Monday, September 30, 2019

Crazy Deals

I just spent $150 and got Grady three polos and two tees, Molly Anne three pairs of leggings and a shirt and myself a sweater, all from J. Crew.  They are having a Monday deal and all of this stuff is 50% or more off!  Fall clothes!  Maybe it'll feel like Fall here in Charlotte soon?!

Leggings - oh yes I did get her these gold ones.  They have solid ones on sale for $10. 

This shirt for Molly Anne - she has a few crewcuts shirts and they've held up so well and fit nicely. 

These polos $15 and shirts $8 for Grady. 

This Tippi sweater.  The perfect sweater for the south.  Thin, can dress up or down and can layer with it.  Typically $79.50, today it's $39.50.  Available in 14 colors.  


Visitors here!

Friday night we went over to a new place called Island Thyme for dinner.  We ended up seeing one of Molly Anne's friends from school there so that was fun.  It was good but pretty expensive for a dinner with your children, one of which who thinks it's fun to throw food.  Keeping it real. 

Saturday morning cuddles with the Millsy and my leg!  I spent a lot of Saturday morning cleaning bedroom linens and rearranging sleeping quarters haha.  My bestest from college and her family were coming from Raleigh to spend the night with us!

I also got in an Erin Oprea workout.  Check out her instagram...she posts workouts on there.  I'm always impressed that I'm sore the next day.  This one helped of course!

We also had a mid morning break to take a picture at our neighbors house while they were out of town and their bathroom renovation was going on.  Can't hide classy.  We always take ridiculous pictures when either of the fams are out of town.  It's kind of becoming extra hilarious....for us at least. 

Our friends arrived and Blair had this cute Lilly dress on so you know Molly Anne had to put her same one on with matching bows of course.  Doing makeup together!


Poor Grady hates the grass so we put him on this blanket and he hated that too.  This boy will be so much happier when he walks!

Playdoh time!

We did a lot of playing in the driveway.  Grady's new favorite toy - the plasma car that our old neighbors gave us!  He was on it for at least an hour Saturday and also Sunday!

Racing.  Brooks is so fast!

They earned those ice cream sundaes with the amount of running they did!  Us parents caught up after the kiddos were in bed for the night!  We watched NC State play and hung out. 

They were watching some cartoons on Sunday morning.  

Kelly and I poured some mimosas and we walked the kids to the neighborhood playground! 

They had a big time there!

I love this picture of Molly Anne cheesing at Brooks!

Little bubba boy. 

It's never enough time with Kelly!  She and I have been best friends since 2001 and we lived together for a few years of school.  The only real tisk we ever got into was when I wouldn't speak in the mornings haha.  I don't like mornings!  We laughed about that this weekend.  What a hoot!  We were each others maid/matron's of honor in our weddings.  She is the friend that drives from Raleigh to Charlotte to spend two hours with you and meet your new baby, then drives back.  One of those solid friends and I love her dearly. She doesn't read here so she probably won't ever see this but thank you for coming to visit!!! xo

Sunday afternoon we played in the driveway with our next door neighbors.  It's always a good way to end the weekend.  They came over wearing a dress that Molly Anne has so you know she had to go upstairs and put it on too!   

Shoe-wear styling by Greer.  Lips by Molly Anne.  Bows and dress styling by Maggie.  Three peas in a pod. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Pumpkins and Party for Molly Anne's Class Mamas

I finally got some more fantasy pumpkins at Trader Joe's for our front steps.  I like it so much better now.  No mums because it's 95 degrees and they die when they come to our house.  Plus, I kinda am digging the all pumpkin look!

I hosted the moms from Molly Anne's new class at our house last night.  It's always great getting to know who is in her class by getting to know the Mamas.  If you're room mom, I highly recommend hosting this.  We swear that the children had an extra great year last year because we all became such great friends. 

