Monday, April 30, 2012

Nashville Half Marathon

Get ready for lots of pictures.

Friday I was able to make it home between my work trip and leaving for Nashville.  That was so nice.

All three of us flew from Charlotte on three different airlines and we landed within 10 minutes of each other.  It was perfect.  We rented a car and checked in at the Marriott Renaissance which connects to the convention center where the expo is.  It also is one block from Broadway.  Tara hooked us up with a fab room on the concierge's level 24th floor.
Country Music Hall of Fame, top of it like a guitar.
 We walked down to the expo and got our race packets and a couple headbands from Sweaty Bands (best ever - they do not move!).

We even saw Christin, her husband and also Amanda there!

We grabbed a bite in the hotel bar.  Then we got ready and our friend from Charlotte's twin sister Maggie picked us up for dinner at Tin Angel.  It was so funny being with Maggie as she sounds and looks just like Emily.

4:30am came early.  Kristen hooked us up with a Platinum package where we got our own parking area and buses to the start line.  That was nice to have!  Here we are waiting in line for the buses.  (We parked at the finish and they bus you to the start).

We also got to go in a special tent at the start that had private porta potties (hot commodity), food and drinks. 

And before we knew it, we were off.  I started in corral 18, they started in 8 (I think).  35,000 of my closest friends. 

I will tell you, the race support on the course was amazing.  There were people lining the course the entire way.  Bands every mile at least, entertainment all over the place, folks tailgating in their front yard.  It was sooooo nice to have that.  I did resort to my ipod around mile 6 but that's because I was almost dying.  Ha!

Tara and Kristen killed the race in 2:11.  Wish I could kept up with them but they trained a lot harder than I did.  I'm sooo proud of them both!
I have a new respect for Kristen after only doing a half.  She's run a full in Richmond and had also done this half before.  Insaneness.
Coach Kristen
I was thrilled just to finish.  I had been sick all week so I coughed the ENTIRE race.  It was also 81 degrees when we were  The hills were absolutely insane.  We heard this was only the 2nd year of this particular course and they had changed it to make it harder...umm yes you are one of the hardest in the country.  And unfortunately due to my (travel) schedule, I was literally only able to run twice a week to train, occasionally three times.  Soooo those are my excuses for my crappy time but oh well, I'm happy to be done!

Honestly I never thought I could ever run a half so I was sorta glad I did it.  :)

Oh and for some reason my GPS said 13.56 miles.  Hmmmmmm.  I know with weaving it could be a little more but 0.46 more? 

We met up at family meet up area C for Charlotte! 

And grabbed our free michelob ultra.

Sparkly medal!

We headed to Jimmy Johns for food then went back to shower and get cleaned up for the Rodney Atkins concert that night.

He was pretty fun to watch!

Then we headed to Legends, the Stage, Tootsies, Paradise Park Trailer Resort and a couple other honky tonk bars on Broadway.

Maggie and one of her friends met us out!

And then we headed home.  We think the beer was good for our bones because the next day, we could realllllly tell we ran a half marathon.

We had brunch with one of Kristen's sister's friends from Clemson and her boyfriend at Copper Kettle.  This was an amazzzzing brunch. 

We cruised to the airport and I moved very slowly from the rental car facility to the terminal haha. 

I'm still very slow to get around.  4 advil every 4 hours is assisting.

During the race I kept texting with my Dad about how horrible it was and I couldn't stop thinking that I would never do this again.  We'll see...I may be coming around about doing it once more.  But I may choose cooler weather and fewer hills! :) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Run Run Runnnnn

Today I'm heading up north for a work meeting then flying back through Charlotte tomorrow, going to do the ole switch-a-roo of suitcases in the parking deck then cruise back inside and fly over to Nashville.

For this... 

Country Music Half Marathon.

Meeting some girlfriends there.  Tara, Kristen and I from Charlotte then my friend Kim is coming in from Dallas and Christin is coming from Memphis.  All of us are on three separate girl trips, ha!  Should be a good time!

Honestly I never thought I could do a race this long, my legs are built for playing sports, not distance running.  But for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to keep adding a mile each week last Fall.  Then the girls had me start running with them and we've become a good lil group.  I'm not going for any record time, honestly I just want to have fun and finish.  There is a band every mile of the race and if I want to stop and take a picture, I will.  No records here, just a good time!

