Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Randoms for a Wednesday

1. The smoke detector battery was dead in Molly Anne's room on Monday night at 2am so that was an adventure. Mills acted like a looney tune and tried to jump out the window. So I quickly got him into his condo where he couldn't hear it.  Molly Anne didn't wake up the entire time from 2 until 6:15a when I woke her up for school.  Crazy right? She sleeps with beach sounds from her alexa but she still sleeps so hard to not hear that. And Grady didn't wake up either. Kevin and I were a different story.  Why do those always go off in the middle of the night?  We need to change all of the batteries so that doesn't happen again.  They are hard wired in our house but have the battery back up too. Evidently the batteries last about 3 years and a few months because this was the first one that went bad in our house. 

2. Kevin washed my car on Sunday afternoon and that was such a treat. He's been doing that about every other weekend. He takes it through the drive through auto bell then comes home and details the rest himself. The kids love to ride with him through the car wash and I love having a clean car!

3. Starting April 12th, our county is going back 5 days a week for elementary, middle and high school. I'm so happy for all of the children! Elementary has been back 4 days a week since October so this will just be an added bonus day for her. I'll miss my Fridays with Molly Anne in some ways...but in other ways  - I was not meant to teach my daughter school. We may have a better relationship on Friday afternoons now haha!

4. Anyone else think the Target drive up is way too convenient?  It's sooo easy to pop on the app and click drive up and then drive through to grab it. They're so quick to come out. Still Amazon > Target but it's becoming pretty equal!

5. Tomorrow is April 1st. Who has something fun planned to fool someone? I always always always tell my Dad that I have a flat tire or something similar. It's a joke at this point. Ha! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dresses, Polos, Shorts and Pajamas

I've been on a little mission to get my kids some Spring and Summer clothes. They literally change size every season I feel like.  Right now they can both barely wear their clothes from the end of last summer. They look small on them so I know they aren't going to last until September. Here are some things you'll see on my kids with the warm weather coming!  Some for play and some for nicer events. 

These knit dresses from J. Crew are so cute. They are comfortable for her. She has one from last year and it has worn so well so I am adding this one to her collection.

These are the best little shorts for the little boys. Grady had them in 2T, 3T and this year in 4T. They are hard to find so at the beginning of the season I typically get two pairs of light khaki, one pair of darker khaki and one navy. Zappos has darker khaki, red and white in sizes 4T and up. 

These are super nice fitting polos for Grady - Prodoh (green) and J.Bailey (blue). The performance material of the Prodoh is so nice for super hot days. I got these at a local children's shop Fancy Pants for you local gals but linked the websites of the brands above. 

Aren't these pajamas adorable for little boys?! The first one has boats and tractors on them and the second has whales. He only has one pair of short sleeve pajamas and I know he needs a couple more to throw on after the pool or on a hot night. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Egg Hunt

On Friday night we had the neighborhood egg hunt at our clubhouse in the lawn and it was so much fun! The kids had a blast! This was Grady's first egg hunt that he really understood and he loved it!

Look at him go!

Of course she loved every second of being on the big kid side this year!

Nana and PapaG came to watch too!

Molly Anne spotted the Easter bunny from a mile away and ran over to him!

Grady was terrified at first but we had talked to him before we went and asked if he would be a big boy and stand next to the bunny for a picture!  After a little convincing and seeing other friends with him, he finally stood on the other side of Molly Anne from the bunny. Soooooo cute. 

Even hugged him, with Molly Anne of course!


The crew!

After the egg hunt we headed to our neighbors and Greer taught Grady how to swing! As you can see from the darkness, we stayed up way past our bedtimes. The weather was fantastic and the kids were having a blast. And rain was in the forecast for the rest of the weekend so we let them stay up. 

Saturday night we took the kids to Basil for dinner to celebrate our anniversary a bit earlier than usual. We weren't going to take them but we ended up just bringing them and it was fun. They really haven't been out to dinner except out at our club in the last year so this was a big treat for them. 