I had these 6 items out plus wine, pumpkin beer and liquor.  
 - Plain ole cracker cuts with club crackers - one of my fav basics
 - Parmesan artichoke dip - my friend Ashley's recipe and WHOA it's good.  
 - Pawleys jalapeno pimento cheese in a phyllo cup, baked with a dollop of bourbon jam after it comes out of the oven
 - Asian Appetizer
 - Christina's Pumpkin Dip
 - Chocolate Chip Ball

Late night golf cart rides.  And by late night, I mean 10pm haha.  

It was such a fun night!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What Up Wednesday

I don’t have much this week. Busy work week and I’m hosting a moms night for the moms in Molly Anne’s new class. 

Grady boy looking cute at breakfast the other morning!

Mills is always nearby. Waiting for me to get off my Peloton!

He got groomed this week!  Car seats make him have to ride up front haha!  It’s a very short ride. 

Meeting a new client + site visit equals random outfit. My jeans look tighter than they were, I promise.  This is going to be a cool project out at the airport though so that’s exciting. Something different which is always good!  Plus, it’s my first project I’ve ever done IN Charlotte!  

Little pumpkin flare courtesy of Trader Joe’s. I am going to try to go back tomorrow and get more for the other side. This was all I could fit at the time. Cute though, right?! 

I’ve got some other things that hopefully I will post tomorrow if I get a minute.  Chat soon. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Crazy Weekend!

Happy First Day of Fall!  We celebrated by taking Molly Anne and Grady's teachers some pumpkin smelling soaps for their homes!  Molly Anne wrote the tags to her new (and old!) teachers and loved putting them on the tops of the soaps.  Then she delivered each one of course! ;)  

Weekend rewind...

Brad, Shauna and Sarah came to our club to have dinner Friday night after work!  It was fun.  They had live music and the girls had a blast playing on the lawn. 

SATURDAY - busy day!

I took them to the neighborhood playground that morning.  We ran there and took the long way.  Molly Anne did well running.  Usually we run to a mailbox, then walk to the next one.  That way I don't hear too much complaining about her legs hurting!  Haha.  

Emme's party was at 11am at her Minnie's Clubhouse!  It was ADORABLE.  Margot always goes beyond!

Birthday girl is 4!!!

We missed Sarah but glad her girls are in the picture!  

Grady only slept for about an hour and a half with Kevin while we were at the party.  We ended up going next door to play in the driveway with Maggie and Greer for a bit.  Grady's life with pink and purple knee pads on.  They did help when he was crawling on the concrete ha!

Then our babysitter came and we headed to a neighbor's Oktoberfest!  Check out their outdoor area.  Amazing right?!  Whitney had the best decorations.  It was awesome!

Fresh pretzels from VGBG uptown. 

Thennnnnn....we went to dinner at Yama with two couples from our old neighborhood that we just love!  I'm telling you, it was a busy Saturday!!  Sushi was amazing.  We always like going out with them because it's just easy and always fun.  


Sunday morning we played in the playroom for a few hours.  Literally.  They love it in there!

I got Grady's picture hung...aka I only had to change the wiring on the back to make it work with the hooks that were already there from Molly Anne's 2.5 year old picture.  Molly Anne is 10 months in hers, Grady is 11 months.  I LOVE them. 

Once we get Grady's done at 2.5 years old, I'll hang all four pictures on this wall.  Not sure what I'm going to with Molly Anne's 2.5 year old one for now.  Maybe put it in my getting ready area.  I LOVE seeing these every day in our main living room.  

After we all took naps (Molly Anne slept for 3 hours!), she and I headed over to the pool for one last pool day!  Grady was still sleeping when we left. 

The girls got to play one last time for the summer!

#funmom = Ms. Margot

We ended the weekend by grilling burgers, Kevin made some guac and we watched the Panthers.  Grady loved on his Mills.  

This morning I had gotten ready and went downstairs to feed Mills and take him out before the children got up.  Afterward Mills was serviced, I was unloading the dishwasher and I hear Mills upstairs crying.  Loudly!  I go up there and he's just standing outside of Grady's door wanting to go in!  He could have pushed it open but he knows he's not supposed to.  He knew Grady was up and wanted to see him.  These boys are best buds.  That Golden love is something fierce yall!

Happy Monday!