Monday, October 24, 2022

Little Spooky Weekend

Molly Anne had the flu last week so she missed a bunch of school and all of the activities that were going on, including the school fall festival. She was bummed. We took a little trip to Sips and Dips to help make up for it. And fortunately she was able to go back to school on Friday and get to do the book fair!

Kevin took Grady to see Mark for his haircut!

We played lacrosse in the driveway Friday night before having nachos and s’mores. 

Saturday, Molly Anne swam and Grady and I played tennis. My clinic was first then he played. It was fun. We got all of our athletic activities in while Kevin worked. 

We got to head to a neighbors home for a Halloween get together. The kids loved playing with their friends from school. 

Blue eye central!

Sunday we got ready for the week ahead, I did some Christmas shopping online and we went to Hall Family Farm. More on that tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

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