Thursday, March 28, 2024

Five Picks

1. Reporting in. I wore these jeans to drive for 8 hours and I wasn't miserable. I'd say that's a record because I much prefer leggings over jeans but I cannot wear leggings for work! These were a winner. $59

2. I wore this shirt to dinner last weekend. I loved it. It was comfortable but dressy for going out. A little low cut for work but great for dinner out with friends and husbands. 

3. Love the ruching and navy and white classic stripes on this suit. 50% off today 

4. The new colors in this long sleeve tee are so pretty. I think all of the people I see daily are likely tired of seeing me in my green and azalea colored ones. 

5. In case you're looking for a tank that is basic and can be worn a lot of ways now and in the hot summer, this is the one. I have white, navy and black and wear them a lot. 

6. Wishing this was my Easter dress!


Wednesday, March 27, 2024


I feel like it should already be Friday! What a week so far. 

1. Grady had his first baseball game on Monday night. This is his third year playing. The last two years he played tee ball and now he's moved on up to coach pitch. He did awesome and hit the ball from the pitch on his first at bat! I was so proud of him. All of our practicing in the front yard with tennis balls paid off! We will keep practicing! He loves baseball!

2. Yesterday I drove down to the Hilton Head area to see a project that's under construction then came home. It was a lot of driving but glad to get it knocked out. I talked on the phone working the entire way there and back. I also got to visit a couple of markets for another client on my way down. Sometimes I get so bogged down in the office that it's really great to get out and about. After all, I do commercial real estate - I gotta drive around and see it to do it! 

3. Had my physical last week and got bloodwork done per usual. Please please please make sure you have an internist and get checked annually. A gyn is good annually too but see a primary care provider as well! Always nice to have them know you if you ever need something. One thing I do is to space these two appointments every 6 months so you never go too long without being seen. Mammogram, dentist and dermatologist somewhere in there too!

4. I'm trying to get my act together for my kids to go to away camp this summer. I know the month of May will be wild so I'm doing a little at a time now! Anyone else? 

5. We got a new rental house a month ago and found out this week that it needs a lot of HVAC work done. I've been dealing with that. Last week it was our washer and dryer that were broken at our house. We have stuff to do at the beach too. All of the things! No complaints but always something. Will keep working haha!! 

Talk soon friends. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

Opening Day, Egg Hunt

On Friday we got Grady's hair cut then planted some flowers before it rained. We will see if they actually come up!

Saturday morning Molly Anne and I went to run some errands. We ended up at the mall to make some returns. She wanted to go in every store and would have spent all day there if she could have. We love to take pictures of things she wants to add to her birthday list or whatever is next! Child wants anything and everything. Grady wants nothing. Ha!

We also stopped by Pikes Nursery to pick out some new plants for our front yard near our front steps. Stay tuned on that. I'm picky!

Lots of basketball with my buddy! Go NC State!

Kevin and I scooted out for an evening in Southend with some old friends. First stop by ourselves was Superica for drinks and chips. Win! Then we met everyone over at Barcelona for tapas. We are not really tapas people but it was good. The service was terrible and it takes a lot for me to say that!

It was a nice night out though!

Sunday Grady had opening day at the baseball field. This one got ready for the occasion then for the egg hunt in the hood. 

The LA Dodgers. Well four of them!

He has LOVED watching basketball this weekend! Cutie. 

We ran home for the Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood. Gone are the days of smocked dresses y'all!!!

This was a sweet moment. These two are tight friends. I hope they always are. 

Mills was not a good boy on Sunday but we still love him. We ended up at some friend's houses in the neighborhood after the egg hunt and had too much fun. Mills was not thrilled and showed us ha! 

We won't take him to the pound at this point we guess hahahaha!!! Y'all know I'm joking. I love that hound more than life itself. 

Talk soon everyone!!

Friday, March 22, 2024

5k, Field Trip

Ahhhh Grady was feeling much better by Tuesday. Finally. Over 104 fever for days. Whew. He's been so sick this year. 

Molly Anne completed her first practice 5k with Girls on the Run on Monday! I am so proud of her. 

And I got to run with her for a good portion! Yucky pic of me but I'm glad to have the pic anyway. Reminds me of all of the running my dad and I used to do! 

One of my neighbors brought Grady this bucket of goodies to entertain him while he was sick. I just thought that was the kindest thing ever. Unexpected and a nice friend thing to do. I plan to pass on her kindness sometime! 

