Monday, February 29, 2016

Brunch, Brad & Shauna and Playground

We had a nice weekend and I hope you all did too! 

Molly Anne was busy doing artwork on Friday!

We went to Cantina for dinner on Friday night. And by Friday night I mean 5pm!

The waiter couldn't have been kinder. He brought out some avocado for Molly Anne and you know she finished mostly all of it.  Child loves some avocado.  Going out for Mexican is always pretty easy with her because I'll bring a pouch and then I know we can always get avocado for her. 

Saturday morning we had a brunch with these gals at Little Spoon planned a month ago. 

Always good to catch up!  

Sunday Brad and Shauna came over for a casual dinner. It was very in Kevin made this cheese platter in a minute and got some potato salad at Whole Foods, we made Cabernet Burgers and had sugar cookies from Teeter. Hey I'm lucky to just have food on the table these days! 

We hung outback and the guys made a fire while mills chewed sticks all night. 

Low key Saturday night 

Night cap 

On Sunday Molly Anne and I played a lot!  We got some new toys out that my sister in law passed to us. She saved everything my parents have given the girls over the years and is giving them to us. How nice is that?!  

Then we walked down to the neighborhood playground with Sarah and Gigi!

Yes the same Sarah that had a child a week ago walked a mile round trip to the playground.  I could barely make it around Target weeks after!  She's crazy!  

She took these pictures on her good camera. I think I'm going to get this one printed in a large size and framed. 

From my iPhone 

We came back and swung some more on the hammock while we watched Mills before dinner.  It was such a pretty day yesterday!  

Well, it's Monday. Time to grind!  Chat soon friends. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday - Meeting Mary Scott

Sorry I'm a blog slacker this week, I'm just crazy busy.  

Here are a few things:

1.  I got to FINALLY meet Mary Scott yesterday and she is PRECIOUS!!!!!  

And then we went back over after I picked Molly Anne up and got all of the girls together for a picture!  There will be another lil babydoll in this picture in the next 6 weeks after April has hers!!!  Can't wait!

2.  Love this Tucker and Tate bathing suit.  Molly Anne may need it.  It's under $30.  I can't find anything at Target that I like for swim class.  I don't want to spend much on size 9m bathing suits right now because I know she'll be in 12m this summer.  I only have two that fit her right now - one 6-12 month Lilly and one I got off of Moms In Charge that is pretty worn and faded.    

3.  Somehow I made dinner last night.  I have no clue how but it happened.  Kevin entertained Molly Anne then I fed her while I was still making this dish.  It's a team effort these days.  Those hours between 4:30-6:30 are pure chaos at my house.  Anyway someone had posted this recipe a couple of weeks ago and I can't remember who so please forgive me.  Anyway, it was good and I have leftovers for lunch today!  I used half the pasta, double the shrimp and skim milk instead of heavy cream.  Oh and I added garlic powder.    

4.  Molly Anne is obsessed with this little guy that talks colors, numbers and letters to her!  And dances of course!  She's sitting pretty well now so I can leave her for a few minutes and go swap laundry and know that she will be okay playing.  I do put the boppy behind her sometimes just so she doesn't crash backwards!  

5.  Ready to go to Ms. Becky's this morning.  So I ran in the kitchen the other night to get something and came right back.  This little queenie was UNDER this bouncer, laying on her tummy happy as a little lark.  I don't want to envision how she got there but let's just say this - the strap to hold her in is now on her at all times.  This child is going to give us a run for our money I bet! ;)  Well...her hair is looking sorta red these days so nothing will surprise me!  Payback....right Mom and Dad?


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crazy Week

It's been a crazy week.  I've been in PA and NY then got stuck in PA so I flew to Maryland to spend the night at my parents then flew back to Charlotte yesterday.  Then Kevin and I had a meeting yesterday afternoon with some folks about a house.  I played catch up a bit last night. It's hard traveling and working and being mama and friend and wife.  But today is a new day. 

Anyway here are some pictures from the week. 

Molly Anne loves looking out the window at everything. 

Baby bullet truly is the very best. Avocado and strawberries in 30 seconds.   Oh yes she had strawberries for the first time this week and loves them. 

I think this is so cute but I'm only getting her one Easter dress and we are borrowing an Easter bubble from Camille.  Otherwise, I'm not going overboard on this holiday. I'd rather get her stuff she can wear more this summer. 

That's all I've got. Swim class this morning!  I've been looking forward to this since last week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Molly Anne's First Swim Class

I'm really sorry but I couldn't just choose one or two of these pictures to post so I'm posting them all!

Molly Anne had her first Little Otter swim class on Thursday morning and she LOVEDDDDD the water!  

She was the youngest in the class but this child did not stop smiling until we got out!  It cracked me up!

