Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter Festivities at School

Both Molly Anne and Grady had Easter festivities at school on Tuesday so Molly Anne wore her bunny dress and Grady just looked extra cute!  Molly Anne had an egg hunt and the moms and I got together and each brought something to put in an Easter bucket their teachers got for them.  It turned out adorable, see picture below of the hallway of the children that were left!

I had to take a double take of her in this picture.  Looks just like my mom.  She never gets to watch anything in the car unless we are on a longgg road trip but I let her watch Mickey about once a month if she’s been good that day ha.  This past Tuesday on the way to get Grady was that day.  

Grady’s egg hunt which I got to attend!  Precious little ones hunting for eggs on Ms. Becky’s front porch!

Picture from Molly Anne’s teacher!

She crashed after the egg hunt at school!  She never naps there so this was huge!

Kevin has been in Atlanta all week (but he is back) so I have been holding down the fort.  This boy was playing outside while I put the children to bed and when I came down I found him like this. Cracked me up!

Yesterday morning the kiddos and I left Charlotte at 4:50am to head to my parents in Maryland.  I was glad to get a few hours under my belt in the darkness of the morning.  I kept the car quiet with low key Lionel Richie music and no electronics.  We stopped north of Durham about 7:45am for breakfast at Chick Fil A.  Then our day kind of started and we rolled.  

We got to my parents 10 hours (on the dot!) later so it was nice to still have part of our day left!  We made three stops total and it really wasn’t terrible.  Both of them were so good. Maybe Molly Anne was so easy because she was eating skittles at 6:30am?!  But she woke up at 4:15am that day for us to leave and didn’t fall asleep until she was in bed at 6:45pm!  A trooper!  And a very excited little girl!  Grady was easy as pie too and just chilled and slept!  He’s a good boy!

We brought her scooter and helmet so this morning we went around the neighborhood during Grady’s nap!  Then we went to the local market and bought a couple of fish for my parents pond.  That was been a real thrill for Molly Anne and per usual, Grady is just sitting back watching everything go on. Low key and cool boy. 

Chat soon!

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