Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Molly Anne's 5th Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a little birthday party for Molly Anne at a local farm.  I wasn't sure what we should do because of the corona but I knew we wanted to do something special for her.  She's recently become obsessed with the show Spirit on Netflix and I asked her if she'd like to ride a horse for her birthday and it was a big YES!  This worked out well because it was outside, we could all be far apart and it also was not at our house (win!).  Done and done.

Ms. Gail always makes the cutest cakes.  And each layer inside was a different color of the rainbow!

She chose her little outfit!  Tutu to ride Spirit?!  Why not!?!

It was Molly Anne and 7 little friends.  Her bestie from each of her school classes, some besties since birth and besties in the neighbhorhood.  It was perfect.  We did miss a couple of sweet friends that couldn't come due to vacation and another party!

I'm so glad the girls were able to be together!  It was the sweetest morning for sure!  I kept lunch very simple - we got individual boxes of chick fil a nuggets so noone had to serve any food by hand, apple sauce pouches and little bags of pirates booty.  Added a juice box and water and done!  The cake was the best part!

She has a big week coming up to celebrate even more - on her birthday,...July 4th! 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello friends and happy Monday!  

We had a wild weekend!  We spent a lot of time at the pool and most importantly celebrated Molly Anne’s birthday a week early with a few of her little girlfriends and some family.  More on that to come.  

Lilly Pulitzer is having a sale today and tomorrow so check it out here. Free shipping over $25 which shouldn’t be hard to meet ha!  This isn’t one of their typical sale times so hard to tell what it’ll be like but I’m going to hop on for a pool anyway. 


Grady officially has zero fear and will just jump right in! 

Kevin’s side of the fam came over Saturday night to celebrate!  We had Papa Johns pizza and it was easy and good!  This was the other half of the cake from her birthday party earlier that day!

We hung out next door!

Slick times 4 until the two on the right had a game plan to push me in the pool. Thankfully kevin took my phone and used it to video!!  Funny!  

Sweet girlies

One little picture from her party! I will share more this week!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Eight on Friday and Two Year Well Check

One -
Hugging on Mama and I don’t hate it!  PS loving this skort! I got the Tall and it’s  3.5” inseam. Much better than the super short ones! 

Two -
I couldn’t get Grady up from his nap right away so I asked Molly Anne to go get him. I came in and found them like this listening to Old Town Road on Alexa!

Three -
Waterpark driveway!

Four -
Crab chicken, squash casserole and fresh corn! Love a summer dinner!

Five -
Finally had his two year well check, delayed because of corona. 35 pounds (97%), 2’11.5” (55%) and perfect!  Yes, I ordered him a tractor mask. Haha. 

Six -
Lots of time at the pool. Rainbow bathing suitrainbow goggles and rainbow tube from Michaels!

Seven -
An early birthday present surprise for Molly Anne! She was sooo excited this morning!  Kevin and I put it together last night. We are going to tweak it a bit and get a ladder for it as well. 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Random Thursday

1.  Our babysitter tie dyed shirts with the kids yesterday. I picked up shirts and a tie dye kit at Michaels and it was a big hit. Also, I’m glad Julia loves and doesn’t mind messy crafts. She’s the best!  Molly Anne is obsessed and now wants to tie dye all of the things. 

2.  Speaking of Michaels - they have the best pool tubes and toys...right now they’re 60% off!  I had to go in there to get something else and just happened to spot these!

3.  I forgot to wear makeup to work yesterday. Just not in the swing of remembering to get myself ready normally.  Oh well. 

4.  Molly Anne had her last of 8 swim lessons over three weeks last night. I love the bootcamp style of how I signed her up for classes. It’s a commitment for the three weeks but well worth it. Keeps her fresh and for some reason it worked really well with her. She can swim the length of their pool freestyle and back stroke. Her back stroke is definitely stronger. For freestyle, the side breathing is a lot to put together with strong arms and kicking but she can do it. Just requires a lot more concentration. Anyway, we are so proud of her. 

5.  Update on Mills - good news on his bloodwork - it came back perfectly fine on the recheck. Whew!!!  He still hasn’t gotten his stitches out because when I took him back last Friday, the incision wasn’t ready.  We are going to try again this Friday. The bad part is he has another cyst that keeps opening right next to the big incision on his back. This boy!!

6.  Grady has his two year well visit today. A tad late due to Covid but glad we are getting in so he can get his vaccines.  

Chat soon friends. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

First and Last Days

I took some before and after pictures last Friday because it was the day we met up with Molly Anne's teacher at the Stonecrest fountains and she got a little Pre-School Diploma!  It was kinda sad and happy all at the same time.  We never knew when we left that Friday, March 13th that it would be her last day of pre-school! I know this was the case for a lot of children!  At least Grady will be going back there so we will still be around familiar faces come August!  

Here are some pictures!

He grew up SOOOOOO much!!!

So did she!  Her hair is the longest it has ever been right now!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun weekend celebrating Kevin and our Dad's!  

Friday night we ordered City BBQ in and hung around the house!  These two are a mess to play monopoly with!  They shared money and properties but played as two around the board haha!  They said they won but I think I did ha!

Saturday morning I took Grady to get his hair cut.  He even wore Molly Anne's Lilly mask in there ha.  I couldn't believe he kept it on.  This was by far his best hair cut appointment with Ragen, behavior wise!  We didn't even have to stand by the window.  He sat in my lap and let her cut his hair. I couldn't believe it!!  Such a good little boy!

I did a big grocery pick up including this new kind of Wild Basin that one of my friends told me about.  I got it at the Rea Farms Teeter for all of you Charlotte people.  I loved the first variety pack of Wild Basin but this is even better.  I'm not a White Claw or Truly fan but these are really good.  

We went to the pool all day on Saturday.  Kevin took Grady back for a little nap and we met them home in the afternoon.  

He did not want to go home for his nap!

These two!

We tried to go to our club for dinner but they called us as we were walking out the door and said another member who had been there the day before found out they had Corona so they had to shut it all down for a few days of deep cleaning.  Crazy.  We were all already cleaned up so we went and sat on the patio at Red Rocks for dinner.  

Father's Day we gave Kevin his gift - a yeti cooler and lots of homemade cards!

I picked up cupcakes for after dinner from a local girl that makes them (they are delicious!) and Cava - Kevin's favorite lunch! 

Grady and I picked hydrangeas from our yard for three different arrangements.  

We got ready for our guests - Kevin's parents, brother, his girlfriend and our niece Kendall!  We celebrated Nana's birthday (her birthday is today, Happy Birthday Nana!!!), Uncle Joe's birthday and Father's Day!

This one snuck some food before everyone arrived!

We had a nice cookout of burgers, dogs and brats.  We also had macaroni salad, coleslaw, potato salad and baked beans.  And the cupcakes!  I had gotten a watermelon and I forgot to cut it ha!!  I think the cupcakes stole the dessert show and we didn't even need that watermelon!

We went for some golf cart rides and hung out. It was fun! 

And now it's Monday and back to the grind!  I'm trying to finalize what we are doing in July this week (camps, babysitter, work, travel etc) and that'll be good to get done.  I have a bunch of stuff going on with my projects at work.  And Molly Anne's birthday party is next weekend so I need to wrap things up for that!  Have a good day!!