Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Updates

Hmmm why not talk wedding?!  It's Wednesday!  Here are some fun updates:

1.  As I mentioned, I ordered my dress on Saturday.  It made it all seem so real!

2.  I worked more on bridesmaids dresses but that is a work in progress.  I like the Lula Kate Chandler which I've been obsessed with forever and a Coren Moore dress but I'm trying to get the color right and decide from there.  Who knew Emerald was so many different colors?!  PS - both designers have been FAB to work with.

3.  Mom and I decided that the church doors may not need any flowers or anything.  Sounds good to me.

4.  I picked out tuxes at Men's Warehouse and Jos A Bank.  Jos A Bank was cheaper!  Standard black with a bow tie of course! ;)

5.  Kevin and I decided not to do the whole bouquet toss and garter.  Really there is no point.  Most of our friends are married! 

6.  Lots of details roll through my head on a daily basis like....what will I get for the folks that throw us a shower?  What will I use to put cards in at the reception (PS - any cute ideas for this?)?  I'm crazy yall!

7.  I told Dad to pick the song he and I will dance too.  He said he's already picked it but he doesn't know if he'll be at the wedding or able to dance to it.  Haha!  Kinda sorta daddy's lil girl!

8.  Is it weird that I want everything done like by this summer?  I want to even print the programs (which I won't).  I know, I'm OCD. 

9.  Okay I should stop!  But, it's just so fun! 

10.  PS - Kevin is house hunting for us big time!!!  ;)  I will hopefully sell my condo and move to his condo.  He will move into the house.  We won't live together until married.  Call us old fashioned! ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinteresting Wedding Flowers

I've been on a flower roll this past week after we selected Lynette from The Bloom Room to do our wedding flowers.  Can't wait to work with her - she is just too fun!  Thank you to Christina for your recommendation!

I cleaned up my pinterest flower board and took off what I didn't like and put some more on.

I'm all about some peonies, hydrangeas and maybe some tulips.  I definitely want my bouquet to be mostly white but with some light color so it pops against my dress in pictures. 

Mom is the queen of determining the flowers at the end of the day and she has got a keen eye as a formal Garden Club member! ;)  She is picky about what the flowers are in as well, not just any ole vase my friends.  (and not the below picture either)

We definitely would like some whites, light blushes and light corals in the flowers.  I think they'll pair well with emerald bridemaids dresses.  ;)

I just think this arrangement is cool.  No mom, not for us, I just like it and some of height on the flowers!  Haha!

Please guide me to any flower inspiration I may have missed! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend - Dandelion, Dress, Dinner

Happy Monday and congrats to EAS (Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore) on soon becoming ESW!  How exciting!

I'm almost embarassed to post this awful quality photo from Friday night but what the heck.  Yes our eyes look crazy.  These are ladies from 3 different groups of friends and we all got together with a couple of the guys at Dandelion Friday night.  So fun.  We headed home early because Kristen and I had a long-er run in the morning.
Melissa, Wendy, Me, Jessica, Kristen, Erin
After our run Saturday, I went to order my wedding gown....SO exciting. My friend Kimmy came with me. This is us being silly trying on bridesmaid dresses.  ;)
We had the best time hanging out!

Saturday evening, Kevin's brother and SIL came up with another couple and we all went to dinner and walked around uptown.  We showed them where we are having the wedding and then called it an early night.

Sunday Kevin and I went to Target and got some things done around our condos.  He looked at a lot of real estate, I cooked, ran again and got packed for this week.  Fun fun!

Happy Monday to yall!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sarah Boating

My almost 10 week year old niece is already boating!

Seriously hilarious!  And adorable!
My brother brokers boats (say that three times fast) all up and down the east coast and has shipped to many countries as well!  Hence the reason his girls are very well adjusted to every weekend on the water!  His business is Carolina Boat Brokerage.  He can getcha any kind of boat any where you want!

Yall have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hanging with my Cousins

I got to stay in Richmond on Monday night with my cousins and 'Hotel Their House' is much better than any other hotel.  I was welcomed with the most adorable banner I've ever seen.  Amelia had spent all day on it.  Loveeeeee.

Laura and I caught up with each other and when Carl got home, we headed out to a local italian restaurant for dinner.  It was so good.  Laura and I had a bottle of wine and it was so nice to spend time with them.  There's nothing better than family.  Jazz Hands!

Amelia wanted me to pose in front of her.  She put her hands on my shoulders.  So cute.

When we got home, I french braided her hair.  I loved that.  She has ringlet's gorgeous.  She says she won't cut it because she'll lose her magic powers...something from a Disney movie.  Her Mama says, "Thanks Disney."  Ha!

