Friday, August 29, 2014


I went to Dallas for work this week.  I could live in there I love it so much.

Went to an amazing dinner at True Food Kitchen and sat with a girl my age at the bar who was also traveling by herself for work.  We had a big time chatting and chatting some more.

While I was there, I got to visit their Flywheel studio with my friend Lindsey.  Wasn't a great ride but it was fine.

And empty studio...this was at 5am. 

I also got to visit with Kevin's Dad's cousins who live near Dallas.  I spent about 20 minutes with them which was really nice.  I'll be back in Dallas a lot this fall so I'm looking forward to spending more time with friends and family there.

Hope you all had a good week.  Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Update

How do you store your murfees?

Love Sweaty Bands.  Got a new one at Nordstrom this week which was highly necessary.  I've been having to do laundry because I didn't have any more clean.  They're the only thing that stay on my head and keep my hair back.  Cannot exercise without them.

Made a tomato pie for dinner this week.  Kevin didn't like it but he doesn't like anything new haha.  He had cereal for dinner instead.  I think he had it in his head before he even tasted it.

When Kevin gets tired of his new office space, maybe he can move it into a gas station.  I saw this near Dallas this week.

Pretty roses that Mills and I picked from the rose garden in our yard.

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kevin's Dad's Birthday

We also celebrated Kevin's Dad's 65th birthday this past weekend.  I haven't been around the last two years for his birthday so it was important to me to be here this time!

We went to Mickey and Mooch for dinner and enjoyed it.

Then we walked back behind it to this lake that I didn't know existed.  So pretty!

Kevin's parents.

See any similarities between these two?!  HA!

Kevin's brother Joe and his wife Brittany and lil girl Kendall.

Good ole family time this weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mills' Birthday

Call me crazy but of course we celebrated Mills' birthday!  He's our child!

He had a box with his name on it at the doorstep last Thursday and he couldn't wait until Friday to open it!

So he had a lil pre-birthday on Thursday night.

His grandparents each sent him a card.  

The toys we gave him.  A new gator collar via my friend Kristen from her Etsy shop, a squeeky squishy tennis ball and a Kong Cozie monkey!  

McGee and Jared brought Mills' brother Wylie over to play and we had pizza and let the boys play.  It was only right that they celebrated together!  And they exchanged gifts.  Mills gave Wylie a Gator Kong Cozie and Wylie gave Mills a big blue rope!


McGee and I fixed them each a peanut butter/milk bone cake and Mills' was gone in literally 5 seconds.  Wylie took a bit longer on his, savoring each bite.

I made them each these silly party hats.  Umm I wasn't going to pay $12 each on Etsy so I went to Michaels and the nice lady helped me figure them out.  I'm not crafty.  

But look how cute they are in them!

Family picture.

They both got on Mills' couch (the chair ottoman) and watched TV.  Mills is on the right, Wylie on the left.

Mills played all weekend with his new rope.

It's becoming our lil tradition to go see Kevin at work on Saturdays.  My co-pilot knows the way to go.

Happy Birthday Miller "Mills" Westben!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mills is TWO!

How on earth is this lil boy two years old today?!

 We've been celebrating all week.

But tonight, his brother is coming over.

  They'll enjoy a peanut butter goodie cake and probably some Miller Lite to wash it all down.

 They will play ball in the backyard. 

  And run around like crazy pooches! 

Til they just have to sit on the back steps (if they still fit) and chill.


I took these pictures the other night when the light was shining in our den.  He's so cute!

Happy Birthday to our favorite lil buddy!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Breville Smart Convection Oven

Before Kevin and I got married, we talked about what we REALLY needed in a kitchen.  We didn't want a bunch of small appliances sitting on our counters.  When we lived at our condos uptown, neither of us had a toaster (we just used the oven) or any small appliances.  We just got by with our oven, microwave and a small blender.  

So we knew how to go without if you know what I mean.

