Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Family Pic Outfits

We are going to take our family Christmas card picture this week and of course I waited until three days before to decide what to wear. I had my eyes set on this pretty red jumper for Molly Anne to wear and we were going to plan around that. The issue is that Kevin and Grady have zero black outfits so it wasn't going to be this festive little picture that I had hoped with me wearing an ivory and gold top. So now I'm back onto our typical navy situation that we do for every picture we have together! Here's what I'm thinking as of now. 

These leggings and a white top for Molly Anne. 

A white polo shirt with this shep shirt over it and khaki pants for Grady. 

And Kevin will wear a white and navy windowpane button down with some khaki five pocket sporty pants that are about the same color as Grady's. We'll see how it shakes out!

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