Monday, July 31, 2017

Party and Croup again?

Can we get a break?!  We had a fun Friday and Saturday, but Sunday - not so much.  Sunday morning Molly Anne and I headed to Urgent Care and they said she had pink eye.  They didn't tell me there are two kinds - bacterial and viral.  Instead they said, use the drops and she'll instantly not be contagious...hmmmm.  Sounded as good as it could right?  Well we came home, I washed everything in our house.  All was mostly normal.  

At 9pm I checked on her and she just wasn't right.  I could tell she sounded raspy but just attributed it to being late and she was tired and half asleep.  At 10pm Kevin and I were on the couch and we heard her over the monitor.  I just knew immediately it was that same croup cough she has had three other times.  I got dressed while he put her in the steamy shower.  And she and I flew out the door to the ER.  Not our first rodeo, sadly.  The ER we go to is sooooo amazing.  Yall we didn't even wait in the waiting room, they had already come out to call us back before we could sit down.  And get this....we went into the room and the doctor followed us on in.  Wild and soooo nice.  They did a breathing treatment and gave her motrin and the steriod.  The respiratory therapist thinks it's more asthma related and less croup.  We are going to follow up with her pediatrician today and hope to have a good plan in place.  

So yeah - urgent care and ER in one day.  Not fun.  I'm going to start calling our house the hospital.  Between she and Mills!  Mills gets his staples out tonight so that's good and the doctor is so kind to come to our house to do that.  We are still doing his twice daily physical therapy, ice and heat.  He is doing really well! 

Let's get to fun stuff!

Friday night we went over to our neighbor's house for happy hour swimming!  Molly Anne is obsessed with Ava and plays with her.  It's basically a vacation when I go over there with her!  

She had the best time and was wiped out when we got home!  Swimming in her boots?  Totally normal!

Saturday morning the three of us went to breakfast at Big View Diner for something different, it was good.

She's got that pencil grip down pat!

We went to the pool that morning for awhile before lunch and nap.

Then we went to Ellis' birthday party!  Her Mama, Kelly is the hostess with the mostest!  Check out these decorations.  You should have seen inside the house - crazy amazing too!

Saturday night Kevin went out with his friend Brad and we just chilled.  Mills got some outdoor time which he was happy about!  

Hope you all have a good week!  I just hope my little buddy feels better soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Southern Utah, Vegas and Elizabeth

Late post today.  I'm crazy because I haven't been to my office in over a week so today is catch up day.  I've had other stuff going on too so I'm just crazy. 

Monday afternoon I headed to Vegas and then drove a few hours north to southern Utah.  The drive was actually pretty gorgeous.  I drove through this crazy canyon and it was one of the most unreal things I've ever seen.  I also went through Arizona which was a first for me (other than the Phoenix airport!).  

Got my work done on early Tuesday morning and drove back to Vegas to catch my flight home.  There was a 1pm and an 11pm and I got there after the 1pm had left so I had 10 hours in Vegas.  I ended up returning my rental car, booking a cheap room at the Bellagio so I had a home base and a place to put my bag.  Otherwise, I would have driven around in circles for 10 hours...umm no.    

I sat by the pool and caught up my email, regrouped, took a decent shower and then bounced around a few places within the hotel for drinks and appetizers.  It was fun.  

I took the red eye back and was Mom again upon landing ha!  Back to work I go after a work trip...well that doesn't make sense but you traveling Moms get it. 

Thursday morning Molly Anne got to meet Elizabeth.  She loved kissing her head!  When I held Elizabeth, Molly Anne kept saying, "Put her down!".  It was funny...a little jealously hmmmm!!!

We don't have much on tap for this weekend.  Playing the 'regouping from the work week' game, taking care of Mills and doing his physical therapy and a birthday party.  TGIF!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

House Update

Yesterday the framers were back adding more beams - for the inspector and for reinforcement for a swing if we choose to put one on the porch.  We also have to add an additional column on the porch so Mike and I tried to figure out where to put that.  Of course that also depends how wide we make the fireplace because we want the new column to be centered in the middle of the fireplace and house.  

Again, this is just the base or inside of the fireplace.  It will eventually be bricked in the same brick that matches our house.  

I've been thinking paint colors this week.  Definitely going with Benjamin Moore Decorator's White for the cabinets and all trim.  Likely doing Sherwin Williams Spare White on the walls in the main areas and most bedrooms.  It's the color that is a bit more whiter than Sea Salt.  I also need to figure out what color to put on the back of the bookshelves.  Will probably use a darker one from that same color family.  

Oh!  This light came in yesterday and I'm so excited about it for our foyer!  It is lovely and I got it on sale so that was the best part.  I'm keeping my eyes open so when certain lights or mirrors on sale, we grab them!  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Leek Quiche and Easy Salad

When this post goes live, I will be landing back in Charlotte on a red eye from Vegas.  I've been in southern Utah and a little Vegas since Monday afternoon.  I plan to share some pictures on Friday!


This is such an easy weeknight meal and yall know that if I'm saying it, then it is.  But, it does take prep ahead of time.  In my case, I made the whole thing the night before.  All we had to do was reheat and then I added a salad.  I'm sure it's better freshly out of the oven but that ain't happening in my world these days.  Anyway, these are both recipes from my chef friend Ashley! 

First the quiche before it went in the oven...

Baked...maybe a little too long.  Ha!

Here is the finished product...Molly Anne's plate...

The salad on the side with dressing in front of it... (recipe below - amazing!)