I was up all night last night dreaming that I was totally spastic before the race and I didn't even get my number until everyone else had already finished it.  I didn't even get to run, ahhhh!  Let's hope those dreams go away so I get enough sleep the next couple of nights ha! 

Yall have a great weekend!  Hopefully I'll be able to walk on the plane Sunday to return to Charlotte and tell yall how it was.  :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Website and Logistics

Since I've mentioned before that we aren't doing save the dates, we still needed a way to let close family and bridal party know about the hotel link.  Basically what this boils down to is that I sent a mass email out yesterday when I got the hotel link then personally called or texted most everyone to tell them to book that instant. 

There is a City Wide Convention the weekend of our wedding.  And our wedding was booked first! 
How dare them!

So it's been super important that all of our reservations are made.  Currently I only have 20 rooms but I'm working on getting more at other hotels.  Actually let me correct that statement, I've been working on room blocks since last July....  but those are just details.... ;)

I think it's going to all work out.  Honestly I'm probably looking way too into it and being too conservative. 

Anyway, so who did a wedding website?  We did and I can send yall the link if you email me and I "know" you. 

Did you all feel like guests actually looked at that and remembered how to get places that weekend? 

Did you include a map in your guest welcome bag?  How did you make this?

What I don't want to happen is me play hostess with the mostess and worry about where everyone will park uptown that weekend, how they will get around and who needs to be where at what time.  I want everyone to know that wayyyyy ahead of time.  And I'm doing everything in my power now to make that happen.  We shall see...I'm not good at letting stuff like that go.  I'll probably still do it.  :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lilly Finds

While the Lilly stores were having their big sale a couple of weeks ago, I snagged two things that I thought were practical for year round, work and every day.  Can't get any better than that.  As I think I've mentioned before, I'm not buying anything that I can't wear for work and every day...can't justify it!

I was in desperate need of a new black tee (mine is literally gray).  I love the slub material so I picked this up for $20 something (usually $58).  I'm actually wearing it today with Lilly dressy white slacks and my black revas.  I added a springy murfee scarf to jazz it up for the Spring and chilly weather. 

I must have ordered these below jeans too fast because I thought they were going to be white.  Just for your future reference - cameo white is not the same as white.  Cameo white is more of a winter white.  I'm okay with them though because I guess that means I can wear them year round.  I knew I loved the Main Line jean fit because I have them in regular white too.  But for $55 (originally $138) these things were a steal and I know I'll wear them a ton.

Tell me what yall got! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Weekend - Out, Brunch, Kevin's Fam

On Friday Kevin and I went out with Lauren and Andrew for an impromptu evening out!  First stop was Vida then we went to Aria.  Always good times with you two! 

Saturday morning we had a blogger brunch at Pewter Rose.  Thank you to April for the picture! ;) 

L to R - Lauren, Adelaide, Christin, April, Katie and I.  Christin was in town from Memphis and Adelaide drove down from about an hour and a half north of Charlotte.  It was wonderful meeting both of them!  Yall probably know most of these ladies!  I consider them in real life friends now (and have for awhile).  Such nice, genuine gals!

That afternoon, Kevin's Aunt and Uncle from Phoenix/Palm Springs/Seattle came uptown with Kevin's parents and Joe/Britt.  We walked around and checked out where the wedding festivities are going down and then had cocktail hour at my condo. 

We walked over to dinner at Aria.  Yes, two nights in a row.  We were lucky enough to sit at the Chef's table again as we did with my parents last fall.  Never had a bad meal there.  It is always amazing food and perfect service.  And their beverages are always tasty!

Uncle Jeff and Kevin.

Kevin's parents!

The guys picking up their pops.  So funny!

Then it was time to go home!  Haha!

Yesterday I got to visit with one of my oldest friends Ashley (we were in pre-school together).  She was in town at her in-laws and I hadn't met her little Jane yet.  Jane will be a year old on May 12th.  She is the happiest baby and just such a joy to be around.  Next time, when my voice doesn't sound like a man and I'm not coughing up a lung, I can't wait to play more with her!   

