Friday, April 5, 2019

Snow & Life

Let's see, what have we done this week?  Tuesday morning it snowed and by that evening, I was in shorts playing ball with Mills out back.  But it was sure fun while it lasted!

Grady wasn't too impressed with it!

Grady will make a good husband one day because he loves watching the dryer!  I bet he will do lots of laundry for his wife haha!

Sweet bubba on Wednesday after physical therapy.

Got a peloton ride in this week and you know Mills was there for every stroke of the pedal. 

Molly Anne got her reward chart filled up this week so I took her to Coldstone which is what she had been working towards.  Then we went to our club for dinner Wednesday....they do a family night each Wednesday and this week it was Mexican.  Grady literally ate an entire adult size plate of food.  Molly Anne had one bite of a quesadilla.  Perhaps it was the ice cream 30 minutes before dinner?!  Haha.  

Sweet bubba boy!  He loves his little puppy and sucks on his thumb to put himself to sleep.  Preciousness.  Molly Anne never sucked her thumb so this is a new thing to me.  Right now it's mostly just when he's in his crib so I can hang with that. 

I got some Easter decorations out one night this week and Molly Anne loved laying on the bunny pillow yesterday before school. 

She had swim class yesterday afternoon so that was a big event.  She LOVES it and she's really been improving.  

Millsy is along for the ride these days.  Every night after the children are in bed at 7, he stands there and waits for me to take him out for a run or go out back to throw ball.  He's a good buddy.  It's funny him standing there because he's like, "ok, my turn now!"

I took pictures of a big grocery haul this week that I plan to share next week along with some meals I've been making lately.  I say "meals" but keep in mind, they're very fast and can be thrown together in 10 minutes haha.  No time for anything else after work! 

We have a fun weekend planned!  Happy Friday!

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