Tuesday, November 30, 2021

OIB Part One

We had such a a nice Thanksgiving weekend in Ocean Isle. We LOVE the beach for Thanksgiving, it's truly a wonderful place to be. Shhhh don't tell many people!

Once we got there, we unpacked and then went to Maria's for dinner. This was the view coming across the bridge of the sunrise. 

Nice little family dinner!

I always turkey trot on Thanksgiving! The sunrise was spectacular on the beach. Another one of my favorite things to do....watch the sunrise!

Even got a picture of the kiddos on Friday morning after Thanksgiving Day in front of the lit OIB sign on our way to 59 Causeway for breakfast. 

We went on a couple mile scooter ride/walk to our friend's house and they were not there ha!

So we took pictures on their dock instead. 

Mills' favorite place to be. He laid out there for hours each day we were there!

Friday night we had an oyster roast at our friend's house. See Santa in the boat that went by?

We just did a charcuterie board and a veggie platter and fruit as dinner with the oysters. Oh and some chicken nuggets for our youngest friends. 

A good time with good friends. Next up is our busy Christmasy day!

Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving Day

Back to reality today! For Thanksgiving, we headed to Ocean Isle on Wednesday afternoon then went to my brother and SIL’s home in Pawleys Island on Thursday just for the day. Only an hour and 15 min drive. So easy! It was a blast to be with them again. Last time we had seen them all was in March and we hadn’t been to Pawleys in a year and a half! Ridiculous! 

My brother steamed some oysters while everything got heated and ready to go. 

Kids table! So cute. 

The begging dog - Mills! 

Three boys 

Isn’t her table gorgeous? 

It was a delicious meal! Two turkeys - one in the oven and one in the big green egg. That BGE one won! He used bbq sauce on it and it was so good. I brought Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, oyster casserole, sister Schubert (of course) rolls and wine! My SIL’s parents were also there. It was a good time!  I truly LOVE Thanksgiving at the beach. It’s special and so fun to be there that time of year!

My brother doesn’t have many fishing rods haha! He gave Grady one to take home!!

Grady got to play with all of my brother’s old tractors and trucks!

And go for a ride on his boat! 

He was soooo happy to be there with all of his favorite things that his uncle has!!

Then this on the way home!

It was a wonderful day had by all! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Shopping

Thought it'd be fun to round up some sale items from my favorite stores. Everything is on sale and I know the sales will vary throughout this week. 

Festive shirt, currently 40% off

Black White sweatshirt, currently 40% off

This is a pretty velvet dot top but it's hard to photograph, 40% + 10% off, under $30. Comes in a dark green too. 

I may have to order this navy tennis skirt since it's on sale right now! The shorts inside are navy and white trellis!

Always a good gift for anyone on your list! The Candle!

I bought this dress a couple of years ago and they still are making it. It's so good for this time of year. Party or just out to dinner, it's so pretty. 

Would be fun for a stocking or a little gift exchange. Who doesn't love a new lip gloss. Currently 20% off. 

A classic shirt. It also comes in tan. Currently 20-30% off depending on how much you spend. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Family Pic Outfits

We are going to take our family Christmas card picture this week and of course I waited until three days before to decide what to wear. I had my eyes set on this pretty red jumper for Molly Anne to wear and we were going to plan around that. The issue is that Kevin and Grady have zero black outfits so it wasn't going to be this festive little picture that I had hoped with me wearing an ivory and gold top. So now I'm back onto our typical navy situation that we do for every picture we have together! Here's what I'm thinking as of now. 

These leggings and a white top for Molly Anne. 

A white polo shirt with this shep shirt over it and khaki pants for Grady. 

And Kevin will wear a white and navy windowpane button down with some khaki five pocket sporty pants that are about the same color as Grady's. We'll see how it shakes out!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Weekend Home

We really didn’t have any plans this weekend except Molly Anne had two birthday parties. I wanted to use the weekend to recoup from the past weekend and my work trip. And get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s basically what we did and had some fun too.

Friday night we had a babysitter and Kevin and I had a birthday party for a friend. We stopped by Leroy Fox for a drink and app first. I can’t believe this was my first time. Won’t be my last!

Anni’s husband had set it all up in their back yard and had a guy playing music and a pizza food truck. It was so fun. 

Our friends Lauren and Thomas were also there! Wearing these gorgeous gold earrings. Perfect to dress up a black outfit during the holidays or any time! 

Haha boys will be boys! Fireball shots and all!

Saturday morning Kevin took Grady to his office to check the mail and to a playground. I took Molly Anne to her birthday parties. First up was Sports Connection for Elena and next was Impact One for Emily! They were both so fun she said!

Saturday afternoon the kids played with Maggie and Greer so then Hilary and I meandered over and made it to the fridge for a beverage. Then the guys got together so then we all joined up at their house and Kellie Michael and Tyler came over too. Oh and Brad from the hood as well. It ended up being such a fun night. Kellie and Michael gave me these socks for my birthday. I was dying. I hate cats so that’s why they got me these!! So funny!!

Saturday afternoon I got the Byers carolers and my Christmas tree collection out! Always feels good to get them out….and put them away ha!

Tired boy going to bed too late on a Saturday night! He made up for it with a longggg nap on Sunday though!

Sleepyhead number 2!

Sunday morning I took the kids to a dinosaur exhibit they have going on at the old Ballantyne golf course! It was cute for an hour long activity. I wouldn’t have been thrilled about paying $50 at the door for our three tickets but I was able to get them for $9 each so it seemed worth it for that. 

Grady roared!

While Grady napped, Molly Anne and I set up my mom’s dickens village collection! I haven’t put it up in probably 3 years because it def takes a longggg time but I knew both of my kiddos would love it this year. Plus, Molly Anne had a blast putting it together with me!

This little girl watched a couple Snow Buddies movies this weekend. They’re the Disney movies with golden retrievers in it. She’s obsessed. 

Otherwise we had a chill day at home. Kevin made tacos for dinner while I slept on the couch. Ya know stuff like that. Chat soon!!