I did chores around the house yesterday afternoon and Kevin decided he had to have wings for dinner (instead of what I already had planned ha!) so we walked across the street for those.  It was actually kinda nice to do something different. 

Today, they are having a church golf tournament and Kevin's Allstate agency is a sponsor so I'll be heading down there after work. 

Never a dull moment!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

My Condo on the Market...

I've really tried to be super positive about this whole "having my condo on the market."  Really I have.  It's been over 6 months now and we've had a showing at least every other week, sometimes multiple times a week.  It was super overpriced at the beginning and we knew that.  We didn't really care because we don't have to move for another year. 

But it's sooooo hard to be living there and having it perfect at all times.  You know how you usually get notice that you'll have a showing?  Ummm not when you're in a condo building and buyers are seeing 10 units within the convenient for them.  Sometimes I get a two minute warning and I'm usually at my office or up north anyway.  Therefore, it must be perfect at all times.  I guess it's not a bad thing that lots of people just "stop in" - it increases traffic but ahhh! 

I can't throw things in my bathroom trash can, I must make my bed, I can't leave clothes laying out, I can't pack for trips ahead of time, I can't leave dishes in the drying rack, I have to leave my blinds (10' high floor to ceiling glass) open at all times, it has to be reasonably clean, I can't leave papers or any mail out, I have to put away all my makeup and hair junk every day, I can't leave laundry drying out, I can't cook bacon like ever unless I have matches and lots of candle lit!

I just want to live my normal life again!!!!  Not that I'm messy because I'm not, but I just want to leave something out every now and then haha!

And is it me or do guys just not get it?  I swear Kevin has no concept!  Haha!  No hard feelings to him but dang, he doesn't know what it's like to cook and have to have EVERYTHING cleaned up afterwards and the house smelling perfect. And the pillows fluffed after he sits on my couch for two minutes!

I want to move to a house and never move again.  I can't even imagine what this would be like if you have children!  Craziness!

But I'm going to be perfectly honest here....the real's really hard for me to have my condo on the market because this was my first place I bought.  With my own money.  I put the deposit down 6 months after I graduated college.  I moved in 2 years later after it was built.  It is where I lived when I really started my career.  It's where I lived when I met Kevin.  Avenue is just really special to he and I both.  I've personally grown so much here and it makes me super sad to get rid of it. 

I'm secretly sooo sad when I get a call from the Concierge saying I have a showing.

Yes, I'm super thankful that we are going to keep Kevin's unit (he has a better mortgage and his is smaller) just to have and still be able to come uptown.  He is so sweet, he even says I can decorate it like mine and we will eventually!  Mama, come help!  ;)   

Until then, I'm going to be sad when it shows but sooooo thankful that Kevin and I get to buy a house together and begin our life together in a home that means the world to both he and I.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rowen Shoes

Aren't these Rowen Hollis Shoes coral patent shoes amazing?!  They would be SO cute with the right outfit for this Spring.  I see them with white pants and a fun top or just a sundress.  TDF!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - The Band

Whenever I hear the band's tunes, I want the wedding to be here immediately.  Haha!  I just simply love live music and a good band was top priority for me. 

My friend Katie suggested Still Cruzin' last summer and I basically booked them immediately.  She has impeccable taste and they played at her own wedding, among many of her friend's weddings as well.

Still Cruzin' is the "Party Band of the South."  They play everything from Top 40 to Motown to Beach Music to 80's.  Anything you want!  They are out of Georgia and began in 1977 having played over 1,300 weddings.

6 out of the 8 are lead vocalists so needless to say, they can sing!  One thing I'm debating on is having a lady join them.  Thoughts on this?  I love a good girl singer so I'm leaning towards asking her.  They say they can make a party without her but they will do whatever.  Hmmm....I don't have to decide until November but yall know I must decide before then.

