Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Molly Anne’s 6th Birthday Party - My Little Pony

Molly Anne wanted a My Little Pony party for her 6th birthday! She used to be obsessed with MLP but then phased out and randomly it’s back so I’m going with it! Whatever she likes!

A few weeks ago she and I went over to Publix to pick out her cake and balloons. She loved doing that. 

She wanted the party at My Gym. They did a gymnastics theme and had fun with the big kid theme!

She just had a few neighborhood friends, a few school friends and a friend from her old school. It was 10 girls, all the same age and the perfect size party. They loved it. 

She picked out her own outfit to wear so who knows why she chose to wear her old (too small) daddy daughter dance dress to a gym party but it was her day so whatever floats her boat!! She felt special and that’s all that matters!

She had been counting down to this day since last year!! She loved her birthday!!

For favors I grabbed these bagsnail polish  pez dispensers and water guns because she loves those right now in the pool! All of the tableware I got from Amazon here

My girl with the balloons she picked out!

Excited to open all of her presents! I remember being her age and sooooo excited for my birthday each year! She is too!

When you get Skip Bo for your birthday and you’re sooo excited!

She got so many nice and fun things! I’m so glad she had a great day celebrating with her friends!

Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Last week was ROUGH. I’m just getting killed at work and you know how sometimes it feels like no one understands or cares? Yep that’s how it’s been. I have 5 or 6 times the number of projects that I typically have. My brain hurts at the end of each day then I come home and play mama. Kevin has been super helpful and my friends have definitely helped me out on swapping kids around etc. We are all in it together but whew. I’m just toast and I don’t know how it gets better at work. I also had zero time to exercise so that also did not make me a nice person. If I don’t do something a few times a week I’m not a happy camper!! But this is a new week and after a good ole complaining/venting session with my mom (who always understands) yesterday, all is good. 


I got these shorts on Friday when Molly Anne and I slipped into Athleta to pick up some white shorts that I had ordered online. I tried the white ones on when I was there and didn’t like them. So when I started talking to one of the sales ladies she told me to try these on. Typically I wear 4” shorts but these feel like it because of how they’re cut. I love the higher waistband and how it’s smooth. Always good to go into the stores and ask for help! I don’t do it nearly enough but should!

After I did a strength workout on the peloton app. Yep I typically do them barefoot. Also wearing this tank and this sports bra. Both favs. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was go to work with Mama day so whenever we do that we typically like to break the day up and go to a fun lunch. This time we ended up at Cowfish after there was a wait at Original Pancake House where she wanted to go. It ended up great though because she loved it. We sat at the bar in front of the big aquarium for her to check out. She loved the PB&J sushi too!

After we picked up Grady we headed to Modern and Ragan cut both of their hair. Molly Anne chose to get a braid instead of a blowout. Super cute!

Her dress is TBBC. 

We celebrated her birthday at our club that night with Nana and PapaG!

Four little darlings in matching dresses and a matching polo from TBBC! Unfortunately they don’t have this pattern anymore. 

Kevin and his parents!

Saturday morning we celebrated Grayson’s 4th birthday at our neighborhood pool! 

Then we had Molly Anne’s party at My Gym. Post to come on that. 

After the kids were in bed we decided to make dirty martinis using @snoopynattynat guide on her Instagram shortcuts. Kevin had gotten good blue cheese stuffed olives so he was excited to use them. It was fun to make these!

Then we decided to sit in our neighbors driveway so when they got home we could see their new car! It was funny but I guess you had to be there!! ;)

Sunday was very low key because Grady had croup. Oh boy it was quite the adventure Saturday night. I feel like it gets worse each time he has it now. And with no cold weather outside it’s very hard to calm it down. 

We wrapped up the weekend with grilling some Butchers Market. Kevin and Molly Anne spent most of the day at the pool. Happy Monday! 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Swim Swim

This has been a super busy week of swim meets (3 of them) and a ton of work stuff. Thought it’d be fun to share some pictures. 

These flowers are gorgeous so we stopped to take a picture!

We swam against our club on Wednesday night and Grady’s little girlfriend Erin from school was there! They were so cute together!

My most proud moment - looking from the opposite end of the pool and seeing Molly Anne and Greer doing the right thing. The national anthem was playing and they stood there with their hand over their hearts and looking at the flag. Not all of the kids were doing this and I was just so proud. I hadn’t reminded Molly Anne or anything…she just knew. 

Taking four little blue eyed blondies to Viral Superstar camp at Steps in Motion this week and to school! 

Bella took Molly Anne out for an early birthday celebration yesterday. She picked her up from camp and they got chick fil a and headed to the playground. Bella had gotten her an unicorn cake pop and a couple gifts. It was so thoughtful and cute! 

The boys chilling before the swim meet!

And she finally got a heat winner ribbon! In backstroke 25m! She has worked hard for this and I’m so proud of her. There are some really good swimmers on our team in her age group. Woohooo Molly Anne!

Maggie got it in her backstroke heat too!

What the swim meets are all about right here! Hanging with friends!

Nana and PapaG came to watch her swim!

Well deserved snow cone! Highlight of her life. 

Silly girlies!

Happy Friday to you! We have some early birthday celebrations going on this weekend!!

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Bathing Suits

I've had this swimsuit in black for years and it's such a classic. Clearly because they are still making it in many color options!

I've had this webpage open for two weeks and I think I need this one! I love it so much and it could be semi flattering even on this ole body. 

I've wanted this one for awhile too so I finally ordered it in this green and white colourblock. My friend Shauna has it and it looked so cute on her! Lots of color options. They use the True fit size indicator and I think this really helps if you haven't used this feature before. Sign up, add some sizes and then it'll tell you what size you need in this. Easy.

Forever my favorite bathing suit for the price and how well it's held up. Sign up to receive a notification when your size comes back in and snag it when you get that notification. They sell out fast but come back quickly!

And you can never forget Lilly suits! They scream summer, pool and beach! Love this one

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Swim Meets

Thought it’d be fun to share some swim meet pictures! Molly Anne has had the best time doing this with her friends and it’s been amazing for her swimming. Definitely been a big commitment for all of us but worth it. She has three more meets and a banquet!