Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Champagne Ladies Dessert and Champagne Party

My parent's friends threw us a Dessert and Champagne Party while we were in Maryland and it was amazing!  It was held at my parent's best friends house in our neighborhood.  

Gorgeous right?

All of the ladies call themselves the Champagne Ladies!  And when one of their daughters get married, they get inducted to be a Champagne Lady.  Also when a girl marries into a Champagne Ladies' family, she gets inducted as well.  Really it's just a great group of friends who have been friends for SO long who happen to all enjoy champagne.  :)

Isn't the table stunning?

Smith Island Cake - Maryland's state cake!

White roses!

They said a toast to Kevin and I which was so very meaningful.  I hope to get a copy of it to frame!

They had made a slideshow of me growing up.  Some hilarious pictures in there!

Back to the toast pictures..

The lady in the blue jacket gave the toast.  She is very eloquent!

Kevin and I with the infamous Champagne Ladies!

I hate I'm blocking her head in this picture.  I should have ducked more!

And as part of being inducted, they give you a gorgeous champagne holder.  Isn't it amazing?  I need to get a better picture of it to show you all but it stayed in Maryland and didn't come home on the plane of course.  A neat story - one of the Champagne Ladies died of a heart attack last February and she had bought this and saved it for me to have.  Makes it even more special!  Her husband told me about it at the party.

Now for the formal pictures....Kevin and I with my parents!

Kevin and I with his parents!

With our parents!

The Dads!


My parents and I.

With our group of friends! 

The Moms and I.

High school gals!

The bride and groom!

40 more days until April 6!!!!  We can't wait for everyone to join us!


  1. What a neat group of ladies and a lovely party! I want to be a champagne lady. That is such a fun club!

  2. What a GREAT party! Beautiful house and Smith Island cake...woohoo! xx

  3. I love the Champagne Lady part! How special that she bought the champagne holder with the thought of you in her mind.

  4. Oh B! What a beautiful classy party. I'd expect nothing less of course from all the sweet things I've heard about the Champagne Ladies. Glad y'all had a great weekend. See you soon Bride!!

  5. What a beautiful party! I love that you're now a champagne lady--what a cute tradition!

  6. Love that tradition so cute! Great party!!! Beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful party! The champagne ladies is such a cute idea!

  8. I missed this post! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! I think this is the most special and meaningful party you've had so far!

  9. I am just obsessed with the idea of Champagne Ladies and the lovely champagne bucket for induction! What a lovely lovely party and you look fabulous in that dress. :)