Soooo let's get to the real scoop.  Tell me your favorite song you've seen at a wedding.  Or any essential song that you think must be played.  They know between 500-700 songs so I need to come up with a fun list of "must plays."  Or feel free to email me your wedding song list! ;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MelRose Engagement Party and Rest of Weekend

One of the best parts about living uptown Charlotte is the ease of just walking right out your door to a National event.  In this case, the professional bike criterium.  Usually it is in August but our friend Jenn alerted us that it was in fact moved to April this year.  So naturally we all had to go "tailgate" and watch it!  Starting with the women's race...

then the men's race...  These folks are so quick, it's amazing.  literally they fly by you and when we saw them, they were going up hill.  Nice!

Then we walked back upstairs to change and go to Melissa and Stephen's engagement party at NC Music Factory.  The place was called The Small Bar.  Guess what, it was small!

Darlene, me, Melissa, Charles, Wendy, Heather and Jen.  Thanks for this pic Dar :)

The happy couple!  They are getting married in September.

Kevin, Chris and Josh

Kevin and I enjoying the festivities.

And this is a picture of the entire group.  WHOA!  Lots of us right?!  Crazy but so fun! 

On Sunday, Kevin and I went to Zada Janes in Plaza Midwood for brunch (highly recommend) and then looked at some houses we can't afford (that's always fun right?!). 

I went to the pool that afternoon while Kevin worked then I prepped dinner.  We grilled out with Jenn, David and Michael as we usually do with our neighbors in the Spring and Summer.  It was great to finally bring back the tradition!  And we might have been bad and went to Coldstone too, but it was sooooo good and the perfect treat!

Yall having a good week so far?!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Emily's Nautical Baby Shower

We had a busy weekend starting with dinner with Kevin's fam on Friday night then looking at a potential house. 

Saturday I had three showers but was only able to attend two.  And they each deserve their own post.

Emily's baby shower is totally Pinterest worthy!  The girls did an amazing job throwing this for her, not forgetting a single detail.  They even marked her chair with an anchor pillow!

"Ahoy it's a boy" banner.  Personalized water bottles.  Invitation framed.  Amazing cake and cupcakes.

Faux-jitos.  With sailboats floating in it.

They served wine and had a mimosa bar as well...

Check out the mimosa bar...genius.  Mandarin oranges, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. 

Lil jelly shots with sailboats floating.  Mandarine oranges, toothpick and white triangles as the sail.  Seriously, so cute!

The food was also tasting including turkey roll ups, veggies and fruit kabobs. 

Emily was glowing and it was such a fun and happy occasion! 

George will be here sooo soon and we can't wait to meet him!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wine and Running Adventures

Last night I had wine and sushi with my friend Lauren.  And I asked to her to be a bridesmaid.  We chatted for four hours.  Nothing like girl time!  I retrieved Kevin from the ole trusty Stool Pigeons on my way home...he had guys night.  Doing things with our own friends is still important, always will be.

Perhaps I had one to many glasses of wine last night hmmmm because the wake up call at 5:30am for 12 miles was ROUGH.  Rough I tell you.  I chugged water, got out of bed and got dressed. 

I ran on down the road and met up with Kristen.  Tara had a late flight and didn't get home until 2am.  Understandably didn't wake up in time.  Who would?!

I always map our adventures out ahead of time and carry my phone with me to confirm we are making all the right turns.  This one was a good run (well as good as 12 miles can be).  For the Charlotte gals - we started uptown, went through Southend, ran through Dilworth, Myers Park, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood and finally back uptown.  Literally I felt like we went through the whole town.  It was so pretty though!

Freedom Park lake.  It was so cool with the steam coming off of it. 
We had to make a minor detour at a gas station and also another stop for more water at Showmars.  Thankfully they were all super nice.

Kristen got bit by a dog, but thankfully it didn't get to her skin.  The dog was on a leash for goodness sakes.  That owner shouldn't have that dog in public...all we did was run by.  She is okay though, whew. 

It reminded me of a few weeks ago when a rottweiler lunged at me uptown.  I think it was my faster movement and neon green shirt.  He didn't do that at any normal person walking by.  Crazy.  I was behind a pole in an instant.

We see some nutsy stuff though as we canvas the neighborhoods and busier streets.  Lots of kids going to their school buses (so cute!), road rage commuters and weirdos uptown.  Near the jail is always a fun place to run too haha!  Pretty safe though if you think about it.

It's fun though and we always have good conversation the whole time.

And I'm going to go chug more water and take more tylenol.