Friday, August 30, 2019

Five on Friday

1.  The Beaufort Bonnet Company has wonderful customer service.  My friend gave this Polly Play Dress to Molly Anne for her birthday and it is like the fabric failed in a few spots from wearing it the past couple of months.  Molly Anne has had other Polly dresses and this has never happened...they're such good quality.  And I had never dried this one.  Anyway, I wrote them an email and sent the picture and they credited me the amount towards getting a new dress.  They were prompt, kind and made it right.  I've always shopped with them but definitely will be continuing.  I love good companies.  PS - they are having their Labor Day sale through Monday so with the code LABORDAY you save an additional 20% off sale items plus free shipping. 

2.   How adorable are these hand painted oyster shells from Amy Moffatt Art?  Christmas gifts!  Can put jewelry and anything else in them. So cute. Find at @amymoffattart on Instagram. She’s local to Charlotte!

3.  My friend Julie and I had this rose at Civetta a few months ago and I’ve been on the hunt for it ever since. Winestore was so helpful. The owner ordered it for me and I picked up a few bottles this week. Did y’all know they can get mostly any wine??!  It was so easy too!  Definitely got Julie a bottle. She’s about to have #3 so she will need it ha!

4.  A few weeks ago I went over to Charlotte Running Company to get fitted for new running shoes.  It had been yearsssss (def since before Molly Anne was born) since I had gotten new shoes.  So bad for your feet and probably part of the reason for my foot issues I’m having - pinched nerves!  Anyway, they videoed me running on the treadmill and analyzed how I run then selected what shoe I should wear. I ended up with these sauconys and I took them out for a spin yesterday morning. They’re a dream!!  So glad I finally got them.  Lesson learned - get fitted for running shoes. Don’t buy online!

5.  Harris Teeter at Rea Farms had cooked crabs so I picked two up just for fun and picked them for lunch.  They were surprisingly so good!  Can’t take the Maryland out of me ha!

6.  We’ve done a lot of playing out in the driveway after school this week. They both love it and our driveway is mostly shaded in the afternoons so it’s perfect.  This summer we’ve also gone on a lot of golf cart rides after dinner and before baths. Molly Anne likes getting to eat a poscicle sometimes and Grady just chills out on there.  

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend! 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

J. Crew Shoes

J. Crew is doing 40% off today with code SUNSET.  One thing really caught my eye....these shoes  They would be perfect for running around and still looking put together.  And the navy and white stripes - LOVE.  Okay.. I'm ordering them with a gift card I still have from my birthday last year!  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What’s Up

What’s going on....

Grady started cruising this past weekend. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to use food to entice him but a goldfish on the opposite end of the sofa and bam!  He’s been doing it a lot since then too!  Progress. 

Molly Anne told me I was mean on Sunday morning after I got on her for taking advantage of the babysitter on Saturday night. Skittles, ice cream and apple juice all within an hour is unacceptable and she knew it.  Anyway, she said, “Mama you’re mean and I’m going to tell Daddy because Daddy is my buddy!”  Yikes. 

Last night on the way home from school she told me I was cool and that Grady is handsome and cool so there’s that.  

I took Grady to get a new pair of shoes at Tootsie Too yesterday morning.  He really needed to be fit properly and they’re so good there.  He ended up with these shoes from Japan.  He went up to size 5 and his inserts from the PT ladies go right in them.  Waiting to go in...

Molly Anne had gymnastics again yesterday. She loves it!  We have to work on sit-ups!  She wasn’t doing them properly so we will do some this week.  I’m not sure I’m into the whole strictness of gymnastics at age 4 but we’re only on week two so we will see how it goes!

My neighbor and I had our first pumpkin beer on Sunday night!  Yum yum!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sippy Cup Labeling

Anyone else have to take a zillion sippy cups or bottles to daycare every day?  Grady has to take 4 sippy cups daily.  I ordered all new ones and this allows us to have enough for me to label them ALL on Sunday which saves a lot of hassle during the week. 

I got our on local mom's group to figure out the best way to label them with name and date.  Since last week was the first week, I did a little test to see which was the best way.  

Name Label - Monday I used painters tape for his name.  The rest of the week, I used a sharpie and wrote directly on the cups for his name.  Verdict is in - both work.  And both mostly stay through the dishwasher..I did have to touch up the sharpie on one cup out of 16 that I did like that last week.  I ordered some labels from Mabel's Label's and I'm looking forward to seeing how these work.  Supposedly these stay on for a year...dishwasher and all.  They'll look a little neater than my handwriting ha...not that it really matters!  Of course I did navy with a white crab and Grady's name in white. PS - yes I have inchbug orbit labels and they’re wonderful but I’m not buying 20 of those things...aka spending $65 on LABELS!!! 