She is such a loveable little girl!
We read some bedtime stories including a Fancy Nancy Easter book I brought her.  Then Laura and I stayed up until 2am talking!  We just never stop talking...runs in the fam!  (Her Dad and my Mom are brother/sister)

I jetted off to my meetings outside of DC and then in VA Beach early the next morning.  Definitely a quick trip but I'm always thankful to see friends and family when I'm on the road.  Thanks again yall for having me!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

J. Crew Pretties

After my ridiculous post yesterday, I needed to cheer things up.  Let's talk clothes!  They always make everyone feel better ha!

This dress is gorgeous in person.  How perfect is it for your next special work meeting?  It comes in the below color, a light grey, charcoal and black.  Classic.

I think these Cafe Capri's are so fun with a spunky top.  They come in so many colors.  I'm of course drawn to the green.

I've seen this top in the store and it is so great.  I think it will go with everything and layer very well.  Hmmm it'd be cute with those green pants above, a cardigan and ballet flats!
Pencil skirts are my life.  Especially cotton ones that can be worn year round.  End of story.

I do not know why but I've always loved this scalloped lace shell.  And bonus - it's on sale right now!

I totally could not wear this to work but look at the detail scallops around the waist.  Precious.

Ahh I wish I didn't like clothes so much!  :)  Anyone seen any cute spring clothes yet?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning to Say No

Yes, I went on a minor rant on Twitter today (Tuesday) and I probably shouldn't have.  But. 

I'm just tired. 
I'm tired of traveling. 
I'm tired of flying. 
I'm REALLY tired of driving (yes I drive a lot of hours after I fly up north the same day = brutal my friends). 
I'm tired of running rampade everywhere I go. 
I'm tired of eating crap food while I drive down the turnpike in a rush to my next meeting.
I'm tried of being completely spastic and trying to do everything imaginable. 
I'm tired of not giving Kevin my quality time (I feel so guilty about this). 
I'm tired of not getting to enjoy our engagement because I'm in a million different directions. 
I'm tired of trying to see everyone I know every week.  It just is not possible.  I have GOT to learn to say no. 

Sorry this was another rant.  This is my blog and I'm allowed to....especially because I never do.  :)   I promise I'm not going crazy.  I love my job and I love my friends.  I know I shouldn't complain -- life could be MUCH worse.  I have it so easy.  But we're all allowed to complain every once in awhile right?! 

Tomorrow I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to go back to Charlotte.  I'm jumping on a 5:15am flight because I just want to go home asap.  It'll be a new day.  Thank goodness! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

NOLA Recap - Secret Event and Meeting Trish!

Kevin was lucky enough to win another trip and it just so happened to be back to New Orleans.  Literally he is the only one in the country that went there back to back.  So random but we didn't complain!  We went last Wednesday and returned to Charlotte Friday night.

When we arrived we were taken back to The Roosevelt (Waldorf Astoria).  We got the ole free upgrade to a suite...SO nice.  Then we attended a welcome reception including these fun drinks and lots of tasty appetizers.

We met up with some other folks that are also agents in the southeast and went to check out the oldest bar in America - Lafittes.  They are famous for their grain alcohol cherries.  Yes we all tried one.  Gross!

The next morning Kevin had a couple hour morning work session and I set out for a great run around the city.  I scoped out areas we hadn't been the last time we were there and got to see numerous things.  Loved running right down where all the Mardi Gras parades are held. 

Kevin and I walked around that afternoon and saw this guy jumping over these people.  It was crazy.  And super touristy.

Thursday night we had a "special event" but noone would tell us what we were doing.  It was all top secret.  Coach buses picked us up and we ended up at this warehouse that holds some of the Mardi Gras floats that were going out on Saturday.  Some were still under construction but most were complete.  It was unreal. 

We walked all over the museum during the cocktail hour.  This one was Board of Education taken for my Mama, SIL and teacher friends!

And we posed in front of some...

This was under construction...

The detail and work that goes into these floats is unbelievable. 

And as if that wasn't enough, we were lead out of the warehouse and around another building to an entrance that had a sax player and a guy on stilts.  We entered and saw this...

It is a mansion that has this big outdoor area in front.  Well you think you're outdoors but it is actually a big cover that looks exactly like a sky.  They even have big fake trees that look so real you wouldn't know they were fake unless you're crazy like me and check them out in detail. 

And they had this area that looked like you were at another bar called Moonshine Bar & Grill.  There was a great band playing!

They had 2 open bars and 4 food stations including - jambalya, crawfish etoufee, roast beef and pulled pork.  Delish. 

Some friends we made down there.  Funny story about the taller guy - he is brothers with a guy I knew in college.

