Saturday, March 30, 2019

St. Patrick’s Day

This year we were invited to the 18th annual St. Patrick's Day party across the street with a bunch of our neighbors!  There were nearly 100 people there and they have a completely Irish built bar in their basement.  It's SO amazing.  But at the front door - necklaces and green jello shots before you enter!

Drew and Hilary bought a couple of t-shirts for the guys to wear but only one of them wore it to the party....guess who... ;)

It was good times for sure and we hope to be invited back next year, haha!  

Friday, March 29, 2019

St. Patrick’s Class Party

I really didn't have my act together to throw a class party for St. Patrick's Day but I got it together that week and it worked out!  The children loved it and we just did it during snack time after nap!  A friend of mine came and we set the whole thing up in 10 minutes!  I picked up green tablecloths and gold plates/napkins at Wal-Mart via Order Pickup.  Grabbed a slew of green apple sauce pouches from our pantry, bought green containers of apple juice, ordered St. Patty's Day hats from Amazon, grabbed green glasses from Dollar Tree and picked up decorated cupcakes at the good Teeter in town.  Done!  

Their super cool teachers set up this cute area where the Leprechaun had been and brought them light up necklaces and other cute treats!

After the party I got to join the children in their circle time and watch them build the Mat Man a couple of times and sing a song with sticks!  I LOVED seeing them in their element and especially was impressed with their Mat Man.  Anyone ever heard of it?  Each child has a body part and they build a person in the middle of their circle.  They started doing this at the beginning of the school year and it's interesting to see how they all progress making this "Mat Man" throughout the year.  

Love love love love love being able to be part of Molly Anne's class and being there for all of these special events! 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Daddy Daughter Dance

About a week and a half ago, Molly Anne and Kevin went to the Daddy Daughter dance at our club.  And oh my goodness Molly Anne had been looking forward to this night for the LONGEST time!  Counting down sleeps, hiding her pretty dress and putting all of her jewels that she was going to wear in a safe place.  She felt so special getting ready.  I curled her hair, put a little blush and lip gloss on her and she was ready!  

When we were doing all of that I had this vision of her first Homecoming in High School and what that will be like!  I remember my Mom getting me ready for those big events and I can't wait to do that for her!

She came down the stairs to show her Daddy her outfit and Kevin ohhh and ahhh'd over it!  Then he went up to get dressed and came down and Molly Anne announced, "awwww Daddy, we're married!"  I thankfully got it on video because it was precious.  

They make hearts with their hands, I love you signs and do all of these inside secrets every day.  Not really secrets but Kevin lets her think it's just between them haha!

I got a light pink sweetheart roses corsage for her to wear!  According to Kevin she wouldn't take that thing off all night long even though it was too big for her!

The guys took the girls and had a great time!  Hilary had the Mom's over to take pictures and for a happy hour when the crew left!  It was fun!  

They rolled back into the house about 9:15pm and went on and on about how much fun it was!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Our Weekend

Playing catch up.  I needed a break for sure!  I still want to capture some big events over the past couple of weeks which I'll do this week or next.  This past weekend was a fun one so thought I'd start there.

Thursday afternoon swim class!  Girlfriend looks forward to this every week!  The second we walk out of the building, she asks when she gets to go back!  I want her to learn to swim for real this year so that's what we are doing!

Orange day at school on Friday!  Thanks to my SIL for this cute turtle dress!

Saturday morning we got a wild hair and ran to Lowes to get some flowers to plant.  She has been learning about plants and flowers growing at school so I'm trying to tie some of that together for her.  She LOVED doing this and the whole thing probably took an hour and a half. 

After nap play time.  Mills is THE BEST.  

Trying on his baptism outfit!  Can you even?

That afternoon my friend asked to meet us at the playground and I just said come on over here and hang in the driveway with us.  And a couple other neighborhood friends joined and we had a great time letting them all run wild!  

Grady was the only boy!

He wasn't entirely impressed haha!  Jane Ellis empathized with him!

We went over to my friend Lisa's house that night with another couple and had a good ole time!  We all brought appetizers and just hung out!

Sunday afternoon I took Molly Anne to our club for a scavenger hunt and we had so much fun on a beautiful 70 degree day.  It was all by golf cart around the neighborhood.  We didn't win but we weren't last!

Kevin brought Grady over and some other friends came too and we had dinner outside while the girls played.  Yes Greer, I will buy you a big diamond in 25 years and your Daddy will throw us a big reception! ;)  We'll show this picture at our rehearsal dinner!

Mills was racked out after a big weekend!

Early Monday morning, I love those lines in the grass!  

Hope everyone is having a great week!  It's good to be back!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Weekend - Out and Party

Friday at noon I got a text from Becky that Grady had a fever.  Again.  This time is was super low and barely existent but literally this boy cannot catch a break.  I honestly think this was pretty much teething but he is a little congested so who knows.  Tis the season.  Anyway, I went to pick him up right away and stopped by to get Molly Anne on my way.  That way, we were home for the weekend once we got there.

After naps (and I wrapped up working), Molly Anne and I did these sun catchers that the lady in the Wendy's drive thru in Texas was so kind to give to me.  Ha!  

We let Molly Anne stay up for an extra 30 minutes on Friday night because it wasn't a school night and she was playing sooooo well and being a nice little girl.  Her independent play has been so amazing lately.  Literally she'll spend a couple of hours in her playroom and you don't hear a peep from her.  She is loving it...and I am too! 

We did more puzzles this weekend.  I was extra proud of her doing a 48 piece by herself that she had never seen before.  Naptime on Saturday!  Unicorn mask is essential. Literally she does keep it at school with her during the week and it has drastically improved her napping there! 

Grady was inconsolable on Saturday afternoon about 4pm so we drove around for an hour so he could sleep a little more.  He didn't have a fever or anything all day, I really think his teeth just hurt!  I did give him Tylenol and then Motrin later that night before bed and I think that made him get a good nights sleep!  He cracks me up putting his arms out over the side of his carseat!  Straight chillin!

We went out with two other couples for dinner at our club that night.  Their children are in Molly Anne's class at school and they are members at the sister country club.  Then we came back to our house for a fire out on the back porch and hanging around.   We saw wayyyyy too late on the clock.  If it gives you any clue, I got about 2 hours of sleep before Grady got up.  What?!  The time change didn't help!

Sunday afternoon we went to My Gym for Maggie's 5th birthday party!  The children all had a blast and ran wild!  Rainbows and unicorns oh my!  It convinced me immediately that this is where Molly Anne's will be this year.  She LOVED it!  

And I loved the early bedtime!  Truth be told, I went to bed right after the children and was asleep at 7:30pm and woke up at 7:30am extremely late for work yesterday.  But we all needed to catch up on sleep after the big events and time change.  Now we need that Summer sun and less germs!  

Chat soon friends.