Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Is quarantining a verb now? Yes. 

Here are some things we’ve been up to as we quarantine!  Maybe it’ll give you some new ideas too? Don’t get too excited because I have never been a teacher and I’m not creative at all!  I’m just trying to do fun practical things with them and juggle my work at the same time. It’s truly a circus so don’t let these pictures be deceiving. These are the highlights FOR SURE!

Neighborhood magical message garden. This was such a treat to find!  We painted six rocks and took them over. I let them each pick one to bring home. So special. We are planning to add more this week with a simple message on each one!

Stringing Easter eggs with no-wax dental floss. And hang them on a tree in your front yard. Pro tip from my friend Jen - most eggs already have two holes punched on top. Easy! 

We’ve done a lot of chilling...well she has. She hasn’t felt wonderful so she’s completely chilling during Grady’s nap every day. Sometimes she naps too. 

Morning cartoons.  Not every day but some days depending on what I have work wise.

We’ve done a ton of chalk!  Got this idea from Margot!  Use painters tape and then have your children color in each space!  Then rip the tape off and done!

We’ve been decorating the sidewalk in front of our house after every rain. There are so many more people walking in our neighborhood and we think it’s fun to bring cheer or a smile to their walk!

Molly Anne got to watch the local elementary school teachers parade through our neighborhood!  It was so sweet!  

A LOT of driveway time. A lot. Every afternoon after nap you’ll find us in the driveway if it’s halfway decent weather which it has been thankfully. 

A zoom meeting with her teachers and classmates.  They all did a little show and tell then Ms. Fran read them a Curious George book!  It was the sweetest!

Friday night golf cart ride ended up a little rough. Got a flat tire on the other side of the neighborhood like over a mile away. 

We were rescued and drove it all of the way home verrrrrrry slowly. We made it!

Saturday morning we had family pictures in our yard, from six feet away you crazy people!!!  Grady was a stud. 

I’m telling you. In the driveway all of the time. 

Saturday night I went for a run after the kids were in bed. The sun lit up like I’ve never seen before. I snapped a picture but it was more amazing in person!  I do like being able to go run a few miles when I want. It makes me feel better about everything. Ha!

Found him in the garage cleaning up! 

Sunday morning I went to the grocery store at 7:15 when they opened and got $300 worth of stuff. We should be good for awhile!  Got my peloton ride in with Ally Love for her Sundays with Love.  It was about Hope. Nothing was said related to the corona virus but it was directly intended to help people through it. You must take the class if you have a bike. 

Sunday afternoon I had a happy hour with some neighborhood girls in one of their cul de sacs. Easily the highlight in weeks!  Thank you Whitney for planning it!

How awesome was this?!!  So fun and good girl time. Carefully planned for 3pm. AKA after naps and before dinner. AKA the husbands had to watch all of the kids!  We have another scheduled for this Saturday. I highly suggest you do the same!  It’s therapeutic in this crazy time!

My girl got a new helmet that fits her!  Thank you Amazon!

Grady was a giggly machine yesterday!  He’s had a rough few weeks getting those four k-9s as I call them. They’re worse than molars for both of my kids. The two right ones have poked through. The left ones are almost there. I hope he gets relief SOON!

That’s rainbow water, duh!!  Glitter plus water plus driveway = a good place for glitter to be used. Thank you Katie!  

Made this dinner up but it was delish and not rocket science!  Iceberg wedge with tomatoes, blue cheese, a few red onion pieces, cracked pepper and buffalo shrimp on top. Topped with some green onions and ranch!  

I marinated the shrimp yesterday morning then since I was outside with the kids at 5pm, I just popped them on a pan and let them bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 375.  Kevin didn’t get home until late so I ended up refrigerating them before I put them on the salads. They were so good. 

Sleep pictures of Molly Anne and Grady will never get old. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Filling Easter Baskets!

Our Easter baskets will be slim pickins this year given the circumstances!  Not that they need anything anyway, because they don't!  And I'll be ordering everything obviously.  Here are some things going in Molly Anne and Grady's baskets:

Polly Pocket - Molly Anne loves these little ones that she can carry around!