We got ice cream from Marble Slab and hung out by the fountain at Stonecrest for a bit. It turned out to be a nice night!

This one had to drink the rest of his melted ice cream haha! Thankfully chocolate comes out of performance material shirts very easily!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!


This combo is delicious and I highly recommend you add it to your grocery order! I’ve been eating a carb balance wrap filled with turkey and sliced mozzarella from the deli for lunch and it’s so good. These tomatoes dipped in hummus is the perfect side!

This pillow is so gorgeous and I had been wanting to get Grady one since he was born and I finally did! Molly Anne has one from when she was born created by the same seller on Etsy. A precious keepsake they will each have forever! Side note - the one I got for Molly Anne I purchased with a gift card that a generous blog reader sent to me when she was born! So sweet right!?! I’ll never forget her kindness!

I had never tried the kale crunch salad at Chick Fil A u til this week and it’s good!! 

Mills got a haircut this week and it always wears him out!

You all think Grady likes Little Bites?!

And just one more....I asked them to go wind down and I came up and found them like this. Sooo sweet. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

School Picture Day

Yesterday happened to be Spring school picture day for both children even though they’re at separate schools! Molly Anne requested pictures before she walked out the door so I took a few and I’m glad I did! Then of course I had to snap some of Grady too! Can’t wait to see how the real photos turned out! Grady said he smiled, “like thissss” and he cheesed really big!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bedding at the Beach House

Thought it would be fun to share some bedding sources for you all in case you're looking to get some new things. Our beach house did come furnished but we replaced the bedding because I just had to. I didn't want to sleep on someone else's linens. Yes I'm aware that I do that at hotels, but this is going to be our home and I wanted to start fresh in that department! I know I'm crazy.

Also, the microfiber sheets that are hugely popular on Amazon and our kids like the crazy designs of them from Target - not my jam. They're impossible to deal with making the bed and they constantly slip down. I opted for cotton on all of these sheets. These are all reasonable deals and nothing too expensive. When you're trying to get bedding for 6 beds, it's A LOT so I was very reasonable in what I selected.

Molly Anne's room:
Heart Sheets - Target doesn't have these anymore but these unicorn rainbow sheets would be what I'd get today!
Quilt Sets with accent pillow included

Grady's room:
Comforter Set

Our room:
Sheets (we already had these)
Coverlet (I need to get the shams!) - this is sooo comfortable and pretty!

Guest Room:

Monday, March 22, 2021

Weekend Well Spent

We headed down to the beach on Thursday night after the storms went through. We happened to be in a spot where we barely got rain so then of course we wished we had left later. Oh well!

This boy intermingled his feet in my legs and it was so cute. He really has no idea how to use his tablet (and neither do I) but Molly Anne helps both of us. He loves some blippi on that thing. 

Friday morning I went for a run on the beach and it was unreal. I watched the sun rise and I hadn’t done that in a really long time so I was thankful for the two minutes that it took to rise and that I got to see it. 

These funny rascals are four peas in a pod!

Friday night we headed to Sharkeys for dinner - all 8 of us but called it an early night afterwards! 

Saturday morning we rode to Holden Beach and had lunch at Provision Company. I had the best grouper sandwich and Kevin loved his crab cake and shrimp platter!  The kids ate some cheeseburgers which these days they appear to be able to live off of. 

Saturday afternoon my brother and his crew came to visit and stay the night. The next morning I took my niece and Grady and we went to get coffee. Grady sucked down that whole chocolate milk before we got home aka before Molly Anne saw it!!

Sunday chilling. We stayed at the beach until late afternoon doing laundry and straightening up. I like leaving it in a pretty cleaned up way so next time we go back it’s good to go!

Mills was a circus again on the way back. He won’t stay in the back. I’ve decided it’s because he wants to be as close as possible to us! 

As you can see, he progressively got closer to the front. Then fell asleep. Lazy boy. 

Back to the Monday grind!