Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - What's Left Version

Under 40 days until the big day, April 6th.  What else is there left to do?  Ummm...........

1.  Figure out where to go that night after the wedding.  I'm not interested in my guests having to pay cover to go somewhere so I need to come up with a plan.  And I also want it on the itinerary that'll go in the hotel bags.

2.  Getting a wedding gift on our front door step every day is pretty fun!  I'm also a thank you note writing machine.  I have written 30 notes in the past 48 hours and LOVE writing them.  

3.  Chasing these boys down to order their tuxes.  I bet they hate getting emails from me now.  I keep bugging them about trying on their tux when they pick it up because 2 hours before the wedding is too late to find out your parents only go to your knees.

4.  Waiting on my new best friend at our venue to get back to me on our revised menu.  I want this done like yesterday because I'm sick of waiting on the final numbers.

5.  I'm on a mission to have these hotel welcome bags done in the next week.  I may stuff them this weekend.  I'm still waiting on the tags from our lady doing our paper items.  Those will only take two minutes to tie on.

6.  I found out I get to travel for work the Tuesday/Wednesday of our wedding week.  I actually think it'll be a good thing for me!

7.  I submitted our marriage license application online so now we just need to go there in person over the next two weeks to finalize it.

8.  I know I'm crazy but I also did my Social Security form already for after the wedding.  I'll be getting my name changed within a short time period.  I have no choice with flying almost every week (and I want to anyway!).  Should be interesting to know how to book flights, name-wise.

9.  Rehearsal dinner invites go out by March 5!

10.  Yall I think I'm done.  I'm excited!!!!


  1. That is so exciting you are almost done!! I am at the 8 month mark now, and feel like there is still a ton to do! Enjoy your last month planning!

  2. You're a machine! I was the same way. I had my name changed on just about everything in less than 2 months. It takes a while but nice when it's over. I even did my passport and everything b/c I knew I would be needing it.

  3. You are so on top of things - great inspiration to help me do the same! Your wedding will be here in no time - so exciting!! :)

  4. I think you might just be the most organized bride I've heard of!!! You've got it together sister! Way to go. It will be here before you know it :)

  5. So exciting its getting close! Be sure to get extra marriage certificates because you will need them when you fly in the period of time before the airline changes your name.

  6. You probably know this already, but when you go to the social security office to have your name changed, you'll have to wait another day before they can change your license. It takes a day to show up in the DMV records.