Date Label - I used an extra long piece of washi tape for the date.  That way, I could easily scratch out the old date and put the new one right next to it and it saves me from putting tape on every cup every Sunday.  This worked perfectly and was super easy to do.  I'll probably replace the washi tape every few weeks or every month. 

Monday, August 26, 2019

Discovery Place and Birthday Party

Friday after work I grabbed Molly Anne and Grady, got them home, changed and ready for the pool.  We met Kevin over there.  I packed PB&J's and other things and they had dinner.  Then a storm came out of nowhere and I was carrying Grady and yelling for Molly Anne to run and follow me to the car.  It was chaos but we were safe in the car in a matter of seconds. 

Saturday morning one of Molly Anne's friends from her old class invited us to Discovery Place Science with them!  Here she is standing with the building where Kevin and I met. 

We had the best morning doing all kinds of STEM related activities.  There was a local architectural firm there that had a lot of booths set up with interactive activities for the children to learn what they do.  It was super cool!

And we also visited the lego exhibit and Molly Anne could have stayed there to build for hours!

That afternoon some of Kevin's family came over!  I had made this little charcuterie board thinking it was only a few people.  Well it ended up being a lot more than that so I wasn't entirely prepared but it worked out.  Thankfully family doesn't mind!  

Loved that Molly Anne and Grady got to visit with everyone!

Then we all (minus Molly Anne and Grady - they stayed with a babysitter) headed over to the club for Kevin's dad's 70th birthday party!  It was so nice!

Sunday morning looked a lot like this...lounging in our pajamas.  Mills loves Grady and Grady loves Mills!

She played with her legos for hours...which is now what our dining room has turned into.  Hey, I'm just glad it's being used for something productive!

Two peas in a pod.

We went out for lunch at 521 BBQ.  After naps we played out in the driveway with our neighbors and called it a night at 5:30pm.  I was asleep by 9:15p and woke up about 5:45a feeling pretty refreshed.  

Back to the grind today....with school traffic included.  Uck!  Good luck to all of the children beginning their new years today!  

Grady nor Molly Anne were happy about going to school this morning....Mondays are always rough drop off days.  

Friday, August 23, 2019

Seven on Friday

Can yall stand this adorable backpack I ordered for Grady?!  Molly Anne has the same one in pink with a navy monogram.  All the heart eyes.  

Molly Anne started gymnastics this week at Southeastern.  My goodness, this program doesn't mess around.  She got a hefty dose of discipline, Russian style!  Go girl!  She loves it so far!  I ordered her a couple of new leotards from Amazon - here and here (both under $13 each).  The one she's wearing in the below picture is a Target specialty!  They have it in toddler and larger sizes.  

The thunderstorms have been freaking Mills out and we've found him in his condo a lot if we aren't home when the storm begins.  It's his safe place.  He's also been sleeping overnight in there more often lately. 

Greenery from Yafo - my go to lunch spot when I'm at my office in Southpark. 

I was over exchanging some shoes for Molly Anne this week at Nordstrom and saw these boots.  They may have to be her new color for this Fall/Winter.  She would love them!

Yesterday was Mills' 7th birthday!  We celebrated the way we do every year.  Goodie cake!  Except Molly Anne made it this year.  It's just little goodies and a bunch of peanut butter layered between them!  His favorite.  We love our buddy boy!  I lay with him every night for a little while, rub his ears and always tell him he's my best friend! :)  

Gone in one big bite. 

He hates when I make him wear the same party hat every year!

Chaos in Mills' condo!  I don't know why they like getting in there but they do!  Whatever ha!

We went out to Cabo Fish Taco for dinner last night and I forgot how good it is!  There is one in Ballantyne near us now so it was fun to go...we usually always went to the NoDa one when we lived uptown.  Grady keeps himself entertained at Mexican restaurants by eating chips as of two weeks ago...things I never let Molly Anne do - eat chips at 15 months old...those sharp edges!  But Grady doesn't care, he eats them one after another!

Amanda - I couldn't reply to your comment on this post, but I made the apple that's on their little board.  Just cut some construction paper, glue it together or tape it and done!  It looks way better in pictures than it does in person! ;)

Thursday, August 22, 2019


1.  I took a week off of cycling on my Peloton.  Maybe even over a week.  I am trying to be careful to not get burnt out on it which I have a habit of doing with certain exercising.  I have been doing some of the arm workouts though which I enjoy.  I also did a couple of Erin Oprea's workouts from Instagram.  Yesterday and this morning I cycled again so that was good but no big rides.  15 minute ride yesterday about killed me....I was a sweaty mess.  15 minutes ha!  Also, I always think working out means killing cardio for 45 minutes every time and that's not the case.  