Bacon, Egg, Cheese and Leek Quiche:
Crust - I just used a premade Pillsbury one - prepared per the instructions on the box -- aka cooked.
3/4 Pound Bacon, cooked and chopped - I used the pre-cooked Boars Head and heated it prior to chopping
3 small leeks, chopped
2 tablespoons butter
salt and pepper
3/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup milk (any kind)
6 large eggs
8 ounces Boars Head Gruyere cheese, shredded
Salt - pinch
1/4 teaspoon pepper

Simple Directions;
1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2.  Roll the crust into a pie plate and press along the edges.  Poke with fork and cook according to instructions on the box.
3.  Heat butter and saute leeks with salt and pepper until they are softened.  
4.  In a large bowl, whisk together the milk, cream, eggs.  Add leeks, bacon, cheese, salt & pepper and pour into cooled crust.  
5.  Bake the quiche for 40 minutes.  

And serve it with this simple salad!

I used green leaf lettuce and added a farmer's market tomato, cucumber, red onion and used the above recipe for dressing.  For the dressing I combined everything into this container (that Ashley actually gave me and I used several times just last week!) and poured into onto the salad.

How's that for a super easy dinner?!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rotarian of the Year and One Purchase

Two things:

1.  My Dad recently received the prestigious Rotarian of the Year Award!  The criteria is's a huge honor.  My Dad is so humble that he wouldn't even tell us that he received the award!  He is so dedicated to many things in the community and does a ton of community service.  The best part is that he doesn't even mention it, he just does it.  Join me in congratulating my Dad (who does read my blog every day!)!

2.  Nordstrom sale.  Honestly I haven't had time to think about it but on Saturday night I spent some time looking through the website and didn't see anything I HAD to have.  I did end up ordering Molly Anne these cute pajamas.  I'm stocking up on 3T stuff when it's on sale so we have some things when she is ready.  That's all I grabbed!  What did you all get?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Playing Nurse

Well I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a wonderful weekend.  It started off well when Molly Anne and I got Mills up and walking around 4:45pm on Friday for the first time since his surgery on Thursday morning.  I don't know if I've ever been so happy for him to get up and walk!  I was SO relieved.  He hung out outside with us for a little bit on Friday afternoon then we got him back in to rest.  He needed that outside time.  Nurse Molly Anne fed him his dinner pebble by pebble!

Friday night Mills and I slept in the guest room so he could be on the carpet and get up easier if he needed to.  He was so much better than he was on Thursday night so I finally slept which was a good thing.  

Saturday morning we hung around the house and didn't do much which is basically the theme of the weekend.  

Saturday afternoon we unwrapped his bandage and he started licking the wound right away.  Well I ran to get a cone from Petsmart and all was good, we thought it was working.  So we finally left the house for the first time and went to dinner.  We tried a new restaurant at Waverly called Taziki's and it was tasty!  Kevin's parents were with us so we went for a special treat of ice cream afterwards!  Molly Anne was excited!

Saturday night Mills was up a lot again and was fighting with the cone.  I still thought it was working.  Well we were all dressed and ready for church and this dog was reaching his wound even with the cone on.  I felt so defeated and SO OVER the whole thing!  Yall, it's been a rough 2.5 weeks with Mills and his injury!  We ended up not making it to church because we couldn't leave him licking it.  Molly Anne and I jetted to Petsmart and got him the even bigger size.  She liked checking out all of the fish while we were there!

(Mr. I know I'm not supposed to be on furniture)

So yeah, Molly Anne gave Mills his "blue hat" and yes, this one works.

You know who has also been wearing it when Mills has been supervised!

We tried to grill out last night but we had a storm come through that lasted forever so I just cooked everything inside.  It wasn't as good but still a tasty summer meal - burger, heirloom tomato slices, corn and roasted zucchini and okra!  

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  I'm going on a little trip out west this week!  

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Friday

I don't have much today except a bunch of pictures from our week.  I slept maybe 2 hours last night if you put all of the minutes together.  Mills had a really really rough first night and he isn't much better this morning.  I'm hoping these meds start working or I'm going to have to take him back to the vet.  Remember he is 95 pounds so imagine lifting him everywhere.  Yeah.  

Monday after work we played outside and after dinner she had a popsicle!  

Tuesday after work we met Margot and Emme for yogurt at TCBY!

Wednesday after work (yall like my creative theme here?!) I attempted to make dinner and this one brought everything from her bed into the kitchen and covered herself and her bunny up.

Molly Anne had her well check on Wednesday afternoon.  The only thing that really came up is that he wants her to start on Organic 1 or 2% milk instead of Organic Whole milk.  

My parents sent Mills a ramp so we tested that out on Wednesday night.  He wasn't really into going up or down it, even after a goodie.  We'll see if that improves!  I hope it does because I cannot carry this pooch up and down the stairs one more time.

Molly Anne is into her Where's Waldo book.  This was one of my favorites growing up and when I was pregnant, for one of my showers, Mom gave me this.  Last night she found a waldo before I did!

Yesterday morning while Mills was under the knife, I tried to stay busy so I kept Molly Anne home with me and we went to Target, the playground and pool all before 10:30!

I went to get Mills at 5pm yesterday and he wouldn't get up so they had to bring him out on the stretcher.  Yall it was so sad.  The surgery went well.  He had the torn ACL and also a torn meniscus which they fixed.  

He's been in pretty rough shape since he's been home.  Last night was just awful.  I'm really hoping he gets more comfortable today.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend!