Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Friday

1.  Yesterday I forgot to post a picture of my wreath.  Technically (per the condo bylaws) I'm not supposed to have one but they don't walk the halls to check anymore like they did when the building opened! ;)  The silver holder is monogrammed with my last name!

2.  People always comment that they don't have time to blog.  Let me tell yall, I'm all over the place these days....traveling every week, having something almost every week night, running 3-4 times a week and plans for every weekend until Thanksgiving.  I get being busy.  I like it though.  I mean who wants to be bored all their life?  And don't we as people function better when we are busy?  I know I'm much more productive when I'm running rampade!  Anyway, back to my original thought.  I blog when I'm doing a few other things at the same time.  That's why my posts aren't always perfect grammer or well thought out.  But it's okay because at least I've done something and we have a "diary" of what we've been up to.

3.  Last night I went out with 4 other gals (Kristen, Tara, Kelly and Lauren).  We met at a park in Dilworth, walked around the lake then went to dinner Lebowski's.  It really was a fun time and super spur of the moment.  Aren't nights like that the best?

4.  This weekend I'm looking forward to dinner at my friend's Kim and Jeff's home.  I haven't seen their nautical nursery yet and I'm super excited!  They are welcoming their lil boy in about 4-5 more weeks!  

5.  I met Kevin at a neighborhood place last night after I got back from dinner and we talked with the nicest man.  This wasn't the first time we had met him but we really got to talk last night.  His name is Larry.  At first glance, Larry wouldn't be someone you would talk to.  But never ever judge a book by its cover.  Larry is an art teacher for grades K-5 and has a really big heart.  We look forward to seeing him next time for sure.  It's people like Larry that really touch you and teach you what life's about.

6.  Going to try to get a longer run in tomorrow morning early.  Yesterday I ran a quick 5k on the dreadmill in our workout room before work and it was awful.  The run went ok but I just get SO bored.  I had learned all there was about baseball and what had gone on the night before!

7.  Cheers to it being Friday!  I have had a ridiculous week at work.  Lots going on and numerous deals closing.  All good things but a bit stressful! ;) 

8.  Hope you all have a fabulousoooo weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Decorations in my condo

Last night I waited until it got dark outside and took pictures of my fall decorations in my condo!  When you live in a condo with 10' floor to ceiling windows, it never get really dark but this will do.  I wanted these pictures to be 'extra spooky' so the lighting isn't great but it's all part of the vibe haha!

This is the big cabinet set up that gives me a ton of extra space!  We had these built in a couple months after I moved here.  Since you can't see really well, I took up close pictures of each side.

This is the left side where you'll find a few silver antique-ish candle holders.  My Aunt and Uncle gave me the left two (and one on the right side of my cabinets) and I loved them so much I bought a couple more at Pottery Barn during my class.  I also have some fake leaves you can't see real well but I got them at Michael's and surprisingly they look pretty real.  I got 2 packages each for under $2.  At Pottery Barn each package was over $10.  You'll also see my spider with the orange taper.  Mama gave me that spider I believe a long time ago.

This is the right side and you'll see a pumpkin candle on the shelf and then some more of the tealights.  Kevin also contributed the orange candle on the bottom left.  You'll also see 'young Kevin' in the back right side of my pictures.  His Mama gave that to me the night of our engagement dinner.  I just had to frame it.  It's the picture people oogle over every time they come to my place now! ;) 

This is on the left side of my bar.  Mr. Scarecrow, the wine holder (that my Dad MADE - yes he's super talented!), a sunflower candle, and a pumpkin glass container all from Mama over the past 11 years.  They also gave me the Mariposa napkin holder for Christmas one year and my friend Kelly recently gave me the G for when we got engaged! :)  It's only sorta illegal to use it before we're married but I think it's fun!  A crab used to be there in place of the G.  The orange napkins say, "Eat, Drink and Be Scary."  I put some seashells in the glass pumpkin because my sweet neice Anna Kate and I picked these up on our last beach trip together so they're special.

I promise I'm trying not to be long winded but I want to remember all this stuff yall!  This is a lil pumpkin bowl that I'm using for my fruits instead of my usual bowl.

This is my kitchen table/dining room table/foyer area haha!  When you have 750 SF, there isn't much space.  :)  I have a Duckhorn bottle of wine in a pewter wine holder, a PB small pumpkin and my Autumn colored candlesticks.  Those candle holders are really special but that's another post for another time.  The tablerunner is reversible but I thought the orange was perfect for October.

I have every possible tea towel for every holiday known to man.  Emily and I thank you sweet Mama!!!