2.  I ate a PB&J for dinner last night.  My children ate well but I was done done and done and that's all that sounded good.

3.  I'm super busy at work and have been at the office 4 times a week.  I like being there.  

4.  The mornings have been tough getting out of the door this week.  You'd think I wouldn't have a problem with it since I do it all of the time but this little switch with Grady this week has thrown me for a bit of a loop.  This too shall pass.

5.  I found out how much the labor was to reupholster the chair from my great-grandmother and I couldn't believe it.  So much more than a few years ago so it may have to wait a little bit.  

6.  I take Mills on a golf cart ride almost every night after the children go to bed.  It's a hoot but he loves it!  He now stands at the door waiting on me.  

7.  I went to bed at 8pm on Wednesday night.  NECESSARY.  We've hit it pretty hard this summer - I've gone out one night during every week plus we've been going out a night on the weekend.  I needed some sleep and vegetables in my world this week and I'm glad I've made that happen. 

8.  Mentally I'm pretty zonked this week from what I talked about yesterday but I do realize it's minor in the grand scheme of what others have going on.  I'm also fighting a battle in my head of whether or not I should have Grady x-rayed like his pediatrician said we could do (and will do if he's not walking at 18 months).  I feel like that's more for me than for him at this point though.  I'm going to give it time and let him get settled at his new school and see what progress happens over the next couple of weeks.  It's always something to worry about with children, right?

9.  I took Grady's Dubose picture to get framed this week.  It's going to take 3.5 weeks to be finished and I CANNOT WAIT!  So excited to get it back.  

10.  I feel like I've been on an Amazon roll this week - leotards, socks for Grady, more Monkey Bar Buddies for Molly Anne, a couple new toys for G, diapers, pullups and wipes.  Never a dull moment and thank goodness for our nice UPS man!

11.  Kevin totally took over groceries and dinners for this week and also went to Sam's for us.  This was SO helpful.  He loves some Sam's Club but I know everyone in Charlotte loves Costco!

Chat soon friends!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Last and First Days

Oh it's been quite the couple of weeks here.  Thursday was Molly Anne's last day in her 2018-2019 class and Friday was Grady's last day at Ms. Becky's.  We will still see Molly Anne's teachers almost daily but we won't get to see Ms. Becky.  I've driven to her house every weekday for 4 years so I definitely had a hard time leaving her on Friday.  She has taken such amazing care of both Molly Anne and Grady and we miss her SO much.  This has also been a little transition for Molly Anne because she still got to see her most days this past year when we picked up Grady.  I made the last pickup quite fast...basically I ran out of there crying!  We will be back to see her soon but we gotta rip the bandaid off for a few weeks first.  

Truth be told, I've been driving almost 1.5 hours every afternoon picking up my two children and I can't withstand that for another year.  AND...since Grady is a little behind on milestones, he needs to be with children his age in a hefty program that will get him going.  And...this will be my only year for the next 4 that they'll be in the same school together.  So it made complete sense to move him to Molly Anne's school.  And she couldn't be more excited to have him there and see him in the halls!

So like last August when we had a big transition of moving Molly Anne from Ms. Becky, this August we are doing it with Grady.  And it hasn't been very fun this week.  But I'm sticking it out, knowing it WILL get better.  I've been taking him into school to pick Molly Anne up since he's been born every now and then but the last couple of weeks I walked him through where his class was going to be etc.   Last Saturday he got to play in his new room during the open house.  Of course Monday happened and zero crying when I dropped him off.  Tuesday and today...CRYING.  I hate leaving him like that but I do know it will work out and I do know he's in a wonderful place where he will learn and grow.  And he'll be there for the next 4 years so he eventually will get used to it!

Molly Anne on the other hand has had zero transition this year.  Her afternoon teacher from last year is her new teacher and the lady that is teaching with her is amazing too.  Molly Anne told me to go ahead and leave yesterday when I dropped her off.  Ha!  She loves being there and is quite the social butterfly! 

That's what has been going on over here.  I know we will get into the swing of things with Grady but it will take time.  Becky always told me to give everything 30 days and she's been right every time.  So here's to the middle of September coming quickly but most importantly, Grady getting more comfortable with his super sweet teachers.  :)

I forgot to take pictures of them with their little boards before school so we did it after.  

Grady looks exhausted right?  He only slept one hour.  And he's used to 4 hours of naps a day!