This Breville Smart Convection Oven is the best thing we have on the counter.  We use it all.the.time.  One of my Mom's friends gave it to us as a shower gift and when we plugged it in after our honeymoon, we knew we'd use it often.  And we do.

We cook pizzas in it, heat leftovers when we don't have time to fire up our big oven, it keeps things warm.  

One of my favorite things is that I can put a dish in while it is preheating, set the timer and it doesn't start cooking it until it is preheated.  Then when the timer goes off, the oven turns off.  So if you're out back with the dog, the food has stopped cooking and you don't have to run in and take it out immediately.

It bakes, roasts, toasts, broils, reheats, warms.  It really does anything you could want.  

So add this to your Christmas or birthday list.  You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Asian Appetizer

One of the girls made this for bunco last week and it was SO good I had to share

Let's call it:  Asian Appetizer.

1 block of cream cheese (I used low fat)
1 green onion
Wasabi Cream (found in Asian section of grocery store)
Tuxedo Sesame Seeds (found in Asian section)
Soy Sauce (I used our leftover packets from take out Chinese)
Wasabi Rice Crackers (found in Asian section)

This sounds complicated but it's not.  It's just hard to explain.  
Open the block of cream cheese package and slice it horizontally (basically you're cutting the top half off). Set that to the side.  Now you have two rectangles.  Cut each rectangle diagonally so you have four triangles.  Spread wasabi cream on two of the triangles.  Place the two triangles that don't have wasabi cream on top of the ones that do.  If you look at the above picture you'll see how each triangle is split horizontally through the middle.  Poor some sesame seeds on a paper towel and dab both triangular sections onto it so they're coated with seeds.  Spread a lil more wasabi cream on top (see pic) then sprinkle green onions on top.  Place onto place then put a little soy sauce on the plate.  Serve with rice crackers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Who has a title at work?

What does it really mean?

I was at a girl's night last week and a lady was asking me what I did etc etc and as I told her, she asked me my title.  

My response, "we don't have titles."  Because we don't.

And I like that we don't.  Does it really define you?  Does it define your pay grade?  We kinda look at our group like we're one big family and we all work together to get deals done.  Why does it have to be a senior project manager, a vice president or an analyst?

Who cares!  Doesn't how well you do your job matter the most?    

Tell me about your does this work?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nice Lil "Us" Weekend

Today is my Mama's birthday!  Happy Birthday dear Mother of mine!!!!!!  Love you!

We had a nice weekend.  One that really was just us and that was nice.

Who is excited for the Lilly sale today?!  I can't wait!

I laid in the hammock while Mills chilled waiting for Kevin to get home on Friday night. (Kevin cut the grass Saturday ha!)

That night we went to Firebirds for dinner.  We had been craving a steak, salad and baked potato and that's what we both got.  So full but so good.  

Saturday began with my usual Flywheel, Farmer's Market and taking Mills to see Kevin at work.  Kevin's working every Saturday now.  Well he always works 7 days a week but he goes into his office on Saturdays now.  

Then I got this picture of my niece Anna Kate.  She had called me on Friday while I was at work and we FaceTimed.  She sounded so grown up!  Then this!  She lost her top front tooth!

I actually took the time to go to our neighborhood pool for the very first time all summer.  No one was there (except the lifeguard) for the first hour then some other people came.  It was nice!

I went home when Kevin texted me he was done with stuff on his list he wanted to get knocked out.  We played with our buddy in the muddy redneck pool for awhile.  He loved it.

Saturday night we attended a surprise party for one of Kevin's work guys.  We were obviously the youngest folks there but it was really nice being there celebrating him.  

It was in the neighborhood across from us so we just drove over.

Sunday = hang time and recoup.  I made pesto for the first time with basil from our yard.  Our food processor that intimidates me so much made it in point two seconds.  

Mills got an early birthday present...a monkey.

I have a new recipe to share this week too.  It's a super easy appetizer that I learned from one of the girls in my neighborhood.

On the road today so I'll chat with you girls (and Dad) soon!