Monday, October 31, 2022

Pumpkin Things

It was a good weekend. We had some things going on but nothing too wild!

Friday afternoon, my office hosted a trick or treat for all of the employee's kiddos and families. It was so much fun and hopefully the first annual!

Saturday morning Kevin took Grady to breakfast while I took Molly Anne to swim and to a new bagel shop for breakfast. One on one time is good for all! It's kind of Kevin's thing to take one of them to breakfast on the weekends and I think it's a great idea. 

Saturday evening we took both kids to look for a new mattress. Ever since Molly Anne got her new bed, we've been doing a little mattress change around in our house. Moral of the story, we needed a new king mattress and we found one at the local Mattress Firm in about 10 minutes. Kevin and I pretty much aren't too picky and can figure that stuff out pretty quickly. 

Then we headed to Kabuto for a little Japanese Steakhouse action. Grady didn't really remember going a couple of years ago and he loved it last night. Actually they both did. We used to take Molly Anne all of the time when she was little but we hadn't been in forever. 

Then we stopped by Simpsons to get a big pumpkin to carve. We had a bunch of smaller ones but needed one big one!

On Sunday I made a quiche for dinner on Monday night, we carved a pumpkin and we went to our neighborhood Halloween party. 

Grady and Neyland 

Molly Anne and Ella got to lead the parade!

There were the cutest crafts, tons of prizes and lots of dancing with DJ Ally! Always so fun for the children!

Back to the grind but first, Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2022

Grady’s Fall Party

Grady had his fall party this week, including a hayride and visit to his school’s pumpkin patch! It is such a fun day for the children! 

We did individual chick fil a meals for lunch and the stonecrest chick fil a was so easy to work with. Each family brought in a toy for all 16 friends so each child went home with a bucket full of Halloween treats that weren’t candy! They loved it. They played fall and pumpkin games and carved a pumpkin in class! 

It was a great celebration!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Holiday Dress and Basics

I love this dress in the crepe material that it usually comes in. I wore it in Napa last year and got so many comments. But how about the jazz up to velvet for the holidays this year?!

A casual sweater  but still looks put together! Would love it with black jeans, ivory pants or the black corduroys below. 

Love these classic mules that would be amazing to have in my closet for many years. 

I picked these corduroy pants up at Factory this week and I’m so glad. Skinny pants for life! 

How cute is Molly Anne in this skirt and this shirt?! We are going to find a gold headband and she has the cutest holiday outfit! I think the days of smocked dresses has come to an end. Tears!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hall Family Farm

We randomly cruised down to Hall Family Farm on Sunday late afternoon for an hour or two of Fall fun! The best part is that you don't have to have a reservation to go here and you buy tickets for several of the activities. The rest is free. And it's a wonderful spot! The kids had a blast. We may actually try to go back to see if we can do some more stuff. We agreed that the musical hayride was our favorite part so we may have to do that again! Here are some pictures. 

Grady's tongue is out in every picture! He's a goofball. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Little Spooky Weekend

Molly Anne had the flu last week so she missed a bunch of school and all of the activities that were going on, including the school fall festival. She was bummed. We took a little trip to Sips and Dips to help make up for it. And fortunately she was able to go back to school on Friday and get to do the book fair!

Kevin took Grady to see Mark for his haircut!

We played lacrosse in the driveway Friday night before having nachos and s’mores. 

Saturday, Molly Anne swam and Grady and I played tennis. My clinic was first then he played. It was fun. We got all of our athletic activities in while Kevin worked. 

We got to head to a neighbors home for a Halloween get together. The kids loved playing with their friends from school. 

Blue eye central!

Sunday we got ready for the week ahead, I did some Christmas shopping online and we went to Hall Family Farm. More on that tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Molly Anne’s New Bed

Molly Anne’s new bed arrived from Furnitureland South yesterday! We ordered it in February. It was worth the wait! 

But first, her last night in my old bed that I slept in when I was her age! She loved this twin bed and we are definitely keeping it for her little girl!

Yay! The new one was made by Newport Cottages and is the Beverly bed in queen size. It was made right here in North Carolina and is gorgeous. We got to pick out every detail and when doing so, we made sure to keep in mind that she will have this bed forever! It’s a bed for a 7 year old or a 17 year old. A classic. 

Her bedding is actually mine from growing up. It matches her room perfectly. She picked out a flowered Annie Selke coverlet that is $448 which obviously is not happening. Zero idea where she gets that fancy taste from! Ha. But she loves this bedding so she is a happy girlie!  And actually she’s easy to please and honestly likes everything so picking out bedding wasn’t a big deal. 

Her wall color is SW 50% white dogwood. Her wicker chest of drawers are from a wicker store in Raleigh. My parents got me those when I moved into my first apartment at NC State. Her light is from Pottery Barn Kids. She also has the cutest side table that you can’t see in this picture that I got from Cotswold Marketplace. It is white but the inside of the drawer is hot pink. 

Yay for a Molly Annie room! She wants a TV in there now which is a no It’s like dejavu from me growing up although I cared a lot about my big Bose speakers and a TV!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Five Amazon Purchases

Thought it’d be fun to share five random Amazon purchases I’ve made recently. I honestly don’t get much on the Prime days because I’ve found over the years that it’s stuff I don’t NEED. So unless it’s been in my cart for weeks and it’s on major sale those couple of days, I’m prob not buying it!  Anyway, here are some things I’ve needed lately!

1. I’ve been looking for an angel for on top of our Christmas tree for years and never found the right one. Until now. Isn’t this angel gorgeous?!

2. I got the kids this jacket last year and they held up wonderfully. Of course Grady has grown a zillion inches and needed a bigger size. This is size small. It’s fleece on the inside but my favorite part is that the insides of the sleeves are slick (and not fleece) so their shirt just flies through when they put it on and you don’t have to yank their sleeves down. Know what I mean? Grady understands holding your sleeves when you put on a coat but he doesn’t have to do it in this brand. 

3. The bed that we ordered from Furnitureland South for Molly Anne arrives today! She is sooooo excited! I grabbed two sets of these sheets - white and pink for her. I think this makes our fifth set of these sheets. They’re not that slick and slinky material. They’re more cotton. But super reasonable price and they’ve held up well. 

4. My smart teacher SIL got Molly Anne this book as part of her birthday present and Molly Anne LOVED doing it. I recently grabbed the book and this big pack of markers for a gift for one of Molly Anne’s friends. I think she’s going to love it. 

5. Molly Anne learned the Fifty Nifty United States song in school and literally had the thing memorized in a couple of days. She actually wrote the whole song down and made a book out of it. This was about the same time they worked on coins in math. Combine all of this with her 50 state license plate search and I feel like I’m reliving my childhood and what I liked doing! Anyway, I grabbed her this book so she could collect a quarter from every state. She loves it. She took the quarter book and her fifty nifty book she wrote as her show and tell one day last week when she was the star student.