Thursday, November 30, 2017

House Updates Again - Porch, Lights Driveway

There is A LOT going on at the house this week so I want to be sure I capture it.  Sorry about two posts in one week but it's the only way I can keep up on a week like this one!

I've been by the house 2-3 times a day this week and that's how quickly things are changing.  

2" bluestone with a 2" overhang on the sides and rear for the grilling station. 

2" bluestone on the fireplace hearth.  You can also see the slate on the covered porch floor.  

The Indoor/Outdoor Pottery Barn Bolton Lantern hung in our foyer!  On sale!

Large Clarissa Crystal Drop Round Chandelier for our dining room.  The crystals won't go on until after the floors are sanded.  Mom thinks it looks like a fruit basket right now ha!  But it won't after the crystals are put on there.  I hope not at least!

Driveway got poured yesterday!  Took three trucks and each one had 8 yards of concrete.  

Today this is what's going on:
Saw cutting the driveway and pouring the sidewalk
Electricians wrapping up
Plumbers wrapping up
Tile guys finishing grout
Garage doors will be installed
Insulation installed 3rd floor
Railings installed on exterior stairs and on the porch
Backfill in the yard for final grade and cutting a few piddly trees down

A LOT happening.  I like it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

10 years!

Today is the day I met Kevin, 10 years ago.  He swears we met at Stool Pigeons and he bought me a Miller Lite.  He even broke out the receipt recently...he keeps everythinggggg!  I don't remember meeting him that night -- he even said I called my Dad about something funny while we were there!  

I do remember leaning over my balcony and talking to him one floor down while he was on his balcony.  And that went on for about 1.5 years before we finally started dating in March/April 2009!  Here are a couple old school pictures from 2009!  We were young bucks!  I was 26 and he was 33.  Too wild!  

And look, we grew up, got engaged, got married, had a little Molly Anne and are building a house.  I think we're even still going to be married after building this house!  And if you've ever built one, you know what I'm talking about haha!

Happy Meeting You Anniversary dear husband of mine! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

House Update - Lots of Things

It's been a couple weeks and lots has happened so I thought I'd fill you all in.  One day I will print all of these House Update posts and put them in book to keep on our coffee table.  Won't that be fun to see how far we've come?  My goodness, it's been a long two years in the making but I'm trying to push through these last weeks!  

Let there be stairs into our house.  The masons did the three sets of garage stairs, front stairs and stairs off the rear porch.  

They are going to come back and smear mortar on these front stairs so it will match the house.  We weren't sure if we wanted the contrast of the regular brick or if it should all be the same we decided we want it to all be the same.  It was one of those things that we couldn't go back on if we told them to go ahead with it so I'm glad we were better safe than sorry!

We've added 7 loads of dirt to the front and back yard, plus used some other dirt that we have cut out of the yard to fill in and make drainage flow better.  Yall know this civil engineer has to have the drainage right and we'll be golden after all this.   

The back porch with no slate....

The back porch with slate.  This came out so much better than I could have expected.  This is when they were washing it so I don't have the best pictures but it's very pretty!

The grilling station.  We had to buy a grill a couple weeks ago for this because we decided it wasn't safe to have our existing grill built in.  Technically it could have been but I'm not really interested in gas issues that close to our house.

On the hearth of the outdoor fireplace above and the grilling station, we got these 2" slabs of bluestone to put on them.  I think these will really look awesome.  We're waiting on the tile guys to cut the piece for the hearth.  

Railings for the inside stairs.  Boy were these a big debacle.  Having a rounded set of stairs and a square newell post.  We broke all the rules....

But I like the outcome!  Well sorta.  I like the bottom half and how pretty the curve looks.  They should have gone up the left side of the stairwell which would have been easier for them and what we wanted but they went up the right.  I wanted the railing to be on your right side as you walk down for obvious reasons.  This is a still TBD, they may be changing this.  Right now, it's staying so we can get a certificate of occupancy, hopefully this week.  Of course the newells will be painted white to match our trim and the railing will be stained the color of the floors.   

Exterior lights were put on.  I feel like I may have shared these already?

Can I be honest?  I think these lanterns are too low.  And it is a huge problem and not easy to fix.  It can be done.  But $$$.  Do not decide a standard height on something like this until you have the lantern in your hand.  Due to how it all worked out, honestly we couldn't have done anything differently so yeah...this is ... I don't know what to say about it.  This house isn't perfect.  Yeah okay.  I do LOVE the lanterns.  They're gas and switch off with an electronic switch too.  Best of both worlds.  

Mudroom station which isn't finished.  It will be zazzed up with trim etc.  

Working on blinds and shutters.  We are going to only do blinds in certain places for now that are really necessary then live there for awhile to see what we think before we go nuts on plantation shutters.  Think that's a good plan?  So on shutters you can do fake woodgrain or plain.  We are leaning toward plain.  We have fake woodgrain in our house now but the only reason I know that is because I went and looked.  Ha!  