Beach Towels for both of them!  Molly Anne'sGrady's.  On sale through Sunday with free shipping!  And I got the Kid size for both of mine because I feel like they're much more practical long term and they're not too huge for Grady at almost age 2.
Unicorn Rainbow Kid Beach TowelFunny Fish Beach Towel

Mr. Potato Head for Grady

LEGOS - I actually ordered this the other day and it comes this weekend.  I think for $26 this is going to provide A LOT of quarantining entertainment.  At least I hope so!  Something a little different from the sets she does.  She loves creating so this will be fun!

I think I saw this on Annie's Instagram but I know Grady will love this light up goldfish in the tub!

I'd like to maybe get Molly Anne an LOL or hatchimals thing and Grady a cool tractor and some bubbles.  Easy stuff but things I know they will play with and love!

Other than these, I'll probably try to get some fresh markers and crayons from Amazon. Probably hard to get right now but I'm going to look!  If you have any ideas that you can order, drop them in the box below and I know others will like new ideas!

Thursday, March 26, 2020


Found some cute swimsuits for this summer.  Are we going to have a summer?  I certainly hope so!  Best time of year!  I'm always glad come May/June when I had already found a couple cute ones for the year because by that time, all of the good ones are sold out!

One Shoulder Ruffle  Obsessed.  I really may need this. 40% off!

Ruffled One Piece - I love the scoop back on this. $40!
Women's Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit - Sugar Coast By Lolli  - image 1 of 10Women's Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit - Sugar Coast By Lolli  - image 3 of 10

My favorite suit from last summer because the cups are sewn in!  They also have it in hot pink, just click Notify Me when it's back in stock!
Women's Shirred Scallop One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit - Kona Sol™ - image 1 of 4

Confetti Sidestroke - does not get cuter than this!

A classic and so flattering! 40% off too!  Lots of other options too.  
LA BLANCA Island One-Piece Underwire Swimsuit, Main, color, BLACK

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Up To Lately

A touch of what we’ve been up to this week!

Ever so thankful for the workbooks my mom got us!  It’s like she knew! Ha!  Molly Anne did a book and a half on Monday!  I’ve been getting some worksheets from her school that she’s also doing. Now that I know this is going to be a 5+ week thing, I figured she better do something!    

This is what one of my conference calls looked like on Monday. Both kids watching Tots for 5 minutes then ole Grady wanted to scream for my other two calls. I was half on mute and half talking with screaming in the background. Awesome. 

Thank gracious for my Peloton keeping me sane during this time. And for my friends that have one. We’ve been keeping up working out mostly daily and report in after we workout each day.  It’s a positive and very bright spot in my day hearing from my workout gals every day.  This is the laziest workout buddy but he ALWAYS joins me! 

Turned around and Grady was yelling trot trot trot to Mills!  He was trying to ride him haha!  Mills is the best part human ever. 

We spent Tuesday morning outside because we knew rain was in the cards all afternoon. We went for a walk then a golf cart ride and saw some geese. Then spread some love with chalk for our neighbors to see!

We jumped in the car and got Chick Fil A drive thru for lunch. I got a 30 count nugget and the kids had those for lunch and I saved the rest to put on these delish salads for Kevin and I for dinner. Anyone else do this?  Saves time on having to cook meat for a salad at home!

I’m trying to get two new bins out of our playroom cabinets each day. One for each of them. This day was little people for Grady and the gears for both of them. They played together nicely with this activity. 

Painting kindness rocks to add to our neighborhood kindness garden.  We will take ours over and they will each pick one to bring home!  Molly Anne is soooo excited!  

The county that Charlotte is in announced yesterday that they have a shelter in place starting Thursday at 8am until April 16th. This is essentially what we’ve been doing since March 15th. Wonder if North Carolina will make this a state thing or if our County will do it as well. Who knows. I’m ready to just get it done and overwith so let’s officially do it now!