This is my new concoction from Pottery Barn class.  These glass pillars are super fun and you can use them for any season or anywhere in your home.  In the left one, I got some pumpkins at Michael's for a couple bucks and took the $19.50 ones from PB back.  ;)  I did buy the acorns from PB because they were really nice and I couldn't find them elsewhere.  I also stacked some leaves in the right one with the acorns.  I did buy the candles from them because PB candles burn straight down and don't leave any residue on the sides.  I already had the pineapple candle sticks and crab bowl.

Another pumpkin treasure on my side table.

And another lil pumpkin on my new end table.

I bought these black taper candles for $0.59 at Michaels.  Go run now and get them.  They had black and orange.  I had the leaf candle from awhile ago.  And yes that's Anna Kate in a tutu on the back of my brother's pick up truck.  ;)

This lil witch was a gift from Kim and it says, "good friends are like witches, wickedly fun and highly spirited!"  I have it hung on my laundry closet door!

That's all I have!  I hope you all enjoyed the lil Fall decoration tour of my condo! 

Yall should do posts to show yours too!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Picking a Date

When it came time to pick a date, I thought it'd be super easy.  We had finally decided to do it in uptown Charlotte and we had about 9 months before our date.  Well when I started contacting vendors, it became apparent that we weren't going to get first choice on much of anything.  And I'm here to tell ya - if we're spending that kind of money, we want first choice! 

We wanted to do it in the Spring all along so obviously 2012 was out because we didn't want last choice on anything.  Summer in Charlottte is brutal and I just can't imagine sweating the entire day (just my opinion).  I was open to September even though I didn't want to do it during football season.  But, the Democratic National Convention is in Charlotte then...AKA, we won't even be able to be living uptown let alone have a wedding here.  October is a really popular wedding month and to be honest I'm more of a spring lady then fall lady. 

The holidays were out so then you're onto March and some decent weather.  I was all excited about the middle of March.  Then the church said we can't have your wedding here then because Easter is the last weekend of March and we don't allow weddings 6 weeks prior. 

SO, our wedding date is the Saturday after Easter in 2013.  April 6, 2013.  And there you have it.  It's the same week Kevin and I started dating and by that time it'll be 4 years.

And yes I'm tired of people's reaction being that's soooo far away.  I just want to tell them YOU HAVE NO try to plan a wedding in uptown Charlotte and you'll see!!!!!!!!!  Can you tell it makes me really frustrated?!  And I know it's a normal reaction from them and I know I shouldn't be upset....but.

And having it another place or destination?  Kevin and I thought it was important to get married in the town we live, where we met and where our friends could be by our side on our special day.

So what this has taught me is that I will never ever question anyone's date or location.   Instead I'll just be super excited for them and know that's what they chose to do. 

Okay I feel much better now.  Thanks for listening friends! :)  Please tell me one of you all had something like this happen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Meal Ideas, Tips and Italian Treat

I hadn't put any recipes on here in awhile and I enjoy reading what everyone else prepares to get some new ideas.  We all get stuck in the same rut of meals so it's fun to try something different.  And yall know I have no time so the name of my game is quick meals that are reasonably healthy!  Here are some of our ideas:

1.  "Crab Chicken" - marinate overnight a few chicken breasts in apple cider vinegar, lil olive oil and lots of old bay.  Grill or bake it the next night.  That's what Mama calls Crab Chicken!  Please tell me you all know what old bay is.  I know some of you gals definitely do.  We just sauted some squash and zucchini with onion and served with a salad.  I have no clue why we had a couple of those potatoes that night because clearly it was enough without.

2.  The wedge salad.  Delish and can't go wrong.  Each head of lettuce creates 4 wedges or you could be like Kevin and not like them.  Well easy peasy, I just make his like a normal salad.  I can still have my wedge!  This one has cucumbers and tomatoes with goat cheese.  Trader Joe's has some serious deals on cheeses FYI.

3.  Another thing I made last week was a Southwest salad.  Perdue makes those shortcuts that are already cooked, sliced and pre-seasoned.  Genius.  And I had two ears of corn I needed to use so I sauted both of those on the stove.  Drained and rinsed some black beans.  Then I put it all on the salad with some tomato and a lil mexican cheese.  Delish and a 5 minute meal.

4.  Friday night I had a little more time and my sweet, sweet co-worker had brought me back some pasta and herbs straight from Italy.  She was there last month for vacation.

