Monday, February 22, 2016

What A Weekend and Mary Scott!

Beginning last Thursday night, it's hard for me to believe the chaos that happened.  On my way home from Supper Club I got so sick.  So so so sick.  AKA I had to ask Uber to pull over!!!  Within 10 minutes of me being home, Kevin got sick.  I'll spare the rest of the details but my Dad called Kevin's parents at 2:30am to ask them to come help us. They arrived right after and one of them dealt with me and one of them dealt with Kevin.  It was unlike anything I've ever seen.  My neighbor, Lisa's husband had brought Gatorade at 1:30am.  We're pretty sure it was food poisoning because of the timing and some mushrooms and eggs and sausage that possibly weren't handled properly.  THANK goodness Molly Anne didn't eat what we did that day so she didn't get it.  

Just a few pictures of us strolling the hood and hanging with neighbors in the street.  

Kevin's parents took Molly Anne to Becky's on Friday and picked her up and kept her that night so we could sleep.  Since we were both up (literally) all night Thursday night, it was really nice to sleep.  First time in a LONG time I've slept 9pm-8am.  By Saturday morning I was a new person.  

We played and played Saturday.  

Mills loved listening to the tea pot pour tea!  ;)

The three of us went to Target and Newk's for dinner.  And Molly Anne basically became 15 years old over the weekend.  She's just so grown up lately.  I feel like the last week she really grew up.  Ahhhhh.  

Saturday night we got a text that our friend Sarah was on her way to the hospital in labor!  I got to go over and babysit Gigi who was sleeping the whole time so her Mom could go be with her.  

Kinda felt like home with a golden at my feet! ;)

Precious Mary Scott was born at 2:16am!!!!  Isn't she adorable?!  We are so thrilled to have a new babydoll in our crowd!

I got home around 3:30am and this bug-a-boo was up promptly at 6 of course trying to put the entire ball into her mouth! ;) 

Oh she has been holding her own bottle now!  I think Ms. Becky taught her that.  

I made a rookie mistake on Sunday for lunch by giving her a fruit pouch and letting her feed it to herself and when I came back, it was ALLLLLL over herself and in every nook and cranny of her high chair.  So the pad, all of the buckles and her clothes went into the wash and we started over again, not strapped in but feet propped on the dining room table.  Ok.  

I got to visit Sarah in the hospital yesterday afternoon too!  

Molly Anne cracking up this morning at her valentines puppy from hallmark that sings and dances!  

Have a good week all!


  1. I'm so sorry that you and Kevin got so sick. I'm glad you're both feeling better!

    The rest of the weekend sounds like it was wonderful! :)

    Amy @

  2. Mary Scott is such a doll! So sorry that you all were so sick, but I am glad MA stayed well and you both are feeling better.

  3. That food poisoning sounds awful!!! I had it once in like 4th grade and I had to go the hospital I was so dehydrated. Yuck.

    MA does look so grown up! She gets cuter and cuter!

  4. I'm glad y'all are feeling better and that you were able to have excellent care. Oh goodness MA is getting so big! I'm glad she will have MScott to keep her company as a little. Jess at Just Jess

  5. Food Poisoning is the WORST. Not a fun way to ring in a Friday night - I'm sorry about that!! Silver guys have amazing parents.

    And many, many congrats to your friend on the birth of her beautiful baby girl!

  6. Food poisoning is no fun, hope you guys are feeling better. New babies are so exciting :)

  7. Sorry your weekend got off to such a rocky start! Sounds like things turned around, though!

  8. Totally agree MA all of a sudden looks so grown up! Goodness it takes a village - nice to have helpful people when things go south!

  9. She is just too adorable!!!! I love that little ruffle one piece outfit she's wearing. I'm so sorry you guys got that sick, I can't imagine! I have no clue what we would do since we don't have family close by to help. Y'all had quite the eventful weekend!

    Erin, Attention To Darling

  10. I'm so glad your inlaws were able to come over to take care of y'all! Molly Anne is just adorable!