Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Report - First High Chair and Kevin's Dinner

Molly Anne had an outfit change after I grabbed her.  She has been a drooling lil girl lately.  

We swung in the hammock!

That night we had our old supper club back together and Molly Anne had her second babysitter, Ms. Candace!  I work with two of our group below so it's fun hanging out with spouses too. We missed Connor and Mariel who moved last year!

We stopped by Dean and Deluca wine bar for a night cap and to hang by ourselves! 

Kevin made MA and I breakfast in bed then we got ready and went to one of my best guy friends from college to see he and his family.  He has the cutest children and I loved having him meet Molly Anne. We had some laughs about who knew 15 years ago when we were hanging on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh that we would each have children ha!

Rest of the afternoon we played and napped!  We've kinda been using our guest room as a little play area.  We have some of her stuff in our den but the bedroom is nice to have as another play area...and I can close the door! ;)

We did her physical therapy homework. Working on sitting and a little bit of trying to crawl.  She wants to so badly!  

Dinner was in her high chair for the first time!  It was getting old feeding her in the bouncer and I returned the mamaroo to my friend Sarah!  She loved it and it's so much easier. I had kinda been putting it off to get it out but I'm so glad we finally did!  

Chill time 

Molly Anne and I took a two hour nap in our bed which was a treat for me! I love cuddling with her and without her helmet!  Then...we got outside to enjoy the 70 degree weather in January!  She loves her wagon!

We had intentions of going down to the playground to swing but we bailed and went to visit Sarah instead. 

We came home for lunch (she loves egg salad!) and a quick nap then went to look at a house.  We are still debating between staying where we are and doing a lot to our backyard and upstairs or building a house or buying an existing house.  We change our mind daily.  I need to make a pro/con list...which is how I solve big decisions. 

We went to dinner with Kevin's parents, brother and niece for Kevins birthday which is in a couple weeks. 

First time in a high chair at a restaurant!  Midwood Smokehouse...the birthday boy's favorite!

We always say her antenna is up wherever we go because she is soooo alert and has been since last July 4th!  

Until it became 6:15 and she fell asleep on me!  

Hope y'all had a nice weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2016


Just some pictures for this Friday....these were taken over the last couple of weeks!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Band is off!!!

Yesssss!  The band is off!  After 8 weeks in her Doc Band, it's off and she has a perfectly round head!  She also technically graduated from Physical Therapy last Wednesday as well because her torticollis has also been cured!  

I'm sooooooooo relieved!  We couldn't thank Lisa at Cranial Tech enough so Molly Anne picked out a bracelet for her from a line of jewelry she collects! ;)  Molly Anne had to play with it before she gave it to her and before Lisa officially took her band off!  

We are going back next Thursday for them to take her final head measurements.  We may go to PT one more time just for good measure and because I'm crazy!  

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are!  Now I get to love up on my baby doll without being banged in the head by a hard plastic thing 23 hours a day!  I know, there are much worst things and we feel very fortunate but this was a big deal to us (and we've spent a lot of time making sure she got perfectly fixed!).  

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now let's do fun things with our time like swim lessons or something like that!  :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mary Scott

Last night my friends Lauren, April and I hosted a little baby sprinkle for Sarah and her baby, Mary Scott who is arriving very soon!  It was such a joy to host this for Sarah as she does so much for others.  It was the least we could do for such a sweet friend!

Can't wait for her arrival!  We love her already!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Molly Anne's First Snow

Oh what an adventure we've had.  Molly Anne has had that nasty cold and on the way back from my meeting, my eyes felt funky and I had gotten her crud plus pink eye in both eyes.  

Thankfully my Dad knows everyone in town and got her a doctor appointment to check her ears.  This was in anticipation of a huge snow storm they were expecting Friday night so we had to get it done then or it wasn't going to happen and we didn't know how long we'd be snowed in.

Thankfully her ears looked good and we just needed to get her healthy again.  She's still coughing but she doesn't have a 103 fever any more and hasn't since 1am Friday morning.  I think she's on the mend.  Look at this little one after she saw real snow for the first time!

This was before round two.

I got a doctors appointment Friday afternoon too and got some meds for my diseases ha.  Of course that meant I couldn't wear my contacts and guess where my glasses were?  I'll give you a clue - not in the state of Maryland.  

Have I mentioned how fun it is traveling and having to go to doctor's offices and get prescriptions filled?  Thank goodness I was at my parents!!!  

Friday afternoon we got home after returning my rental car too.  

We played and played!

Saturday morning snuggly, snowy morning!

Mom had gotten her this snow suit because it was only $10 and we thought it'd be fun to put her in it.  She did NOT like it!  

These pictures in the snow took less than 30 seconds and we got her back to warmth inside quickly!  

She does look super cute though! ;)

Get me out of this thing Mama!!!!  Take me back to the South!

Much better!

I love how she has her "little" legs propped up on me here.  

My parent's next door neighbor came over to play with the queenie and for cocktail hour of course! 

Yesterday morning Dad shoveled the whole driveway.  I should have been out there doing that but I couldn't see and I felt horrible.  

The things your parents still do for you...33 years later.  They took care of us the whole time we were up there.  .  I am thankful for them!


Love love love!

On our way to the airport for Molly Anne's and my flight home.  

Hanging in the airport!

I was able to get her a seat on the way back too.  I couldn't believe it!  And yes, her face is accurate - she was into mischief!  She screamed and squealed and thought she was having a blast the whole time.  I doubt the people around us thought the same thing! ;)  But at some point, I had done all I could do.  Bottle at take off and landing etc... we landed in Charlotte thank goodness.  Traveling with children by yourself is not easy.  I have a new appreciation for all mamas or daddys that do this!

Our luggage took 30 minutes to come out and she was an angel waiting!  I got all of our junk onto the bus and amazingly made it to our car.  

We made it home!  She slept for awhile when we got in the door and you know who had to be extra patient and wait til she got up to lick her feet!  He was soooo excited we were home...he literally ran full force to the back door and slid into us!  Too cute!

Back to the grind...with glasses on.  I need Mills, my seeing eye dog because my prescription is old!

Happy Monday!