Hopefully I'll have pictures of interior lights hung by Thursday!  Those will be sooooo exciting to see!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Catch Up Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!  Here is a little catch up post from our world!

Last Wednesday Molly Anne went to Ms. Beckys for a couple hours and got to go in her pajamas.  She was the only one there so it was a big treat to get to take a few of her own toys to show Ms. Becky!  

After nap we ran over to the house and then to the playground and then back to the house.  I had to meet several people there and Molly Anne was an angel.  This girl loves a playground!

When we got home, Aunt Emily had sent Molly Anne two new puzzles as a special Thanksgiving treat!  She LOVED doing them all weekend!  Aunt Emily always knows the best things to buy for children!

Thursday Molly Anne, Mills and I ran our own turkey trot that morning!   It was chilly but good to get out there!  When we came home, we watched some of the NYC parade on TV!  

Then we got ready for Thankgiving lunch at Kevin's parent's club!  She was so excited to wear her pearl necklace and silver bracelet.  This was my pearl necklace and my parent's best friends gave her the silver bracelet when she was born!

I had to take some adorable pictures of our little queenie all dressed up!

She was actually pretty good at the club and had her fair share of a traditional Thanksgiving meal!

Kendall and Molly Anne!  

The fam!

Friday morning Molly Anne and I went shopping bright and early.  We were at the mall before 8am!  She loved seeing all of the shops all decorated and picking a few things out for herself!  She was super sweet and such a good girl.  

That night the three of us went to dinner and she was in rare form.  It wasn't really her fault, she hadn't had a good nap for three days in a row at that point because of stuff we had going on but still, it was so embarrassing!  We ate quickly and got on out of there!

Ole Millsy's favorite new spot!  He puts his head on the cool tile!

We really didn't do much all weekend.  Kevin and Molly Anne didn't leave the house all day on Saturday.  I ran to the house and Teeter but that was it!  It was nice being low key.  Kevin and I got some rooms cleaned out before our move.  

Mills is basically the best part human around!

Yesterday we took Christmas card pictures for our card and for my parents!  These are a preview but not what we are using!  

She was obsessed with her red nightgown all weekend!  Her makeup kit is one of her favorite things right now.  She's putting eye shadow on in the below picture!

We desperately needed the low key weekend with our busy month coming up!  Back to the grind yall!  

When I left the house this morning, Molly Anne yelled from the other room, "I love you Mama!"  It basically melted me into a million pieces!

Friday, November 24, 2017

It's Black Friday!

Today is my favorite day of the year to shop til I drop!  I told y'all the other day that Mom and I always go out shopping when we are together for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately this year we aren't but it will also be my first time taking Molly Anne to ALL the shops!  She's going to love seeing all the stores decorated and all the goodies out and about.  We never really go shopping so she'll think this is special! 

Here are some of my favorite places and what sale they have going on!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company - the cutest children's clothes!  40% and free shipping is the best deal I've seen them do!  Code is PINKFRIDAY.  I got Molly Anne this dress, this dress and this bathing suit for next year!  

Amazon - random sales - Amazon is always a good idea.  We'll be buying fans for our new house ha!

J. Crew - 40% off everything with code THANKU.  I got this cape today and feel like I totally scored because it sold out in an instant last year!  I'll be wearing this a lot!

Lilly Pulitzer - gifts with purchase!  I'm likely getting Molly Anne this popover!

Pottery Barn - Free Shipping on mostly everything and 25% off bedding and sofas with code BLACK FRIDAY.  Other savings up to 50% off.  

Pottery Barn Kids - 20% off plus free shipping with code UNWRAP.  I may get some sheets and a quilt for Molly Anne's big girl bed and towels for her new bathroom!

Vineyard Vines - going to be getting Molly Anne these pajama pants

Williams Sonoma - various deals on the website!  Their soaps are always one of my favorite gifts to give!  Everyone loves them and they're 20% off today!

Loft - 50% off everything with code FRIYAY

Tory Burch - 30% off sitewide $250+, including certain colors my favorite shoes - The Minnies

Target - just ordered these look alike Ugg boots for Molly Anne, for $30 versus $100+, I couldn't beat these, especially to wear to Ms. Becky's outside!

Serena & Lily - 20% off everything with code CHEERS

Hope you find some great deals!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Is everyone ready for turkey and celebrating with family?

We are staying in town this year and hanging with my in laws instead of going to Pawleys.  It will be fun.  We may do a turkey trot tomorrow morning or just walk in our own neighborhood.  We'll see. 

On Black Friday this will be the first time in years that I've been in Charlotte so I plan on taking Molly Anne and we are going to go shop!  Gotta get her started early on our family traditions!  Mom and I were laughing the other day reminiscing of when we used to go back to my condo to Dad and Kevin with gobs of bags from shopping on Black Friday!  We love doing that together!  So Molly Anne and I are going to go do a few things that morning before nap time.  I told Mom she should fly down for the day to do it with us haha!

