Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Weekend - Out, Brunch, Kevin's Fam

On Friday Kevin and I went out with Lauren and Andrew for an impromptu evening out!  First stop was Vida then we went to Aria.  Always good times with you two! 

Saturday morning we had a blogger brunch at Pewter Rose.  Thank you to April for the picture! ;) 

L to R - Lauren, Adelaide, Christin, April, Katie and I.  Christin was in town from Memphis and Adelaide drove down from about an hour and a half north of Charlotte.  It was wonderful meeting both of them!  Yall probably know most of these ladies!  I consider them in real life friends now (and have for awhile).  Such nice, genuine gals!

That afternoon, Kevin's Aunt and Uncle from Phoenix/Palm Springs/Seattle came uptown with Kevin's parents and Joe/Britt.  We walked around and checked out where the wedding festivities are going down and then had cocktail hour at my condo. 

We walked over to dinner at Aria.  Yes, two nights in a row.  We were lucky enough to sit at the Chef's table again as we did with my parents last fall.  Never had a bad meal there.  It is always amazing food and perfect service.  And their beverages are always tasty!

Uncle Jeff and Kevin.

Kevin's parents!

The guys picking up their pops.  So funny!

Then it was time to go home!  Haha!

Yesterday I got to visit with one of my oldest friends Ashley (we were in pre-school together).  She was in town at her in-laws and I hadn't met her little Jane yet.  Jane will be a year old on May 12th.  She is the happiest baby and just such a joy to be around.  Next time, when my voice doesn't sound like a man and I'm not coughing up a lung, I can't wait to play more with her!   

I did chores around the house yesterday afternoon and Kevin decided he had to have wings for dinner (instead of what I already had planned ha!) so we walked across the street for those.  It was actually kinda nice to do something different. 

Today, they are having a church golf tournament and Kevin's Allstate agency is a sponsor so I'll be heading down there after work. 

Never a dull moment!

Happy Monday!


  1. It was great seeing you Saturday -- let's do it again soon for sure.

  2. your always so busy!! Love the Lilly dress!

  3. You guys and your AllState trips! You probably use a majority of your vacation time for them! HA! I'm jealous~!

  4. Love your shirt and dress! The colors are fabulous!

  5. I've been dying to try Pewter Rose!

    So glad I found you on here :)

  6. Just now realizing that we live about 3 blocks from each other! I am an Aria addict also. I swear I drag my boyfriend there about once a week, he doesn't hate it either!

  7. What a fun time you had this weekend! That Lilly dress looks fabulous on you!

  8. Another busy weekend! Glad you had fun at all your dinners and events!

  9. i cant believe there are so many charlotte bloggers! so happy to have found your blog!