Monday, June 27, 2022

Weekend Round Up

Two goofballs on a Friday afternoon! Molly Anne’s cover up is from JCrew Factory. 

Our neighbors had a bounce house water slide for a party the next day so they invited us over to play Friday night! The kids were obsessed. We ordered pizza and hung for a couple of hours. It was a low expectation, wear running clothes, zonked from the work week type get together. I love those!

Saturday morning I played tennis for an hour and a half then came home and got Molly Anne and Grady and took them to her elementary school. We rode bikes, scooted and ran for a few miles around a big loop. It was fun and they loved “going through the woods!”

Snack plate for dinner! Bella came over to babysit and Kevin and I went out with another couple. 

Oh and they did a lot of this after Grady’s nap ha!

We had drinks at Midnight Mulligans Brewery first. Then stopped by Summit Seltzer. They have seltzers on tap there, crazy.

We walked over to Noble Smoke for dinner. Amazing as always!!

Sunday was a story for another day but grady and I ended up rushing out of the house by 6:30am and hustling to the airport. I’m in Maryland with my parents for most of this week. Never a dull moment. But all will be okay! Hug your people. Talk soon friends. 

Friday, June 24, 2022

Four on Friday - Peloton, Air Fryer, Tooth

Peloton added a new feature called “Just Work Out” and I used it for the first time this week. Essentially what it does is you can turn the app on and click this button I circled below and you can choose which activity you’re going to do. Then the big key is - you can listen to your own music or podcast or whatever but the app still measures your performance. So you don’t have to take an official peloton class anymore! I like the variety this gives me and maybe you will too!

My friend Hilary raved over her air fryer and I finally got one for Mother’s Day. I must say, I’m not sure how I functioned without it for quick after work meals. I did chicken tenderloins marinated in olive oil, Italian seasoning and Parmesan this week. So good! Any veggie is good with olive oil, salt and pepper. Salmon is amazingggg in it. I’ve done burgers and hot dogs in there. Delish. And bonus - I put the basket in the dishwasher every time…so easy. Here is the link to Hilary’s and mine!

On Monday, Molly Anne pulled out her second tooth! Bella actually pulled it out. As you can see, the big tooth was already in behind it so hopefully it moves right up now!

Scrubbing baseboards this morning due to not going to bed on time last night and not respecting what I told her to do. She also has to go to bed at 7 tonight instead of her usual 7:30 then read til 8 summer bedtime. A big thank you to the Facebook moms group for the baseboard cleaning idea!! ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Weekly Favorites

ONE - I saw this dress and was like whoa, that's adorable and different! I love it.

TWO - this sweater looks like the perfect weight to put on over some sunkissed skin at the beach this summer!

THREE - perfect dress for day to night!

FOUR - this dress caught my eye as I was walking through Nordstrom. The colors are vibrant. And $100 so not totally unreasonable!

FIVE - you know I love this bag!

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Father’s Day - Grady’s School

Last Friday they had a little party at drop off for the Dads! Grady loved having Kevin there to give him his crafts that he had made! The questionnaires always crack me up! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Catch Up Post

Playing a bit of catch up today!

1. A couple of weeks ago I flew up to Maryland to help my parents out with some medical procedure stuff. Dad took me to Johnny’s for a scrapple, egg and American sandwich on white bread or toasted. Amazing. 

2. Senior parade in our neighborhood led by the local fire station!

3. Molly Anne getting her ribbons from her first swim meet of the year! Bella was taking her but I ran over there to see her reaction of her ribbons then ran back to work. Those are the important things to do even though it took a bit more effort on my part that day!

4. Grady had allergy testing last Thursday. He had this done in January 2020 but it revealed he wasn’t allergic to anything.  The child is sick like every three weeks and that just can’t be normal and “something he will grow out of.” He’s truly been sick all of the time his whole life. I basically raised my hand and said we have to do something else. We’ve done ENT for croup/sinus stuff/reflux, swallow tests for drooling, speech evaluation, all of the things. WHAT ELSE CAN WE TRY?!! Some of this is related and some not but he shouldn’t be congested and spike a fever every week weeks. 

So this time allergy testing came back fine again. Allergic to nothing environmental, animals etc. So she said well stop the Zyrtec that he’s been taking for three years, he’s not allergic to anything. Makes sense. So we are doing an antibiotic and steroid for him to see if there’s a deep infection that keeps reoccurring and we will zap it this time. And they did bloodwork (oh my that was an exciting event but honestly he didn’t cry when they took the blood, just the excitement leading up to it). This is my child, well actually both of my kids, who didn’t cry for their 4 year old shots. ANYWAY! 

