Friday, September 29, 2017

Jack Johnson

I feel like I've been beat into a wall this week.  I'm beyond exhausted and whatever else.  

Last night Kevin and I went to see Jack Johnson play!  When we saw tickets went on sale, we grabbed them right away.  We danced to Better Together for our first dance at our wedding so he has always kinda been our special thing!  And he doesn't tour that often so we knew we HAD to go see him.  We were lucky enough to get Pit tickets again like we had for Chris Stapleton.  Yes, you have to stand the whole time but you're so close, it's awesome.  

He was a really good entertainer but his keyboard player was amazing.  I think he is the best keyboard player I've ever seen.  You could just tell he has such a passion for what he does and has fun doing it.  

And a little cuteness from Ms. Becky for your Friday....

This was on my computer screensaver today... only 6.7% women graduate with a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).  Isn't that crazy?!  Thankful to be one of the ones who suffered through 5 years of it in college at NC State!  

Molly Anne had her last gymnastics class yesterday!  She will miss doing flips and walking on the balance beam for sure!  

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

House Update - Fireplace, Trim and Brick

Brick is wrapping up this week finally!  They've been at our house for 6 weeks I think?  Yesterday trim went up outside.  

The masons wrapped the porch in brick.  

The guy sponging the mortar over it.  You can see where he is standing, it's a little whiter and the right side isn't white yet.  That's the german mortar smear.

They built the fireplace Tuesday and Wednesday.  Isn't it so pretty?  They haven't done the hearth yet but it'll have a piece of bluestone on top of it we think.  

They were taking brick off the site yesterday so I'm hoping for a little credit haha!

Kevin and I worked on finalizing interior paint colors last night.  I asked on one of the FB Mom's groups about closet color and mostly everyone said WHITE!  So that's done.  We know our common area color.  Trying to finalize a couple of the bedrooms and bathrooms now.  

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Quick Ride to Utah

Yesterday morning I flew out to Utah for the day to check on a couple projects.  When I landed, it was only 50 degrees!  I was not dressed appropriately to be outside all day so I quickly ran to Nordstrom.  I told the lady helping me that I needed a scarf/wrap but didn't want to spend much at all since I should have planned better and brought one!  Anyway, I ended up with this pretty one, on big time sale!

Main Image - Caslon® Linen Blend Scarf

Saw a couple projects....

Had a good lunch at R&R BBQ.  It competed with North Carolina BBQ well!

These next two pictures from flying out last night are actually pretty cool.  This is looking southeast and you can see part of the great salt lake on the right. 

They got snow up on the mountains last weekend!  

Got home around midnight last night!  Back at it today getting things done.  Chat soon friends. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Molly Anne and the Flag

I am on my way to Utah for the day so here is a quick post!

This has absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing NFL and National Anthem although I'm sure you all can imagine how I feel about that.   This is just a cool story about Molly Anne that happened last week and into this week!

She has been in gymnastics class at a local YMCA.  Last Thursday as we were leaving, she stopped by the tall flagpole and asked me what it was and what was on top.  I told her it was the American flag and how lucky we are to be Americans.  I also told her that we have an American flag flying in front of our home and I would show it to her that night when we got home.  

Soooo of course when we got home, I took her out front and showed it to her.  She was beginning to connect the dots.   Fast forward to yesterday and we were leaving Ms. Becky's and drove past a high school.  Out of nowhere I hear, "Mama, LOOK!  I see an American flag!"  

So proud of her!  And proud to be an American too, of course!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pool, Party, Pool

This was the last weekend our neighborhood pool was open so we were there this weekend soaking it up!  

Friday night, Molly Anne and I were the only people!

She loves watching the planes go's in a flight path and she likes to pick out which planes are the "big daddy's" or the "little baby ones!"

We will miss this place so much...until next year!

Saturday morning was Soccer Shots!

And playing with her friend Maggie at the playground!

After nap time, we went to Emme's 2nd birthday party!

It was a barnyard bash and sooo adorable!

Molly Anne's favorite part of any birthday party!  Well, singing Happy Birthday is right up there too!

Happy Birthday to Emme!  

Sunday consisted of going out for breakfast to Le Peep, stopping by the new house and finalizing our shutter and trim colors for the outside and chilling.  

Of course after nap we went back to the pool for one last hurrah!  

We ended the weekend with having Kevin's parents over for dinner - Chopt salads!  Molly Anne even got to stay up late!  

Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Five on Friday - Gymnastics, LRC and Tile

The great legging debate!  They're all different sizes.  Both Lilly prints are XS which is size 2-3.  The three printed ones on the right are 3T.  Then you can see the different in 2T and 3T on the two sets of solid pink!  These are all Luigi Kids except the two Lilly ones.  

Molly Anne LOVES some gymnastics!  Yesterday's class was the best one yet and she did so many fun things!

She got her flu shot yesterday and we talked all about how she was going to be getting it, starting the night before.  Molly Anne does better when I prepare her for things - babysitter, shots, going certain places etc.  She's probably like me and doesn't like surprises.  Anyway, she rolled into the doctor's office yesterday and told everyone in there that she was there to get her flu shot and she wanted it in her left leg!  And she also told them that it wouldn't take long and it would just hurt a little bit.  She's a trip!  Through a few tears, she thanked the nurse "for her flu shot!"  Too funny.

We had neighborhood bunco last night where we don't play bunco, we play Left Right Center!  I made this appetizer.  Thick sliced cucumbers, whipped cream cheese mixed with fresh dill and a piece of smoked salmon on top.  Sprinkle salt and pepper and stick a toothpick in it and done!

Everyone brings an appetizer which is super fun because it makes it easy to host and you can get new appetizer ideas!  

Late night chats with my buddy!

I about lost my mind with the tile people yesterday.  Out of four bathrooms, three of them have issues with the tile.  This is our master shower.  I just saw dollar signs of ugliness when I walked in yesterday.  Thankfully it will dry and become lighter but who puts a piece of marble in like that middle one?  It doesn't go.  He had taken it out by the time I left the house yesterday.  I have to watch these boys like a hawk!