We used the herbs in some oil and vinegar to start with some sliced french bread.  Our Teeter bakes fresh bread daily and this is the first time I've ever bought any of it.  And they will slice it for you.  Hello super easy for any parties in the future.  Anyway, we never have bread with our's just an easy carb to cut out that isn't necessary.  This time I decided it could be a big treat since it was Friday and Italian is Kevin's favorite meal by far.  I decided to go the distance for him! :)

And yall check out this pasta.  I only cooked half the bag so we could use it for another meal but it was 

I did make the sauce from scratch as I couldn't ruin fabulous pasta with store bought sauce!  Basically what it consisted of was a large can of crushed tomatoes, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can of tomato sauce, parsley, garlic, a pinch of splenda and probably some other stuff I threw in there.  Also Kevin doesn't eat anything without a lil meat in it so it does have hamburger meat too. 
We honestly try to eat at home as much as possible.  It's cheaper and healthier.  Kevin is really good at figuring out meals with what we have left in the fridge and pantry which is super helpful.  I really like the fact that he has an opinion of what we eat because that does make it easier on me.  I don't have to pull it out of him every night what he wants.   Let it be known though that he is a very picky eater.  He does nothing green unless it's salad.  He will eat a spinach salad but will not eat cooked spinach.  He despises broccoli.  He'll occasionally eat squash or zucchini but it's a stretch.  Yes my friends, SO easy to cook for.  ;)

We plan our meals on Sundays.  We make a big list of what we need and I go to the Teeter or Trader Joe's.  By planning them all out on Sundays, we don't have to wonder what to make each night.  Also, it makes it easy to start meals the night before so sometimes you just have to pop things in the oven.  Like last night, we marinated the meat we're using for fajitas tonight.

Oh and I always make at least 4 servings of each dinner.  We use the extra serving for lunch the next day.  Much cheaper and healthier than spending $10 going out with your co-workers every day.  And you can get your errands done at lunch.  :)
Anyway, hope these tips and meal ideas helped some of yall.  Please share your best tip or link back to your blog on an easy weeknight meal so we can all get new ideas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jason and Haley's Wedding

We were very honored to be included in Jason and Haley's wedding weekend down in Surfside Beach, SC.  Jason was one of Kevin's high school buddies, in fact I think Jason is his oldest friend.  They lived next door to each other at age 4. 

The rain stopped just in time for their ceremony on the beach.  A rainbow came out right before it all began.  It was perfect.

Some of the group from high school. 

Afterwards, we went down to the Hot Fish Club for some live music and fun.   
Before we left, we went to lunch with all the guys at California Dreaming so that was nice to get to reminisce the night before.  Needless to say, yesterday we struggled to get back and stay awake while doing it haha!

I went to bed at 8pm last night and woke up at 7am via my alarm.  I could have slept another two hours. 

Yes, we had THAT much fun celebrating Haley and Jason!  :)  Cheers to you guys and have fun in Playa del Carmen!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Target Shoes

A few days back I saw on Emily's blog that she had seen these shoes on Shasta Anne's blog

$14.99 patent ballet flats from Targey.  Really?

They almost look like Tory Burch's, just without the big metal thang on the front.  Ha!
I really wanted the Taupe to go with everything this fall but I got them in an 8.  Everyone is saying you need to go a half size up and they did feel pretty tight after wearing them for a half day.  I went to Target and they only had the dark purple in 8.5.  So now I own both but I must take at least one pair back.  I'm not the biggest fan of the purple but I don't know.  What to do?!

Ok now go run to your nearest Target and get a pair of these!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pottery Barn Free Class

Thanks for yall's help on the dress for this weekend.  I'm thinking option A it is! :) 

After the complimentary Pottery Barn design class I went to over the weekend, I was surfing their website to learn more about their free Design Services.  They have ideas for any kind of themed party you can imagine.  Click here.  It gives you ideas for holiday parties, bachelorette parties, movie night, you name it!  Who knew?!

They also have Decorating Advice and info on their design services in that same link.

Here is the link that shows when the free classes are in store.  There is another one coming up this Sunday.  All you have to do it call your local store to sign up.  The best part is when the class is over and the mall still hasn't opened yet so only a few of you have free reign to shop in the store.  And you get the full attention of the employees. 

I gave the lady a description of my den area and coffee table and how I wanted to pep it up.  I ended up with a couple different sizes of these Glass Display Pillar Holders

The thing I like best about these is you can put whatever you want in the bottom below the candle.  They demonstrated with moss in it.  I put acorns and fake leaves in one of mine and mini pumpkins in the other.  Come Christmas I'll probably layer some fake snow and cranberries.  These are also going to be great for another home one day.  They can be used anywhere in a home so I love their versatility.  Best part - they are super reasonable.  (And I had a gift card!)