So we are going to see how all of this plays out and I hope this could help lots of pieces of our puzzle. We will see. 

5. Margs and I went to Ohio last week for a quick day trip. This picture cracks me up.

6. Swim team has been in full effect. Meets twice a week and practice all of the other days! It’s so fun though and wonderful for the kiddos! Big dedication though. 

7. Mills is as lazy as ever and won’t be outside long these days because it’s so hot!

Monday, June 20, 2022

Weekend at the Beach

We got down to the beach around 2:15pm on Friday. Typically I like to make taco meat at home that morning and bring it with us to make quick nachos or something like that for dinner. When we go to the concerts on Friday nights, we like something easy! So that’s what we did. We also had a quarterly pest control appointment that afternoon. Ya know, the not so glamorous part of owning ha! 

The concert was amazing! It was good to see all of our friends from last year!

After the concert a terrible thunderstorm came through and Kevin and I watched it on the back porch before it started raining like crazy. 

Saturday we went out for breakfast at the Dawg House. Unfortunately they’re understaffed like the rest of America and it took sooooo long. We should have left but we stuck it out with two hungry kiddos in a quiet place. It wasn’t our most enjoyable meal ever. Ha. 

We came home and packed lunches for the beach. It was a wonderful day out there because it was Saturday which is the big rental switch and it’s never crowded on the beach! Plus the ocean was very calm and we enjoyed floated over the waves. It was the nicest I’ve ever seen the ocean I think!

We left around 1:30 for nap time. Well for Grady and I. We both took two hours naps while Kevin took Molly Anne to the arcade and wherever else those two ended up! 

For dinner we had a special reservation for Father’s Day at Oyster Rock! It was so good. Kevin got these crab claws. Grady loved them too!

Where is Grady?!! Wearing this dress again!!! It packs so well and it’s easy to feel fancy in it ha. 

After dinner we raced go karts. Grady and I won because Kevin and Molly Anne got disqualified for bumping!! 

Then we decided we should head out on the beach for the best time of day - sunset! 

And we even ran into our friends Leslie and Alex and their family! Such a treat! 

Sunset Saturday night!

We hung around the house on Sunday morning. Let Kevin open his Father’s Day present - the washers game! We fished, Molly Anne kayaked, she took Grady kayaking but he wasn’t impressed. Maybe next time. He liked it last year. 

We scooted home around 1:30pm and grilled out for Father’s Day! Of course popsicles were in order for a sweet summertime night!

Now we are ready for a busy swim team week! Three meets this week! 

Friday, June 17, 2022

San Diego Day Four - Coronado

On Sunday, our flight wasn’t until 2pm and the bus wasn’t leaving until 11:30am to take us to the airport so we decided to go over to Coronado for a bit and show the kids Hotel del Coronado! Kevin and I had been there a longgggg time ago - see blog post here - and we wanted them to see the beauty…and touch the Pacific Ocean! 

So back to the Uber Black SUV! Aka bus! 

Per usual, it was stunning!

We let them each pick something from the gift shop. On a trip, we usually let them pick one souvenir and they hadn’t gotten anything yet. So Molly Anne chose a fish that she named Scarlett which happens to be a Jellycat stuffed animal I could have ordered from Amazon. And Grady chose a foam football that said Hotel del Coronado on it. Haha!!! But they both were obsessed with what they picked out so there you have it!

Touching the pacific for the first time. Cold!

They’re beach people. I wonder how that happened!!!

Beautiful. I love everything about these little areas! 

There’s that fish! 

Grady slept for a couple of hours on the way back. 

Molly Anne slept for the last 20 minutes of the flight. Typical. She never sleeps in cars or anywhere except her bed. But she sleeps so I’ll give her that! She woke up at 11:06am the next morning. Yes, she can tell you the exact time she wakes up daily. 

Never again will we take a flight that gets us in at 10pm to the Charlotte airport. Then go work the next day. Then do a swim meet that night. Then leave the house the next morning by 5am to go to the airport for a work day trip to Ohio. Lesson learned. Kevin did every ounce of laundry from our San Diego trip. Bless him!!

It was a wonderful trip, most of it. Don’t forget, there were hard times I didn’t post about here. If you see someone that traveled with kids that don’t tell you that there were hard times, they be lying to you!!! But it was such an adventure for our children and I’m SO glad they got to experience it. We will travel more! I think it’s the best gift for them.