Monday, May 20, 2024

Hanging Around Weekend

Mills came to tennis lessons on Friday afternoon. He has a tennis ball with him of course!

Impromptu night with our peeps. They all kinda match. DBs for dinner then hanging in the back yard. Hadn't had that kind of night in awhile and it was much needed. 

This boy had an awesome game on Saturday! Played good defense in the field and had some big hits. 

His biggest fan 

When we came home from baseball I noticed how much bigger Mills' leg was than the other. He had been limping for a week but after his vet appointment on Tuesday it was better. Saturday it was terrible again. I took him to the emergency vet which is the same place as his oncologist. They consulted and couldn't find the cause. Could be an infection or blood clot. X rays look good ortho and cancer wise. He's on all of the medicines. It's still not any better. It's so sad. He won't put any weight on it. 

Molly Anne and I took him. Then we had to leave and I'll spare you the rest of the details but it was a 5 hour ordeal. Loving on her best buddy. They take really good care of Mills there. Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews if anyone is local. They're amazing. 

Sunday morning I found this. It was cute. Molly Anne has always been very attached to Mills but honestly Grady has a very special relationship with him too. I've been sleeping downstairs with him. I hope we get more answers this week. 

Got these pictures hung. We had them at 10 months and 2.5 years but I just got their 5.5 year olds framed and now hung! Kind of obsessed. Dubose Photography

While MA was at a party, we went to Sam's. Kevin LOVES Sam's club I'm here to tell you! He was so happy that I came too to see all of the things that they have!! I'm not kidding! 

We had a good dinner that I grilled then we all called it an early night. This week is gonna be a mess but I'm here for it! 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Five on Friday - Cleopatra and Charlotte Aquatics

1. This sort of frosted mint volcano candle has made me very happy this week. 

2. Molly Anne was Cleopatra in the 3rd Grade Wax Museum this week and she was wonderful. She had her speech memorized and performed in front of all of the parents of course! Ms. Creative made all of her props too. 

3. Been a rough week for this little boy but his angel oncologist has been incredible AGAIN! She has stepped in when our regular vet wasn't helping and coordinated so much for me. I am so thankful for her. We are soon getting Millsy feeling better. 

4. Grady graduated level 4 at Charlotte Aquatics! Proud of him. This was a big deal. 

5. He also had his well visit where he goofed off with his pediatrician for a majority of the time. It's so great that he loves his awesome doc so much. He's a healthy growing boy, so very thankful. Now if we can get the croup to stop happening I'd be grateful!

6. This is now a common sight at our house and I'm loving every minute. Playing outside after school and homework has always been important to me. Most people in our hood are prob like do you all ever go inside?! Haha! These are the days!

They picked out their outfits for school this morning! I'll take it!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Cute Finds this Week

ONE - love the color of this top

TWO - got this dress in the mail this week. Win!

THREE - same with this top. The detail is gorgeous. 

FOUR - pretty dress for any occasion

FIVE - love the look of this tan simple shirt that has puff sleeves with white jeans. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Meal Idea - Greek Bowls

I know I've talked about these before on here but I had forgotten about them! We had them last night and they're great for a busy night. So easy and so good and everyone ate it!

Rotisserie chicken, cubed and seasoned with one or both of the below seasonings (I popped into air fryer for two min too)
90 second Uncle Ben Basmati rice 
Boars Head (or any kind) tzatziki sauce
Cherry Tomatoes
Sliced cucumber 

Found the Badia on Amazon 

Monday, May 13, 2024

Mother's Day Weekend

Ya know, these "holiday" days can come out and getcha out of no where. It was a tough day in my little world with my own mom. Her health has really declined and it's so very sad. Keeping all of my friends in my thoughts that are dealing with the same. Nothing can prepare you for this point in your life when your children are a bit older and easier then your parents health is worse. Trying to keep it positive in this little space of mine but it has not been easy over the last 6 months or so. You're not alone if you're in the same place. 

Onto the highlights.

On Friday Kevin and I got to go to the PGA golf tournament at Quail Hollow. One of our GCs was super kind to give me clubhouse tickets. We saw a ton of old friends there which was awesome. It was a great time. Now that all of our old babysitters that are in college are home for summer, we have lots of babysitters and drivers haha! Allie took us up and back! 

When we came home the kids asked if they could go jump in our neighbors pool. We were over there about 5 minutes before it started storming ahh! Isn't their back yard beautiful?!

Little lovies. 

On Saturday Grady and I went for a few mile back ride. Then we all went to his game. My friend Brittany brought cupcakes and mimosas for all of the moms. How sweet and kind was that? Very thoughtful. 

And our neighborhood pool opened Saturday so we spent the rest of the day there with friends!

Sunday morning surprises! The teachers are moms themselves and do so much for our kiddos by sending home flowers, crafts and more. 

Church with my people. 

We hung the rest of the day. Bike rides, walking, playing. Kevin took Molly Anne to go get me a red velvet nothing Bundt cake, red carnations and hand sanitizers. What would I do without her?! Then we headed to Kevin's parents and took dinner down there. It was nice! 

I gave these to each of our Mom's. The hearts are for each of their grandchildren. So Kevin's mom has two granddaughters and one grandson. My mom's has three pinks and one blue. They're acrylic blocks that you can set on your desk or shelf. They're really special and sweet. My friend Elise makes them - see her Instagram @eliselongdesigns if you're interested!

Back to it today. Ready for a new week my friends. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Fav Finds

ONE - the fabric on this top is just so comfortable. Like the longer version of this shirt.

TWO - I found this lip gloss and put it right in my basket. I'm loving it for Spring/Summer! It stays on longer than any other lip gloss I have.

THREE - a classic, simple chambray dress.

FOUR - I have gotten SO much use out of this crossbody bag. I wear it every weekend. 

FIVE - a basic gauze shirt - can dress up or down. I love having the two gauze shirts I own in my closet. They're not see-through. I always feel put together when I wear one!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Grady is SIX!

cannot believe my infant son is SIX today! In a lot of ways the time flew by but I do remember very vividly the hard days in the beginning. He was always sick! But he now he's a big dude in Kindergarten and living the dream. Here are some fun things about Grady:

1. He's a big boy! 60 pounds of love and about 50" tall! He wears size 7 clothes and size 1 shoes. 

2. Never met a food he wouldn't at least try! Big fan of avocados, pizza, chick fil a, Cheetos and breakfast in general. He eats so.much.breakfast. It's wild!

3. He's into all of the sports. Football, soccer and baseball are his favs. He's a great basketball dribbler too so we will see if he gets into that. His swimming has come a long way. Backstroke is his stroke!

4. He wants to be outside 24/7. Doing things inside other than playing Mario on the switch is kinda out of his norm. Let the boy be a boy outside and he's happy! His bike is his main jam outside these days. Hasn't been scooting as much lately. 

5. Always up for an errand with me. I can always count on him joining me and I love it!

6. He's a good boy at school from what I hear from his teacher. She told me last week that he's kind, he listens well and is a nice friend. Whew! He's also reading nicely and doing a great job in math. I'm proud of his progress in kindergarten with kids a whole year older than him. He's doing amazing. 

7. Still goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6:16am for school via Alexa. Sleeps in on the weekends but not too much past 7am. It'll be interesting to see how he does this summer when he doesn't have to get up early. His sleep patterns will change like last year. 

8. He and Molly Anne are TIGHT. They're best buddies. I don't know what else to say other than they are very good friends and I hope it always stays that way! Yes they pick at each other like normal siblings but he is so, so good to her even when she isn't to him. Sorry Molly Anne but you know it's true!

9. He's a lovable little boy. Always loving on Mills, us, and loves little children that are younger than he is. He has a special heart for babies! It's kinda cute!

10. Any special adventure - he's in. A trip, going on a boat ride, going to a new playground, beach time all of it - he's in and there. Not shy. Full force in it! 

We love our Grady and can't wait to see him keep flourishing! He is AWESOME and I'm so glad he's mine! 

Oh, we gave him a basketball hoop for his big day!! So fun!! Excited about the family memories to come with this!

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Grady's Birthday Party at Mission Grit

Grady had his party at Mission Grit on Sunday afternoon. It was an awesome party venue. Super clean, super organized and the boys ( + Molly Anne) had a blast. It's a bunch of obstacle courses that the owner Paul leads them through. I will say, it was an easy place to have a party!

A good ole sheet cake from Publix - chocolate on chocolate football field! He picked it out from the website. Simplicity!

I got the football plates and napkins but didn't need to. Mission Grit provides all of that. Grady just wanted football themed. 

He got to cut the cake with a sword!

It was a wonderful birthday party day for our Grady! He turns 6 on Thursday!