Thursday, March 31, 2022

Jeans, Sandals and a Hat

For this post I kept things real simple. I got online and ordered jeans and sandals and it was so fun. I just felt the need to expand my horizons on both. Anyone else?

My coworker raves about Mother jeans so I had to try them and here they are. I did really like them but I probably need a darker color for my big legs. Shown with these sandals which I'm not keeping. They were too hard to keep on my foot!

I may order these Mother jeans instead!

I still stand by my ole trusty Wit and Wisdom. Here they are in the newest version. Wearing these sandals. Honestly they're more comfortable and stay on my foot better than the flats!

A very different style
for me but I actually liked them a lot. All of these I wore my true size - 12/31. These are straight leg and as much as I'm an ankle jean girl for life, these were good.

I also bought these new Miller flats in the gold color that just came out. I've needed a fresh pair for about a year now. As you all know, I wear these daily. Still the most comfortable sandal I own. I like to call them "airport shoes" meaning I can walk miles in them!

I also want to try these Good American jeans but the pair I got and tried on ran really small. I'll size up in these. 

And this really doesn't fit my post but I LOVE this hat and may need it. I just wish it'd stay on my head at the beach. Maybe a relaxing pool vacation is on my horizon?! It's not but maybe needs to be haha. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Get Together and Flowers

Last night we had some of Kevin’s side of the family over. They were in town from Texas and Columbia, SC. It was wonderful to see them, his parents and the Charlotte crew! 

We did an easy “Taco Tuesday” and had a big line of food set out - chips, hard and soft shells, taco meat, melted cheese, lettuce, shredded cheddar, onions, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream and Kevin’s specialty pico and guac! I also made Beanier and Creamier which is always a hit. 

The big night inspired Kevin and I to get our house cleaned up and our porch ‘Spring ready!’ We took off all of the sofa and chair covers and washed those, we scrubbed the porch slate down and we planted flowers. As in yes, I was at Lowes on Monday night at 8pm getting flowers. Hey I work best under a bit of pressure. 

I always like to post pictures of my flowers at the beginning of each year to see how much they’ve grown! This pot is from Pike’s nursery in town. I love how it looks with a pink geranium. 

Grady monitoring Kevin working his magic on the drinks! We love this beverage tray (ours is the large size). I gave it to Kevin for Christmas one year. It does require you to have two bags of ice just so you know. Otherwise the drinks don’t stand up. Typically we’d also put oranges and lemons in the middle with the limes if necessary! 

Got the fire started about an hour and a half before guests arrived so it was the perfect temperature. We also did s’mores for dessert and that was a fun way to have a sweet treat!

Molly Anne showed everyone her chess skills!

We always love entertaining on our porch, especially when it was as beautiful as it was weather-wise. Wonderful being together with family from near and far! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Be You

I was thinking the other day of a certain time when I wasn't being me because I wanted to have the right outfit for a concert we were going to. A friend told me what she was wearing and I thought to myself, "hmmm I wish I had something like that to wear" when in reality it was not anything I'd ever wear. She can totally pull it off and I can't. 

Anyway, that night when I was getting dressed I thought to myself, "why am I even thinking that I'd wear something like that. Be You!" So I did and I settled on a Lilly dress which is much more you all know!

My Dad has always told me to quit worrying about what others think. Just do as you think is right. I often think of this.

So here's a little ra ra for today - be yourself and don't care what others think!

Monday, March 28, 2022

A TeeBall Weekend

Hard to believe it's the last week of March. The pollen is starting here in Charlotte so I expect my car to be yellow any day!

Friday after school they played out back and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. We had an early dinner then divided and conquered with the kiddos. The boys went to teeball practice and Molly Anne and I went to Dish It Out. She has been begging to go back there for a long time and we finally found time to make it happen!

She painted a trophy! ;)

Saturday morning Kevin took Molly Anne to the neigborhood clubhouse for chess club. Grady and I walked Mills and grabbed lunch for everyone. Then we were all off to watch Grady's second teeball game!

His biggest cheerleader loved watching him! She made him a sign and brought her pompom! He did well minus fielding a ball when he was a base runner! Haha, so funny!

While the kids and I went to a friends house in the hood, Kevin went to the store to grab stuff to grill out for dinner. It was delicious. I told him he should grill more often! We just hung on the patio after the kids went to bed. 

Playing with her favorite puppy. He loves her so much. 

Sunday morning we headed to our club for brunch. Molly Anne spotted she and Kevin from the daddy daughter dance on the TV as it scrolled through pictures!

They were setting up for goat yoga as we were leaving and they all held 6 week old Farrow! I do not hold goats. My preference of animals is Golden Retrievers!

We all went home and then I scooted right back to play in a tennis clinic. I needed help after my first match last week when I lost! It was a beautiful day to be on the court with five other friends!

I grabbed groceries from drive up on my way home, got those all cleaned and cut for the week. Later we headed to Grady's teeball practice then home to chill. It wasn't a busy weekend but it sure sounds like we did a lot. Teeball every day was a lot but very fun and he likes it a lot. 

