Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life from my phone

Some wedding, some not! Professional pictures by Terra Bailey.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Bachelorette Party Weekend!

On Friday after lunch, I headed to Lindsay's bachelorette party in Blowing Rock, NC.  It was held at her maid of honor's sister's mountain house.  Got all that?
The Bride (Lindsay) is in the middle, my friend Sara (who is 6 months pregnant on the right) and me who was dressed for summer not the mountains on the left.  We are very old friends....since we were 4 or 5 years old friends!
We sipped on wine on the back deck until everyone arrived.
Diana the MOH made the most amazing dinner, starting with these artichoke bites.
Salad with proscuitto, watermelon, goat cheese, fresh arugula and a fancy dressing.  So good.
Lindsay's little sister Ashley in green and Sara.
The second course was a fancy pasta from Manhattan that Diana had hunted down.  The last course was tilapia and swiss chard.
Then Lindsay opened gifts, ahem, and we played a couple fun games.  Those pictures are top secret.
Saturday morning at a very early hour and after two hours of sleep, I got on the road in my bathing suit and coverup to head to Charleston, SC for my friend Lauren's bachelorette party!
Lauren's sisters did such a great job throwing her weekend!  These flamingos were outback of her parent's Isle of Palms house with little veils on!
After lounging on the back deck for awhile, it was cocktail hour and we all got ready.  Felt like we were back in the sorority house!  Everyone was doing each other's hair and makeup.  So fun!
The bride! 
Everyone watched her open her gifts which we won't show any of those pictures!
Lauren and her two sisters!
Lauren and her college friends!
Lauren and her Charlotte girls!
Lauren and her two future sister in laws!
Then we all jumped in cabs and headed into Charleston for a fancy dinner at Coast.  SO good!
All of the girls after dinner!
This is me, Tara and Lauren during dinner. 
Then we went to a close bar and they gave us all a shot.  I didn't take mine - uck!
Hi Bride! 
Then for some odd reason, Tara and I decided it'd be a mighty great idea to stay out and not get back to the beach house until 3:30am.  Smart decision....not!  Haha, but it was fun!
Yesterday getting back to Charlotte was rough.  I had the windows open (despite the rain) and loud rowdy music on to avoid falling asleep.  Kevin and I went to Hawthorne's pizza for a much needed catch-up-on-life dinner and I hit the bed around 9pm! 
Can't wait for their weddings on June 1 and June 8!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday before Wedding and Bridesmaids Luncheon

Let's start with Wednesday actually.  My parents got into town early Wednesday afternoon.  I met them at our house and we got things organized and had cocktail hour.  Once Kevin got home, we loaded two cars of hotel welcome bags and went to dinner at Wolfman Pizza, just the four of us.  That was really nice.  Then we headed uptown to deliver the bags and some other things to the hotels and City Club.  This was SO great to get done on Wednesday night!  Highly recommend doing this.
On Thursday before everyone got to town, Mom and I had a busy day.  We dropped off ivy to our florist that Mom brought from their house in Maryland.  It is special because the ivy used to be planted at her parent's house and it was used in my parents wedding.  Therefore, it had to be used in mine!  Tiny pieces of it were behind the guys boutonniere's and I believe specs of it were used in my bouquet too.  Oh this is so fun telling you all the little details of our wedding!  There were so many...
Also on Thursday, Mom and I got our nails done by Mr. Lee at the Myers Park location of Polished.  We saw my bossman as we were leaving, that was random.  She and I went to Nordstrom and I bought more shoes because my nude peep toes were hurting so I got a pair of nude closed toe pumps by Corso Como.  These were much better.
Thursday afternoon, our families were starting to arrive.  Oh PS - Kevin is at work all day on Thursday.  He liked being down there and not in the hub bub. 
He did come uptown around 5pm and we all went to Vapiano's for dinner with his family and my family.  There were about 25 of us!
My niece Sarah took back some dessert!
 Her sister Anna Kate doesn't eat nearly as much haha!
Kevin and his uncle Jeff from Seattle.
My first niece and Kevin's first niece!  Anna Kate loved holding Kendall!
Us with the kiddos!
My Uncle Mac and his granddaughter Maeve.
Kevin's side of the family - folks in from Boston, Dallas, and Seattle!
Back in my parents suite, we all hung out.  The girls got into my makeup and decided it would be fun to put it all on Kevin!  He loved every second of them hanging out with him.
Thursday night Kevin and I went down to the house to stay the night.  I get so sick of hotels and I just wanted to sleep in my own bed and be well rested for the weekend.  Plus I had to wash my hair one last time!
Friday morning, my Dad came to pick me up and take me to get my dress.  This was pretty cool that he came to get me and take me to pick up my WEDDING dress.  Something about that was just neat.  We also stopped by Teeter and got some more beer and tonic water.  Ha!
We took my dress to the church and then went to the hotel and I put on my dress for the bridesmaid's luncheon.
My Aunt hosted our Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Aria.  It was perfect in every way!  These are the gifts I gave everyone in attendance! 
Flower girls - a big ivory hairbow and a pearl bracelet.
My Aunt who hosted - a teal clutch
Mom - a silver frame
My SIL's Mama - a fancy soap
Kevin's Mama - a wedding cake Pandora charm (Kevin picked this out!)
Bridesmaids - I had been collecting spring looking wraps from Nordstrom since Spring 2012 to give to them.  They were all different and suited each of my girls.  This was fun to pick out but hard to narrow down.  I went back and exchanged several times when I saw one I liked better, ha!  I think they liked them!
Readers, Greeters and Guestbook girls - earrings that were designed by the ladies at On A String
Lil nieces who weren't there - an ivory hairbow! ;)
Isn't this dogwood cake amazing?  It was inspired by a cake my Aunt saw in Southern Living.  It was gorgeous!!!
You can see the napkin rings in the picture below.  They are white with the teal rosette and a pearl in the middle.  My Aunt made these and carefully brought them up from Florida.  She is very talented!
Here's my Aunt who put the whole event together!
This is Brittany, Kevin's brother Joe's wife!  Now my SIL!
My girls!!!  Minus one flower girl!
Friday was a wonderful day!
After the luncheon, I headed back to the hotel with the girls to freshen up.  Then I met my Dad and some of their friends at Dandelion real quick then I walked over to Modern and got my hair done.  This is the best thing I did for myself all weekend.  Got my hair done, by myself.  I really got to chill and relax!  Highly recommend.  And Val was able to prep my hair for Saturday, all while dry cutting it and making it pretty for the rehearsal!
When I got back from getting my hair done, my parent's suite was packed with folks from Maryland who had come down!  It was so fun having cocktail hour with them and catching up.
Next was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and I'll tell you all about that soon!
Now I'm off to two bachelorette parties!  Both of the girls were bridesmaids in our wedding! :)  Can't wait!!!!