Monday, December 4, 2023

Weekend - Christmas Party

On Friday after school, each of the kids had a friend over to play. I never have play dates and I need to get better about it. But it's kind of hard with work etc. ANYWAY! I just loved the pick up game of soccer in our front yard.

Friday night we had pizza from Teeter and decorated the tree.

Saturday both kids had a birthday party then we played outside more. Poor Mills...

They watched some Christmas movies.

We went to my friend Sarah's most amazing party. She is the hostess with the mostess. I wore this velvet dress and it was comfortable and perfect for the occasion. 

We scooted over to our club for drinks and appetizers before we went to the party. 

She had the best band. They were wonderful!

It was a FABULOUS time with friends.What a way to kick off the party season!

Molly Anne put her hat on Mills haha. 

Sunday we had Santa Brunch (pics coming soon) and I went to a baby shower for my friend Lauren. It was great!

Talk soon!

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Gifts for All

Here is a round up of some gifts that maybe you haven't seen on all of the gift guides but may be helpful if you're searching for something a little different. 

Hope these are helpful for your list!

ONE - love these new balances 

TWO - any dad, brother, husband, father in law, friend need a super bright flashlight to keep in their car or boat?

THREE - a karaoke machine that could be great for your 8-13 year old girl?! 

FOUR - my favorite makeup bag for your mom, sister, daughter, mother in law, hostess gift, cousin 

FIVE - shhhh these socks are going into a stocking at our house! A perfect gift for any guy. 

SIX - any little boys that you're buying for? This ultimate garage is the cheapest I've seen this and it is top on Grady's list. 

SEVEN - pickleball set - how fun to gift a sister or brother in law or some active parents?!

EIGHT - I have this set from years ago and still using it. I loved getting to try each scent but also it's super nice for when you travel to have your good perfume!

NINE - I almost used these hair ties for my favorite things gift but didn't. I LOVE them though because they don't dent my hair! 

TEN - my parents gave me a portable speaker last year for my kayaking adventures. Kevin tries to take it weekly because it's made it back to Charlotte and he thinks it is his! #marriage A great gift for anyone on your list! Waterproof, sand proof, portable. 

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


I have been a crazy person over the last few days. Here are some things on my mind:

1. Our Christmas card is not my favorite. Let's just say that. Sorry Dad and thank you for taking the picture. Eeek!! Story to come when I share our card here (after they're all sent out). 

2. I haven't done my birthday thank you notes yet. On my list!

3. Our tree still only has lights on it. Ornaments to come at some point! Hopefully this week..!

4. I still haven't put the lights on our swirly trees out front. Maybe this weekend. All of the rest of our candles in the windows and spotlight on the front porch are up and looking purty. 

5. Mills had a rough day yesterday. This cyst will not close so I took him to see my sorority sister vet and she cleaned it out and cultured it. We are going to swap antibiotics and try to get it calmed down and closed. Fingers crossed so he doesn't have to have surgery. 

6. I have done mostly all of our Christmas shopping except little stuff for the kids. And I'm not doing much of that mess. Just some fun Santa gifts to put out. I also have a couple other people to buy for but I think I know what I'm doing there. Then I need to wrap all of the things!!!

7. Mix in about 7 birthday gifts I'm also doing for friends and my kid's friends and my head may explode. I honestly love it though. 

How are you guys feeling?! Almost December 1st! Tis the season!

Monday, November 27, 2023

Thanksgiving Week

Back to reality after a really fun week!

The kids were out of school half day last Tuesday so we scooted down to the beach. My parents drove down from Maryland and met us about the same time. 

Wednesday morning Dad and I went to pick up our Wal-Mart order then of course had to stop by 59 Causeway to pick up breakfast on the way home! I love that place!

We were all kind of working and messing around on a rainy Wednesday. I took the kids over to Planet Fun in Shallotte for some laser tag and bowling!

We went to dinner at Maria's which is my favorite spot in Ocean Isle for dinner when it's cold and rainy. It was delicious per usual!

When Poppa goes to Spilt Milk for some ice cream with the grandchildren!

Thanksgiving morning I got up and walked the beach. I love seeing the sunrise and I love a Turkey Trot. Found this huge shell which are super rare on the beach. 

We made a couple more casseroles then headed to Pawleys Island to see my brother and his family. That's Mills down there in the middle of the dock running back! He was SO happy and had the best day with his golden cousin Gill. 

Emily always has a gorgeous table!

Two turkeys, gravy, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, oyster casserole, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, collards, sister schubert of course and deviled eggs. Deliciousness!

This boy liked being there too! All boy all of the time!

We hung by the fire that evening then left to go back to OIB later on. It's sooo convenient that we are so close to our family...only a little over an hour away.

On Friday we messed around the island, visited the craft show and hung out. We got to visit with our friends Regina and Jeff that were in town with their family. Always a good time!

Lots of lounging and loving on the puppy. When Nannie is around, Mills is typically beside her!

Friday night we went over to our friends house for an oyster roast and a whole brisket that we picked up at the Butcher. Look at this thing - 15 pounds of goodness! Jason did an awesome job cooking it. 

And he did a great job with the oyster roast too!

All of the parents!

It was a good vibe!

Saturday we went to the OIB Christmas parade!

An NC State golf cart of course!

Grady loved the go carts and the firemen. I always love the clowns and this year there were rollerskaters in it that were awesome. 

Back in time for cocktail hour - probably our last gin and tonic of the season!

Then we went to our other friend's home for a hot chocolate bar and to see the Flotilla - the boat parade!

It was a bit cold out on the water!

This Margaritaville boat won overall! It was awesome. Playing all Jimmy Buffet music too!

Sunday we got out of there pretty early to head back to Charlotte. Grady came with me to do a couple of errands. He always is up for an errand and I love that about him! We picked out some pretty Christmas wreaths for our front door.

We picked up the other two then went to get our tree! Of course we get it home and it's the perfect height (9') but totally crooked. Haha! Oh well. We got the lights put on it and will do ornaments over this coming week. I also got the window lights on and front of the house mostly done. I'll share photos soon. I love our home at Christmas an extra amount!

Also got our Christmas cards ordered last night. Whew, glad that's over!

Talk soon friends!