Thursday, February 28, 2013


I like St. Patrick's Day.  I'm Irish.

And I couldn't find any cute wreaths, so I ordered this one from Etsy.  It was super reasonable and she shipped it within 24 hours, so why not?  Dad, I know you could have cut this out in 2 minutes....perhaps we can make a heart one for Valentine's next year?!  

Anyway, I wanted to decorate some for St. Patty's even though it's 2 weeks before Easter.
PS - Mills is never far from me or his ball!
 But I also whipped out some Easter decorations before I got too nutsy with wedding stuff.  And I think these are my wedding et al candles that I got awhile back.  I know they are springy, but I just HAD to put them out as soon as possible.  It's only February, but to me every day is Spring/Summer.  Haha.  Whatever.  

I'll add more Easter decorations over the next week.  But as I switched out the Valentines hearts, I didn't have any shamrocks so I went straight to Easter eggs.  I guess our house is a mixed bag this year.  Oh well!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - What's Left Version

Under 40 days until the big day, April 6th.  What else is there left to do?  Ummm...........

1.  Figure out where to go that night after the wedding.  I'm not interested in my guests having to pay cover to go somewhere so I need to come up with a plan.  And I also want it on the itinerary that'll go in the hotel bags.

2.  Getting a wedding gift on our front door step every day is pretty fun!  I'm also a thank you note writing machine.  I have written 30 notes in the past 48 hours and LOVE writing them.  

3.  Chasing these boys down to order their tuxes.  I bet they hate getting emails from me now.  I keep bugging them about trying on their tux when they pick it up because 2 hours before the wedding is too late to find out your parents only go to your knees.

4.  Waiting on my new best friend at our venue to get back to me on our revised menu.  I want this done like yesterday because I'm sick of waiting on the final numbers.

5.  I'm on a mission to have these hotel welcome bags done in the next week.  I may stuff them this weekend.  I'm still waiting on the tags from our lady doing our paper items.  Those will only take two minutes to tie on.

6.  I found out I get to travel for work the Tuesday/Wednesday of our wedding week.  I actually think it'll be a good thing for me!

7.  I submitted our marriage license application online so now we just need to go there in person over the next two weeks to finalize it.

8.  I know I'm crazy but I also did my Social Security form already for after the wedding.  I'll be getting my name changed within a short time period.  I have no choice with flying almost every week (and I want to anyway!).  Should be interesting to know how to book flights, name-wise.

9.  Rehearsal dinner invites go out by March 5!

10.  Yall I think I'm done.  I'm excited!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Champagne Ladies Dessert and Champagne Party

My parent's friends threw us a Dessert and Champagne Party while we were in Maryland and it was amazing!  It was held at my parent's best friends house in our neighborhood.  

Gorgeous right?

All of the ladies call themselves the Champagne Ladies!  And when one of their daughters get married, they get inducted to be a Champagne Lady.  Also when a girl marries into a Champagne Ladies' family, she gets inducted as well.  Really it's just a great group of friends who have been friends for SO long who happen to all enjoy champagne.  :)

Isn't the table stunning?

Smith Island Cake - Maryland's state cake!

White roses!

They said a toast to Kevin and I which was so very meaningful.  I hope to get a copy of it to frame!

They had made a slideshow of me growing up.  Some hilarious pictures in there!

Back to the toast pictures..

The lady in the blue jacket gave the toast.  She is very eloquent!

Kevin and I with the infamous Champagne Ladies!

I hate I'm blocking her head in this picture.  I should have ducked more!

And as part of being inducted, they give you a gorgeous champagne holder.  Isn't it amazing?  I need to get a better picture of it to show you all but it stayed in Maryland and didn't come home on the plane of course.  A neat story - one of the Champagne Ladies died of a heart attack last February and she had bought this and saved it for me to have.  Makes it even more special!  Her husband told me about it at the party.

Now for the formal pictures....Kevin and I with my parents!

Kevin and I with his parents!

With our parents!

The Dads!


My parents and I.

With our group of friends! 

The Moms and I.

High school gals!

The bride and groom!

40 more days until April 6!!!!  We can't wait for everyone to join us!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Maryland Bridal Shower

We arrived back in Charlotte last night after a wonderful weekend in Maryland at my parents.  Kevin's parents and we flew up there on Thursday afternoon for the long weekend.

On Friday, the 4 of us went to Annapolis for the day.  We had lunch at Boatyard which was amazing.  Thank you to EAS for the wonderful recommendation.  Yall know I had Maryland Crab Soup and a Soft Shell Crab sandwich!

Friday night, my friend Lindsay planned a get together at Market Street Inn!  My MOH, Kelly drove up to Maryland with her husband, Brett.  Here they are..

Lindsay and her fiance, Vlad drove down from Philadelphia.

The 6 of us had a big time catching up and visiting together!  I love my Lindsay and Kelly!  And their boys of course!

Hi BFFs!

The 6 of us.  I should have used some red eye removal, ha. 

Okay onto the shower now!  It was held at this wonderful mansion called Poplar Hill!

My friend Sara and her Mom hosted it!  Let me tell yall - it was an amazing event!  Here is the guest book and favors - cocktail napkins.  And of course the sticker on it matched the invitation.  The invitation and stickers are from Wedding Paper Divas.

Everything was perfect.

Aren't the flowers stunning?  

This was the appetizer table in one of the rooms.  


The cake - SO good!  And right up my alley right?!

Back to the appetizer table.  Crab dip of course! :)

Lindsay, Sara and I.

My parents neighbor, Mrs. Black.  She has watched me grow up literally from when Mom was pregnant with me.

My high school girls!  Lindsay came from Philly, Sara came from NYC and Ashley came from Raleigh - all for the shower!  Ahh I'm so lucky to have such awesome friends!

With the Mamas!

With the hostesses!  They did such a wonderful job!  Everyone was just gushing about how nice it was!  

My Dad came and loaded up his car with all of the gifts.  I, once again, was overwhelmed with everyone's generosity.  Thank you, thank you!

One of my high school teachers and I.  We are friends now instead of teacher/student.  She is coming to Charlotte for my wedding!!!!

Thank you again to everyone for the wonderful shower, especially Sara and her Mama!  I'm fortunate to have such old friends that when we all get together, we go back to how we always were.  Time never feels like it passed!

Stay tuned for the cocktail party that happened on Saturday night!