Honestly, my whole Christmas list is finished except for Kevin, Molly Anne and buying two hostess gifts and I know what I'm going to do for those.  I have some ideas for Kevin and Molly Anne but I always end up doing them last for some reason!  

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend being with family or friends!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sunday List To Do

Do any of you all do A LOT on Sundays?  I have to do things on Sunday so I can survive the work week!  Maybe some of you stay at home Moms do the same thing so you have an easier week too?  I thought it may be fun to share a little list of stuff I do to make my week easier.  Please comment about what you do to make life easier!  

1.  I meal plan on Saturday and order groceries for pick up on Sunday.

2.  Meal prep on Sunday for the week.  I usually do this during nap time.  I rinse and chop everything.  I put things together as best as I can so I can throw stuff together quickly after work.

3.  I take all the trash out and empty Molly Anne's diaper genie.

4.  I give her a manicure and pedicure every Sunday and she knows it's coming every time!  She thinks it's fun.

5.  I do all of our laundry including towels.  I rarely do laundry during the week unless it's a little load.  

6.  I vacuum or run around with my dust buster at least.

7.  I refill toilet paper, tissues, diapers and wipes, dog food.  

8.  I look at my calendar for the week and make sure I know what's going on and fill Kevin in. 

9.  I get everything packed for me for Monday morning - any dry cleaning I need to take, any things I need to return at the mall, any boxes to mail back etc.  I have to have my act together to get out the door early every morning.  

10.  I used to lay out all of Molly Anne's outfits for the week but I've quit doing that unless I won't be there the next morning.  

Okay, please share your ways!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekend - Birthday, Independence Fund, Decorations

Friday morning cuddles.  She loves hanging on his bed doing her numbers games.  I loved that Mills went and laid right by her with his head on his bed.  I mean seriously!!!!  

Friday was my birthday.  We went out to 131 Main for dinner and our little queenie was mostly on her best behavior.  The 5:30pm reservation was for sure necessary and when she wasn't trying to stand in the booth, she was pretty good.  ;)  I told her that we didn't stand in booths so she didn't need to either!  Kevin had the filet which I tasted and it was so good and I had trout.  Miss Molly Anne had a grilled cheese!  Kevin and Molly Anne gave me a car wash...the new car and new house were my gifts this year and the house probably for the next 30!  

Saturday morning soccer.  Every time she went to score a goal she held her right hand behind her back.  It was so cute!  One more soccer session is left for the season!  

And also every time after she scored, she ran over to me and said, "Mamaaaaa, I did it!!!!"  She was so proud of herself!  

After soccer, we headed over to the house so Kevin and I could decide on some things.  This is how we have to do the house stuff when we have her.  It's still really not a safe place to be so I put her in the stroller and gave her my iPad.  Desperate times but it worked and we got stuff done!  

She wanted us all to lay on her floor and cover up with one of her blankets (including baby bunny and big bunny).  Then she wanted a picture of us!

Saturday afternoon we went to the celebration of Independence Fund's 10th anniversary of giving back to veterans, at Hunter Farm in Weddington.  It was a wonderful family event put on my dear friend Sarah.  She does so much for the veteran community and we are thankful for her and what she does! 

Molly Anne standing for the National Anthem with her little hand over her heart.  The way it should be!  Teach them young.  She stood there perfectly the whole song and didn't even try to run around.  I WAS SO PROUD!

Then she danced to Josh Gracin (American Idol) for awhile!  She loved it!  Not shy, haha!

And eat ice cream while watching him!

Molly Anne and I were first in line to meet Josh.  Such a nice guy who has served in the military as well!  

My friend Kate sent me this picture of Kevin and Molly Anne that she took.  She said it was the sweetest moment and I love that she captured it!

That night, Ashlyn came over to watch Molly Anne and we went out with some friends that we met a long time ago where we used to live!  It's like time never has passed when we hang with David and Jenn!  We love them and could have stayed all night talking!  Yes, the baked potatoes at Firebirds are amazing!  

Sunday morning, Molly Anne woke up wanting to do puzzles that second.  She did the one that her feet are on all by herself!  

I went over to the house Sunday morning for a couple hours to organize light fixtures, faucets and other stuff.  My friend Margot stopped over to check it out too which was super sweet!  

After nap, Molly Anne and I put up some Christmas decorations and she LOVED it.  In fact, this morning the first thing she said when I got her out of bed was, "where are my Christmas trees?"  So I was a little hesitant to put many Christmas decorations up because I hope we are taking them down before Christmas so we can move but who knows.  We may go full steam ahead with decorations just so she can enjoy the season?!  I turned the lights on this morning and she said, "It's so magical!"  So yeah, we'll probably get a tree and then move it or something.  Or maybe we'll use our 3' fake Target tree.  I have no idea.  

Last night my buddy jumped right up on the couch and laid with me.  He's soooooo sweet!

Here's to a short week!