The next morning I had special plans to meet Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.  Yall she is so sweet and adorable, I just loved her!  She had plans for us to go to Sucre but they weren't there any more so we went with the trusty Starbucks.  We completely forgot to take a picture...ahhhhhh!  She was so thoughtful and brought me all of these Mardi Gras goodies!  So sweet.  Can't wait for you to come to Charlotte!!!!  :) 

Then we were off to the airport and back to Charlotte for the weekend which I recaped yesterday!  Fabulous trip!  Thank you again to Trish for your hospitality and welcoming us to your stomping grounds.  xo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catch Up Post

I'm glad to catch up a little bit today as the past few weeks have been beyond insane.  Kevin told me one day early last week that he was stressed watching me.  Oops.  All has been fun though!

Here are a couple events I haven't gotten a chance to post about.  I had wine with Dee, Sara and April at Nolen Kitchen for about an hour a couple Monday's ago.  Thanks to Sara for setting this up!

Last weekend I also had the honor of attending my friend Emily's baby shower!  She and Brett are expecting a baby boy in early April.  They are still trying to think of names.  Any suggestions?!
Hope you all are having a nice weekend! 

We returned from New Orleans this past Friday night.  My friend Kim and her hubby Jeff stayed with me that night.  They needed a grown up night out....their first since Jack was born 3 months ago.  I hope they had fun!  They left early the next morning to get back to him.

Saturday I had a birthday brunch at my friend Courtney's.  She was a sorority sister in college and has always been super sweet to include me in her Charlotte friends!  I also met another blogger which is always fun!  Her name is Caitlin and she writes Healthy Tipping Point.

Saturday afternoon Kevin and I drove tons of neighborhoods in south Charlotte and got ideas on types of neighborhoods we like and what style of home we are interested in.  AKA we drove around for FIVE hours and said, "I like this" "Ewww" "Love that" "Foul" "Umm let's move there tomorrow" etc. etc. etc.!  So now we need to sell one of our condos to get on with this house purchasing!

We had dinner with his parents at the cutest little place in their hometown.  They have the best french onion soup.  Then we went back to their house and hung out with them and caught up.  We always have fun being with them!

It's cold and rainy here in Charlotte so I have a brisket in the crock pot...I'm interested to see how it turns out since I've never made one before.  If it tastes good, I'll post the recipe!

I'm on the road the next few days but I'm still going to try to post about our trip to New Orleans.  It was spectacular!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Suz's Green and Brown Baby Shower

On Sunday we threw Suz a baby shower to celebrate her sweet twins - a boy and a girl!  We simply had the best time!

We had it in Raleigh at a clubhouse of a friend of a friend.  It was the perfect spot.  I thought a lot of you may be looking for baby shower or wedding shower food and ideas so I took lots of pictures.  Our friend Jessica made the most adorable wreath and I completely forgot to take a picture of it.  It was green with brown polka dots and had the letter B on it which is the first letter of Suz's last name. 

This was the little table you saw right when you walked in.  It has the invitation framed (thanks again to Jessica), mini cupcakes from Gigi's, flower arrangement, favors (lil bags tied with a ribbon full of reese's cups - Suz's fav) and some plates/napkins for the dessert. 

This is the room decorated.  Kelly made the cutest "Welcome Babies" sign and we had a few balloons.  I'm not huge on balloons but these filled up the space so well.  We arranged the chairs for everyone so the guests all had a place to sit and eat and watch her open gifts. 

Also you'll see above in the middle on the coffee table Kelly made the cutest little basket with "Books" on it.  Everyone brought a book for the babies and stuck it in there.  And of course a little flower arrangement to go with it!  The other circle things are a little conversational game that has to do with baby stuff in case anyone wanted to do that. 

Onto the drinks and food.  This is called The Party Punch and it was the most amazing thing.  Highly recommend for your next partay!  We thought you could even add champagne and it'd be great.

Here is the food table. 

We served a veggie tray, fruit kabobs, pitas and spinach artichoke dip, chicken salad on mini rolls and pimento cheese sandwiches on white and wheat bread (the triangular ones with no crust). 

We also had two pitchers of water - one with lemons and one with limes. 

We think most everyone liked everything!  It was a good variety and pretty easy!

Suz with her Mom and Nana!

We did play at little game before she opened gifts.  Everyone had to cut a ribbon the length they thought would go around Suz's pregnant belly, whoever was closest won.  Her Nana won!  It was cute!
Suz's sister in law made these amazing cloth diaper wreaths!  Talk about talent!

Suz also received an owl blanket homemade!  Love special gifts like this. 

And the cutest little owl hats.  Can you tell we were Chi O's with all the owls?

The onesie says, "my moms a chi omega...what super powers does yours have?"  Our friend Kim gave that to her!

All the Chi O's and all of her owl gifts!

The hostesses with our guest of honor - Beth, Cheryl, Suz, Me, Kelly

The babies are loved!  Can you tell?!  The hostesses gave her the playyard and a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft.  We thought Mama needed something for herself too! ;)

Suz, we can't wait until they arrive!  They'll be here before we all know it!