

Grady getting all of the Nannie and Poppa love while Molly Anne napped!

Eating at Lombardi's which is a pizza place I grew up going to every Friday!  This was on Saturday night after Kevin and his parents flew in for Grady's special day on Sunday (and Easter)!  Grady's first time eating pizza was a hit!

Checking on those fish that we got a few days prior, sadly they didn't make it 48 hours.  

Okay I'll be back soon with our Easter Sunday and Grady's baptism!  Then the White House Egg Roll!

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  1. That picture of Grady with your parents is so precious! You are a rockstar for making such a long trip, but family is always worth it!