He even felt good enough on Tuesday to go to Target after being fever free for 24 hours. Why do I even have to say that on here?! People be judgey, I get it! Anyway! He took $10 of his piggy bank money and was insistent to buy Molly Anne a ball she wanted and then he also got himself a Ninja Turtle mask. It was so cute and he had $2 to spare! Good lesson about money!

Bike ride around the hood with this guy!

New water bottles that Ms. Julie brought them back from Paris!! How cool right? Olympics are right around the corner. 

Wednesday was an insane day work wise. The big commerical real estate conference for retail was in Charlotte. I'll spare you the details but I ran around like a nut. It was great though and I enjoyed seeing friends in the business. Had a nice dinner at The Palm with a client and coworkers too. Sea bass Oscar yum!

I got to go on Grady's field trip to another local elementary school to watch them put on a show - The Little Mermaid. It was so sweet. 

Special times. 

Double duty swim at Charlotte Aquatics. MA is taking some private lessons to aid in her year round swim team. I think I've already mentioned that here. Oh and the big news is she moved up to the next level at her year round place this week. Very exciting! 

Hope you all have a nice weekend. It's supposed to rain here for part of it which is a bummer for all of the egg hunts and baseball!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Finds for the Week

First, if you're looking for a good egg stuffer, grab these puzzle erasers

Onto the fun stuff...

1. Got this top for a steal this past weekend. Will wear for work and for casual! It's airy, springy and fun!

2. So they make skirts out of the most fabulous material?! Sign me up. This is pleated in the back!

3. A beautiful, classic dress for Easter, any event or dinner out. Would be a perfect dress to have in your closet so you have it when you need it!

4. This top comes in several colors but I like the red. I also like how they have the black shown tucked into jeans for a night out. 

5. Just a really pretty dress!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Corned Beef Meal

Every year I always wish I had gotten my act together and made a traditional Irish meal. This year I did! I got a corned beef from the grocery and figured out details as it got closer. Here's how I did it so I can remember for next year!

1. Corned beef
2. Head of cabbage, sliced in wedges
3. Half of a sweet onion, chopped loosely 
4. 2 stalks of celery chopped in big chunks
5. A bunch of carrots, chopped
6. Red potatoes in a steamable bag
7. Can of Guinness
8. Can of beef broth
9. Mustard
10. Pepper
11. Shredded cheddar

1. Take the corned beef out and rinse it then pat dry. 
2. Coat the fatty side with mustard then add the seasoning packet that came with it. Then I patted a bunch of pepper on top. 
3. In a big dish put the onions, celery, carrots on the bottom. Place the corned beef on top with seasoning on top. Pour the Guinness and beef broth around the meat. 
4. Cover with foil. 
5. 325 degrees for 3.5 hours 
6. Take it out and add the cabbage wedges to the dish. Cover and cook for another 30 minutes covered in foil. 
7. Check it. The meat should fall apart. If it doesn't, put it back in for another 30 minutes. 
8. Take it out, take the foil off and let it rest for a bit. 
9. While that's resting, steam your potatoes and put them on a sheet pan. Smash them and add some salt and cheese. Pop them in the oven for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees. 
10. Enjoy! 

Monday, March 18, 2024

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Well on Friday, it was a half day but Grady woke up with a fever so Mills and I took care of him. We picked Molly Anne up at 11am, and I tried to work. It was an adventure of a day. We also had a guy come over to fix our dryer and he told us we needed a new washer. I had a bunch of work stuff that day too so I truly was a zoo. It was what it was though. Did the best I could. 

Friday evening we had breakfast for dinner then Molly Anne and I scooted to get our nails done. High priority ha!

Saturday morning cuddling with my peeps. 

Molly Anne and I also went to a few shops on Saturday and got some errands done. She loved this bracelet from Evereve. 

We went for a bike ride. It was such a nice day!

We went to our neighbor's St. Patrick's Day party across the street. I took two pictures. Their menu and a picture of TC and I. Isn't this menu amazing?! 

We watched the NC State game at DBs with our next door neighbors but came home early. We got to see the second half at home. So awesome they won the ACC Championship! Grady and I watched the game again Sunday morning!

Green milk and the leprechaun made the toilet water green! Molly Anne wouldn't let me make her milk green hah!

The girls put together a sale of popsicles, rainbow loom bracelets and fans so we all congregated and played outside in our driveway for awhile. 

I'll share our traditional Irish meal we had for dinner, tomorrow! 

Talk soon friends.