Friday, April 13, 2012

Wine and Running Adventures

Last night I had wine and sushi with my friend Lauren.  And I asked to her to be a bridesmaid.  We chatted for four hours.  Nothing like girl time!  I retrieved Kevin from the ole trusty Stool Pigeons on my way home...he had guys night.  Doing things with our own friends is still important, always will be.

Perhaps I had one to many glasses of wine last night hmmmm because the wake up call at 5:30am for 12 miles was ROUGH.  Rough I tell you.  I chugged water, got out of bed and got dressed. 

I ran on down the road and met up with Kristen.  Tara had a late flight and didn't get home until 2am.  Understandably didn't wake up in time.  Who would?!

I always map our adventures out ahead of time and carry my phone with me to confirm we are making all the right turns.  This one was a good run (well as good as 12 miles can be).  For the Charlotte gals - we started uptown, went through Southend, ran through Dilworth, Myers Park, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood and finally back uptown.  Literally I felt like we went through the whole town.  It was so pretty though!

Freedom Park lake.  It was so cool with the steam coming off of it. 
We had to make a minor detour at a gas station and also another stop for more water at Showmars.  Thankfully they were all super nice.

Kristen got bit by a dog, but thankfully it didn't get to her skin.  The dog was on a leash for goodness sakes.  That owner shouldn't have that dog in public...all we did was run by.  She is okay though, whew. 

It reminded me of a few weeks ago when a rottweiler lunged at me uptown.  I think it was my faster movement and neon green shirt.  He didn't do that at any normal person walking by.  Crazy.  I was behind a pole in an instant.

We see some nutsy stuff though as we canvas the neighborhoods and busier streets.  Lots of kids going to their school buses (so cute!), road rage commuters and weirdos uptown.  Near the jail is always a fun place to run too haha!  Pretty safe though if you think about it.

It's fun though and we always have good conversation the whole time.

And I'm going to go chug more water and take more tylenol.


  1. 12 miles..!!! Impressive, wow! Way to go!

  2. That is impressive! WOW!When running did notice all the roads torn up in and around Uptown?
    I was just told that the Secret Service has given the City 3-week to seal shut every.single.manhole.utility.hole around in preparation for the DNC. They're scrambling!

  3. I am impressed you were up at 5:30 to run 12 miles! I skipped my workout this morning because it was cold and rainy outside. I'm running 8 this weekend :)

  4. wow that looks so awesome! glad you had fun =]

  5. 12 miles is insane! How long does that take you?!

    Also, a dog bite? You really do have the most interesting running adventures!

  6. That picture is sooo cool! And twelve miles?! Holy moly I could not do that!

  7. I am very impressed! 12 miles, especially after a fun night out with a bestie?! You deserve a medal. ;)

    Glad your friend is alright. Scary that happened, especially with the dog on a leash.