Anyway, I just thought I'd share some fun ideas from Pottery Barn.  All my own opinion and they didn't ask me to do this! ;)  Believe me, they don't want my decorating advice!  I'm terrible.  Mama to the rescue!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding on the Beach Dress

So this weekend we're going to a wedding down in Surfside Beach, SC and the wedding is at 6:30pm on the beach.  It's supposed to be low 80's during the day and get down to upper 60's at night.  

The wedding is for one of Kevin's high school friends so I don't know them real well and the direction I get from Kevin is "all the guys are saying it's super casual."  Ummm yeah, typical guys right?!  I understand the wedding is on the beach but it's a 6:30pm wedding which usually means formal.  Ahhh, SUCH a dilemma!

Oh and I'll be shopping out of my own closet.  I'm still in no buying clothes mode! ;)

Option A - silk Lilly dress.

Option B - J. McLaughlin dress (I'm on the right).  It's a real light teal with coral going through it.  Would this be too summery?  ....I think probably so.

Option C - I'm on the left - old school Black Lilly Sabrina dress.  I like this because it's black but still colorful so it may be good for evening?  I still feel funny wearing it to a wedding because it's so casual.  I don't know, it may be just right, haha!

Any other suggestions of dresses you've seen me wear on la blog?!  Thanks yall for your help!

Fall Clothes and OOTD

Did you all get your new J. Crew catalog this week?  I browsed through it just to see if there was anything I loved.  Some of their style is just not me and it way too trendy for what I like.  But let's be honest, J. Crew is my go-to place for work clothes.

Feel free to click on the link in the caption of each photo for a direct link which shows the other colors these pieces come in.
Teddie Dress for $198

Sash Skirt for $135
I'm not the biggest fan of J. Crew shoes mostly because they are outrageously priced and I don't think they're that comfortable.  I get most of my good heels at Nordstrom.  I did think these are pretty but you can find something similar for under $100 at Nordstrom.  For some reason I'm into the suede wedge this fall.  We'll see if I actually get a pair or not. 
And just for fun, here is my half awake self this morning after I had gotten ready.  J. Crew navy pencil skirt, white Lilly tank, purple J. Crew bling cardigan and pearl earrings (of course!)!
It's a rainy day here in Charlotte so I'm thinking our kickball game will probably get canceled.  Parks and Rec is very picky about their fields getting messed up.  We shall see.

Soooooo tell me your must have fall item!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend - Couples Shower, Decorating Class and Football Game

Sorry for lack of blogging yesterday.  I was traveling for work.  This time I was only a drive away which was nice, in Asheville.  We ate at the best little restaurant called Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore area of town. 

Anyway, we had a pretty low key weekend.  I traveled at the end of last week so we ended up laying low Friday night.  Saturday we looked at a couple houses and then went to the couples shower for Misty and Steven.

It was about 25 minutes from downtown so we were definitely out of our bubble haha.  They even had a bonfire and we roasted smores.  Dinner was different kinds of chili.

On Sunday I got up early and headed to Target for a couple things then went to a Pottery Barn decorating class.  Has anyone ever been to one?  They are complimentary and this session was on How to Decorate for Autumn.  There were only about 8 of us in the class and they demonstrated ideas for a table setting, buffet type table and coffee table. 

Afterwards they gave us a 10% off coupon and we had the store to ourselves to shop.  I described to her my coffee table and den area and she helped me create something new to put there.  Did you know their design services are free so you can take pictures in and they'll help you decorate?  Anything from a completely new home untouched to just needing a couple new pieces.

My friend Meghan came into town from Atlanta so we all got together for the Panthers game.  We started at my place with a dip and a couple beverages then headed to Cans Recycled.  This is us on the rooftop bar.  Sweet Kevin was a trooper and hung out with us wild ladies!

Meghan is a fun gal....can you tell?!  Love her.

Then we headed to Corner Pub and hung out with some of Kevin's buddies from the bank.

Tara, me and Meghan inside of Corner Pub.
At this point we should have gone home but proceeded to go to Stoolies for some dinner/survival food ha! 

Yesterday morning came early but we had a good time!  Hey, you only live once, right?!

Friday, September 16, 2011


This week has been insaneness at work in addition to having something at night every night.  Then on Tuesday I found out I had to be in the VA Beach area on Thursday for a meeting.  I ended up driving over to Richmond to stay with my cousins who just moved up from Atlanta.  I'm in the Richmond airport about to head back to Charlotte now!  Anyway I completely forgot to post something yesterday before I left at the crack of dawn.

It was such a great visit with Carl, Laura and Amelia.  Amelia just keeps growing up every time I see her.  She's SO precious and has the cutest lil faces she does.  She was too busy busy bee to smile in the below picture!  We did a jungle puzzle twice and she showed me all of her dolls and toys.  Let me tell yall - she's a smart cookie!
Thanks to you guys for letting me crash at your beautiful new home!  I'm thrilled to see you all so happy!