Anyway, here's to another week. Lots going on and lots of work to do. Should be interesting making it all happen. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

Five on Friday

Molly Anne had a teacher work day on Monday so we headed to the mall to grab a few things. Louis Vuitton had a window chess display so you know we had to take a pic with the chess queen!

Little lesson on how to spend piggy bank money! First time she’s ever used it and she bought an American Girl Olympic ice skating outfit! She had $2.46 left over and wanted to spend it. So she decided on an antibacterial gel that isn’t one of their usual scents! I loved that she went through the thought process to decide that it would be better to get one that they don’t always have versus one they do. 

The first graders displayed their habitat dioramas one more this week for all of the parents to come see! Grady even got to come with us which I’m not sure who loved more. Molly Anne created hers by herself unlike some friends. To each their own but I look at it as a huge opportunity for her to get creative and spread her wings. It’s how ya learn! We are so proud of her. 

The same day I got to go have lunch with her! She was so surprised and I loved seeing her in her element with friends at school!

I made the Skinny Taste Shrimp Stir Fry one night. Kids wouldn’t eat it because it was too spicy but honestly it was just ok. I won’t link it because it won’t be top on my list next time either. Eek!

These cuties did not want me going to my work dinner one night this week! 

Speaking of, we had the most wonderful wine at Fin and Fino for the work dinner! It is a seafood tapas restaurant and I don’t know about y’all but I always want to eat dinner when I get home from those places. I feel like I’ve talked about that on here before!

Mills was glad to see me when I rolled in that night after too much wine. Don’t worry, no driving for me!

Chat soon!!

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Here are some good ole basics for the warm weather getting semi close!

This tank looks easy to throw on and look put together! 

Could wear this tucked into a suit skirt or with jeans on the weekend. 

This romper caught my eye this week. 

I always get to a point each summer when I wish I had some cute sleeveless shirts and 
this one is certainly a winner!

This bathing suit comes in many colors and the fit is right for everyone whether you’re a size 2 or 12 or 24!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Few Grocery Items

Just wanted to share a few things I got on my grocery order on Sunday. PS I placed the order for groceries on Friday night to pick up on Sunday and it felt so good that it was done for the weekend and my meals were planned for the next week. I'm going to try to do that more often.

First up - this avocado hummus - get it and dip some broccoli, carrots or whatever in it. Delish!

Anyone eat these growing up? I did and had a little flashback! I know they aren't the healthiest by any means but the kids both ate it on Sunday night with some fruit on the side. Dinner = easy and done. 

I've been into having this watered down cranberry juice here and there - I do half a glass of ice, then fill half of it with water and pour this in for the rest. Refreshing! I'm not a huge cranberry lover but this is good.

I bought these for Molly Anne and Grady and you would have thought I hung the moon. They LOVED them. Molly Anne noticed about halfway through that they were sugar free but she still loved it. This was a treat after they ate all of their dinner! We never have dessert at home so this was a big deal. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Grady’s First Tee Ball

Grady had his first teeball game on Saturday! He even coincidently had Kevin's number from when he played baseball. Cool right?!

He had three great hits but definitely still working on that hand eye coordination!

It was super cute and he's already improved so much at practices! 

Monday, March 21, 2022


It was a good weekend and Molly Anne is home today for a teacher work day!

Reversing back to Friday. I got to play tennis in between taking Mills to get groomed. He lays in my lap at every stoplight so he can be a tad closer so I'll pet him more. 

Got to pick up these three and they were wearing their cute shirts! 

Molly Anne was on a huge monopoly kick all weekend. We played Friday night, Saturday morning, she played with our babysitter Saturday afternoon and then woke up Sunday morning and we played again. Lots of monopoly. We started playing this probably two years ago and it's been so interesting to see how well she's advancing with it. For example, she can be the bank now. Before, she couldn't break the bills but now she can add in her head and solve the math immediately. 

Grady was racked out on Friday night! 

Saturday was a busy day! Grady had his first tee ball game (post to come tomorrow!) and Molly Anne had a birthday party for a friend at AR Workshop. Of course their teacher came too. She's the best. 

We headed back and then went out to a little downtown nearby to check out the Irish pub! We saw a friend that Kevin works with. It was good to catch up with them. Wore this puff sleeve shirt!

Then we came back and headed to our neighbor's St. Patty's Day's their 21st annual! You have to take a jello shot before entering! I


It's always a good time!

Sunday morning the kids and I took a ride around the hood. Molly Anne on her bike, Grady on his scooter and I ran. We did about 3 miles and it's super hilly so I was impressed with Grady making it all that way! Of course we stopped at the playground too!

I took them to Grady's teeball practice and otherwise we just hung around. It was a good Sunday to get my act together for the week! I have a work dinner uptown tonight and tennis tomorrow night. Whew. Taking it day by day.