Monday, February 27, 2023

Fun Weekend

Friday afternoon when you can no longer hang! Kevin took him to get his hair cut and he fell asleep on the way home. He stayed in the car for awhile until I finally woke him. We were out in the driveway playing and he didn’t wake up ha!

That night we headed to our friends club then to The People’s Market. One of my buddies from work and his wife revived the people’s market and turned it into quite the vibe in the Elizabeth area of town. We had fun with some live music, drinks and friends. 

Kevin and Morgan

With Margs!

Meghan and I are co room moms from Grady’s class. She knows the same crew. It’s a small Charlotte world always! 

Saturday was Molly Anne’s last basketball game and she got her first trophy! She’s been looking forward to getting one for many years in whatever sport it came first. 

She had such a great basketball season! She practiced every Monday night after school and swim. She really enjoyed basketball and I’m so glad! A special thank you to my friend Kate’s husband Nathan who coached! Molly Anne was in the 3’s with their daughter and we’ve stayed in touch!

The rest of Saturday we chilled. I heard Grady bring Molly Anne a book and asked her to read it to him. It was adorable! 

Saturday night I went to my friend Courtney’s birthday party at her house. It was all girlfriends and her husband cooked dinner for us! It was nice catching up with old friends that I went to college with!

Sunday I picked up groceries from Walmart and got those fruits and veggies cut and cleaned up. Then these gals had lacrosse!

Then I got to go play tennis! Had to practice for the spring USTA league I’m in on Tuesday nights. 

Menu this week:
Baked potato bar
Pork tenderloin in the crockpot with sweet baby rays sauce 
Chicken something but not sure what yet 

Chat soon friends. 

Friday, February 24, 2023

Five on Friday - Mills, Door, Journal

What a week, I'm so glad it's Friday. 

1. Mills has had quite the week. He had stereotactic radiation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Wednesday he also had chemo and a bone strengthening infusion. He's a tired boy but I hope it helps his bone cancer and gives him a lot more time with us. We love him SO much. He's definitely our best friend!

2. Decorated Molly Anne's teacher's door for St. Patty's day. Wish the rainbow went to the center of the pot of gold but who's counting! I won't be a professional any time soon but this has challenged me and it's been pretty fun to do too!

3. Nannie and Poppa sent their boy a big box of goodies for his rough week! With his picture on them of course....!

4. Love seeing my little buddy's pictures from school. They play with and do so many cool things! 

5. We've had a lack of listening lately with my 7 year old Molly Annie! We had a big discussion last night and I expect changes as a result. It's one thing to not listen to me (which she should do), it's another thing to not listen at school with other adults. Anyway, I got her this journal a few months ago (I think @april.robson recommended!) so I whipped this out so maybe she feels like she's getting some direct one on one attention? We started it on Wednesday night and so far it's been very fun! 

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thursday Edit

1. Yes I ordered this dress. I must say I like Lilly’s solid colored dresses. I wear them year after year for so many occasions - out to a work dinner, with friends, vacations, baby showers - they’re just always classic and good quality. So when I find one I love, I order it. I know there will be many perfect times in the future for this dress. 

2. Doesn’t this shirt look comfortable? Obsessed with the color. 

3. A good red top is always smart to have in your closet for all of the American holidays!

4. I’m a big believer of not waiting until May to find flattering and just right swimsuits so that’s why I’m posting one here and there on these weekly posts! Love the detail on this one

5. A lovely dress.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


A random menu this week:

Sunday - Lasagna Soup
Monday - Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas 
Tuesday - leftovers
Wednesday - lightly breaded Perdue chicken breasts in the air fryer, green beans and strawberries 
Thursday - grilling out cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries in the air fryer (weather is supposed to be amazing)
Friday - typically out or pizza 

Keep it simple y’all!!! Name of my game on a week like this! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Clay Rice Silhouettes

I’ve been trying to have Molly Anne’s silhouette done by Clay Rice every time he’s been in Charlotte for 7 years and last Saturday it finally worked out! We went to Charlotte’s and I took both kids to have them done! 

He is amazing, he free hand cuts these out in less than a minute for each child!

Here are ours! So excited! 

Monday, February 20, 2023

Daddy Daughter Dance

On Friday, Molly Anne had early release so I grabbed her at 11. I worked and she hung out then later in the afternoon we headed to pick up her corsage at Teeter then scooted across the street to get her hair cut! Check out this La Marca display!!!! Love it. Would take them all!

Ragen is so sweet with both of my kiddos. Molly Anne LOVED getting curls for her big dance that night!

Seeing daddy for the first time! She lovessss to get made up! Hair, make up, purse, twirly dress, the whole nine yards!

They headed to the club for dinner with four other dads and 7 other girls. Then off to the dance at school! They had a blast! 

With the principal! 

Meanwhile we headed to a neighbor’s house to let the boys play…

And love on baby Parker!

Saturday we had basketball, silhouettes with Clay Rice (more to come) and a birthday party for Mary Scott!  

That evening we ended up just having a fire and ordering Mexican via door dash with our neighbors. Easy peasy and called it a very early night!

These beads make me a terrible mom! I hate them!!

On Sunday Molly Anne had her first lacrosse practice, we picked up groceries and got ready for the week! Happy Monday!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Five on Friday - valentines

Isn’t this 3x5 Serena and Lily rug pretty? Don’t mind the green dots which is a reflection from the light I guess. I love the add in our foyer! Our light is old from Pottery Barn. 

TWO: Tuesday was Valentines and the 100th day of school. This one dressed like she was 100…

And this boy is full of love!

We got them two books each. No candy. We still have too much Halloween candy and too much sugar in general. 

Their valentines this year!

THREE: mills is back from camp and we have a plan for him. He starts stereotactic radiation on Monday. He will go three days in a row and be sedated for the radiation to happen each day. They have to sedate because it’s an odd position he will have to be in and that will keep him still. After next week, we will cross the chemo bridge. 

FOUR: I got to participate in my friend Ashley’s widow outreach project in Charlotte this week. She served 808 widows by delivering flowers and goodies to them (they were anonymously signed up by a friend). Margaret and I went during lunch and delivered three and it was a very touching experience. 

FIVE: Had a work dinner this week with some friends from Nashville. We went to Oak Steakhouse in southpark. It was good but nothing wild. Steak 48 is hard to beat for the ambiance. But it was a fun night out with coworkers / friends! Always good to get out of the office and have some fun together!

Well, it’s 2am and I’m laying in bed not able to sleep. Speaking of work stuff - too much on my mind this week. Hoping it calms soon. I’m too crazy! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!