Monday, April 1, 2019

Jeep Ride, First Haircut and Parties

Friday night we went for a ride in the Jeep because Kevin took it to a broker on Saturday to sell.  It'll be a sad day once it actually sells so we had to take one last ride on Friday.  It also happened to be Grady's first ride.  Molly Anne loves riding in it.  We just rode around the neighborhood and they both loved it.  We are selling it to make room for a golf cart that I think we'll get a lot more use out of.  Still, we had so much fun having this CJ-7!

He thought it was like a boat ride - totally relaxing and almost fell asleep!

Saturday morning the circus went to get Grady's hair cut for the first time, by Val of course!  Grady didn't mind one bit and he was oogled over by all of the women in Modern!

It looks so much better and I'm happy to report no more hair over his ears or borderline mullet!

I took Grady down to my inlaws while I took Molly Anne to a birthday party for a friend from her school.  She had a blast!  

Nap time with my buddy!  Now that it's warming up, Mills and I have been playing ball outside for a little while after I put the children to bed at night.  He loves it!  Now we need the pollen gone!

After naptime, we headed down to Brad and Shauna's to have dinner!  Brad had smoked a ton of ribs and Shauna made all kinds of good sides!  Delicious and we always love being with them!  PS - I love this picture of Shauna and Grady!  G looks like a little boy, not a baby!

Molly Anne's favorite piece of clothing right now is this skirt that she got handed down from my nieces.  She dressed herself for going to their house even down to tucking her shirt into her skirt! ;)

We came home, put the children to bed and I scooted a couple of houses down to Elena's because they had a Texas party.  They both lived in Texas for years and years so they had a bunch of neighbors over to hang out, eat brisket and watch basketball!

They have the best outdoor area with a pool, hot tub and another building that has a fireplace, TV, huge couch, grill, amazing speakers haha etc.  It's awesome!

Yesterday we hung out in the morning, met some friends at the playground for a bit, had nap time where 1 out of 2 children slept (ahem!) and then went to another friend's birthday party at Lifetime.  That place is amazing!  They let you leave your child at the birthday party and you can use the facilities.  I ran a couple of miles then met up with the other Mom's at the bar in there.  It was an hour of free time and I felt like I was on vacation!  Exercise and girl time and child worn out  = win win win!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. What a great weekend! Molly Anne looks so cute and all grown up dressing herself!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Both kids are growing up so fast - time flies! Annster's Domain

  3. Grady totally looks so much like a big boy in that picture! He's growing up so fast!

  4. Just add another garage to have room for both! haha.