Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week

Whoa, it's May 1st.  And I have jury duty this whole week.  And I'm hosting bunco tonight.  And I have teacher appreciation week next week.  And I have Grady's first birthday and his party next week.  And something else big at the end of next week.  And way too much work to do.  And my head may explode.  Staying organized and keeping my head on straight!


Molly Anne's teachers don't read my blog so I think this is safe to put in writing here!  My group of friends from Molly Anne's class helped me put this together and I think the teachers will love it!  And they'll be glad to not get 18 candles, coffee mugs or a bunch of candy they don't want!  We hope it will make them know how appreciated they are!

Monday - one Mom is bringing breakfast treats and another is bringing afternoon pick me up drinks!

Tuesday - mani and pedi gift certificates including cash for the tip for the two main teachers

Wednesday - 
Target gift cards - we joined together and I collected money to do big ones!

Thursday - Thank you notes from each family for all 4 teachers - I have Molly Anne making each teacher a card and I will also write each teacher a note!  

Friday - f
lower bouquets for them to enjoy all weekend!

I think this will make their week SOOO special!  Feel free to share any ideas you may have to help other readers! :)