I'm excited it's Friday and can't wait to get home to start the weekend!  Sounds like it's going to be a bit cooler so I'm thinking a long run is in store!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Pictures I'd Like to be Taken

Is it weird that I have a certain idea of pictures I'd like taken and how?  I think these are great and I've started a Pinterest board with inspiration on this!  All images are from google or District Weddings.
Love how this isn't a typical bridal party picture but more one like we'd take if we were all out.

I'm SUPER excited about having sparklers as we exit and I think this is an awesome picture!

Yall know how much I love huge group photos!

I think this would be fun if all the bridesmaids had shades on too!

Always think it'd be cool to have pictures done at a marina.  Maybe engagement ones since uptown Charlotte doesn't have a marina?! ;)

These are just ideas.  I'm not a photographer and don't claim to be one, I just think pictures are all you have at the end of the day.  This is why I'm always the annoying girl having to take pictures for outings! :)  One day they'll be cherished!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 - Thanks for all your sweet comments on our Cabo trip.  :)  Let me know if you ever plan a trip there, I'd love to give you some suggestions on things to see and do!

 - What did yall think of Bachelor Pad last night?  D.R.A.M.A.!!!

 - Is anyone excited about Ben being the next Bachelor?  Word is the ladies arrive in LA this weekend and filming begins early next week.  It doesn't begin showing until January 2nd!

 - Between us, I'd rather Ames have been the Bachelor....orrrr maybe that's just because I'd love to see him on TV each week.  Helllllloooooo Ames!  Kevin teased me last night that Ames emailed and wanted my blog address.  He's such a dork! ;)

 - Since some asked about what I'm calling our Mexican disease....Kevin and I have not been healthy since we got back from Mexico last Wednesday.  It must have been something we ate or drink the last day but we haven't eaten much since we got back....and I'll leave it at that!  I did go to the Doc yesterday finally and got some Cipro.  Here's to hoping it works.  SOON!  We think we may stick to vacations in the US from now on!

 - Who's going to check out Missoni for Target today?  I may try to stop by at lunch if I have time.  Let me know what yall get!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabo Day 4 - Lover's Beach

This is the last day of my millions of Cabo pictures.  These are honestly worth seeing even though most are of a beach and rocks with Kevin and I thrown in.  I promise I wouldn't put them on here if they weren't amazing pictures....well not amazingly 'taken' pictures....the views are amazing.

We decided to jump on a water taxi right outside our hotel and we got a lil tour of Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach.  This is the famous part of Cabo that you see on postcards!  It's also where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.  Talk about some crazy water and waves!  You aren't allowed to swim on the Pacific side at all.  The Sea of Cortez is "calm" but let me tell yall, it isn't like the Atlantic!

He threw tortillas out and the most coolest fish came up!

Lover's Beach!  We decided to do this sorta excursion because our friends Jim and Kim had just been there and Kim raved about it.  We think it was definitely worth it!

They call this the Baja Penninsula upside down.  Kinda looks like it, right?!

I told yall the waves were insane.  I could hardly take normal pictures because of rolling up and down in the boat!

The arch!

This is from the Pacific Ocean side.  Wouldn't want to get up in there would ya?!

Then one of the other girls and I thought it would be a genius idea to go swim up onto Lover's Beach.  We walked over to the Pacific side and took more pictures.  Kevin and the other sweet lady stayed on the boat and observed. 
Yes that's us on the right side of the picture.  I told you it was hard to take pics here!
 A cruise boat also came in on was humongo!

Anyway then we went back to the resort and I did the water aerobics class they put on.  The instructor was Donny and he had SOOO much energy.  It was crazy!  We had a good time but I wouldn't call it a real workout!
I'm looking over.
Then we met some more sweet friends Rose and Anna.  They are from outside of San Fran.  One of them has five children the other has four.  Talk about a much needed vacation!  They were there for a week!  Kevin and I don't plan on having 4 children but I can only hope he'd be up for letting me leave with a girlfriend for that long haha! 

The last night we went to Fellini's for dinner which is the nice italian restaurant that has air conditioning.  It was decent but I prefer italian right here in Charlotte! :) 
Anyway we had a really good trip and it was nice to get away.  As I mentioned last week, we had trouble getting back to Charlotte but we made it and I think sleep wise we have recovered.  I wouldn't say we've recovered from the weird food but that's a different story for a different day.  ;) 

Now I won't bug yall about pictures from Cabo anymore! 

So did yall have a good weekend?!