I asked the instructor if I'd be a terrible mother if I dunked her for the first time so she could instantly get used to water?!!  (I must admit this was my Dad's idea!!!)  She said well usually we wait until the second class for that.  She said but it looks like she is loving it so let's try it.  (and we play in the bath a lot and I've poured water over her head almost every night so she's used to it!)

Yall.  She came up from being under water with the hugest grin and her tongue out.  It was ADORABLE.  One of the other moms even said out loud how cute she was.  

So yes, Molly Anne loves the water and is already excited about next time!  I am so glad because she HAS to love the water to be in this family!  We grew up going on the boat every weekend.

We'll be going to my brother's house soon to play in the real water, we already have a couple beach trips planned this summer and I know Molly Anne will be in heaven!  I can't wait!

Until then, she'll just be super cute at the indoor pool!

I can't handle it!  ;)

Monday, February 22, 2016

What A Weekend and Mary Scott!

Beginning last Thursday night, it's hard for me to believe the chaos that happened.  On my way home from Supper Club I got so sick.  So so so sick.  AKA I had to ask Uber to pull over!!!  Within 10 minutes of me being home, Kevin got sick.  I'll spare the rest of the details but my Dad called Kevin's parents at 2:30am to ask them to come help us. They arrived right after and one of them dealt with me and one of them dealt with Kevin.  It was unlike anything I've ever seen.  My neighbor, Lisa's husband had brought Gatorade at 1:30am.  We're pretty sure it was food poisoning because of the timing and some mushrooms and eggs and sausage that possibly weren't handled properly.  THANK goodness Molly Anne didn't eat what we did that day so she didn't get it.  

Just a few pictures of us strolling the hood and hanging with neighbors in the street.  

Kevin's parents took Molly Anne to Becky's on Friday and picked her up and kept her that night so we could sleep.  Since we were both up (literally) all night Thursday night, it was really nice to sleep.  First time in a LONG time I've slept 9pm-8am.  By Saturday morning I was a new person.  

We played and played Saturday.  

Mills loved listening to the tea pot pour tea!  ;)

The three of us went to Target and Newk's for dinner.  And Molly Anne basically became 15 years old over the weekend.  She's just so grown up lately.  I feel like the last week she really grew up.  Ahhhhh.  

Saturday night we got a text that our friend Sarah was on her way to the hospital in labor!  I got to go over and babysit Gigi who was sleeping the whole time so her Mom could go be with her.  

Kinda felt like home with a golden at my feet! ;)

Precious Mary Scott was born at 2:16am!!!!  Isn't she adorable?!  We are so thrilled to have a new babydoll in our crowd!

I got home around 3:30am and this bug-a-boo was up promptly at 6 of course trying to put the entire ball into her mouth! ;) 

Oh she has been holding her own bottle now!  I think Ms. Becky taught her that.  

I made a rookie mistake on Sunday for lunch by giving her a fruit pouch and letting her feed it to herself and when I came back, it was ALLLLLL over herself and in every nook and cranny of her high chair.  So the pad, all of the buckles and her clothes went into the wash and we started over again, not strapped in but feet propped on the dining room table.  Ok.  

I got to visit Sarah in the hospital yesterday afternoon too!  

Molly Anne cracking up this morning at her valentines puppy from hallmark that sings and dances!  

Have a good week all!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Molly Anne Feeding and Sleeping Schedules

I wanted to document what we were doing and what we are doing now:  

Old old schedule 4 and 5 months old (starting to taste food):
6/7am – awake and 6-7 ounce bottle
9:30am- 6-7 ounce bottle
10-11am - nap
12:30pm – 6-7 ounce bottle and a few tablespoons of pureed food (added this at 5 months)
1-3 or 1:30-3:30pm - Nap
4:00pm – 6-7 ounce bottle
5:30/5:45pm – a few table spoons of pureed food (added this at 4 months)

6:30pm – Bath, bottle, book, bed
7:00/7:30pm - Asleep

Old schedule from 6-7 months old (three meals and 5 bottles):
6/7am – awake and 7 ounce bottle
8:30am – breakfast
9:30am- 7 ounce bottle
10-11am - nap
12:30pm – 7 ounce bottle and lunch
1-3 or 1:30-3:30pm - Nap
3:30/4pm – 7 ounce bottle
5:30/5:45pm – dinner

6:30pm – Bath, bottle, book, bed
7:00/7:30pm - Asleep

New schedule as of 7.5 months old (three meals and 4 bottles):
6/7am – awake and 7 ounce bottle
8:30am – breakfast
9:30am-10:30am – nap
11am – 7 ounce bottle
12:30pm – Lunch
1-3 or 1:30-3:30pm - Nap
3:30pm – 7 ounce bottle
5:30/5:45pm – dinner

6:30pm – Bath, bottle, book, bed
7:00/7:30pm - Asleep